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Varun Bhavsar SYBMS A 20 Marketing Management


1. MOUNTAIN DEW      Segmentation- Non- alcoholic beverage drinker, geographic-urban and semi urban areas Targeting- Youth, Age group 14 – 25 years old SEC Class A Positioning-To young, active soft-drink consumers whohave little time tosleep, Mountain Dewis the soft drink that gives you moreenergy than anyother brand becauseit has the highest level of caffeine. Differentiation- Different kinds of packaging like the recent pet-bottle with a grip

2. SURF EXCEL QUICK WASH      Segmentation- Working consumers, housewives, keep clean, demographic – small family size, city dwellers, business class Targeting- Age group – 20-40 years old SEC Class A+ Positioning-It penetrates into the layers of fabric and removes tough stains from 10 most stain prone areas like collars, cuffs, pockets, bottoms, waist sleeves, stocks, underarms and trouser falls. In short, positioned to be a qualitative tough stains remover. Differentiation-Ordinary detergents have excess lather that wastes water without giving a complete wash, Only Surf excel Quickwash has a special low lather formulation that removes tough stains while saving two buckets of water daily.

gender: male. etc . comfort. Chhota recharge targeted for small users. value added services.“Nothing Else Will Do”. institutional/retail customers Targeting.Life-style oriented consumers.”. thrill and adventure Differentiation-A vehicle that providesthe luxury and comfortof a carand theadventure and thrill of an SUV 4.Age.Very Heavy Marketing & Advertising: zoozoo ads. geographic: cities. Home Calling Cards for family of professionals who work abroad. luxury. Vodafone Campus Pack targeting a group of users/circle users SEC Class A Positioning. MAHINDRA SCORPIO      Segmentation.Age group 18-35 years old SEC Class A+ Positioning.3. the Pugh ads. forest areas Targeting.Positioned to be the strongest and the best network “Wherever you go the network follows you.VODAFONE      Segmentation. provides with ruggedness.SMS & GPRS/EDGE Data Usage Recharge facilities targeted for youth. quality service & innovative distribution Differentiation. deserts. service usage.

BALAJI WAFERS      Segmentation.” 7.Age group 10-18 18-25 years old SEC Class C Positioning-ChatarPatar Items. varieties of wafers.Each employee is carefully trained to understand customers and to “make people happy.Geographic: Rural areas. young and mid-aged middle-classed and lower middleclassed people who enjoy junk food. courteous.Age group 02-18. Targeting.Tourists.5. DISNEYLAND®      Segmentation.Quantitative and almost the same quality as more expensive brands in Rs. 5 packs. different flavors Differentiation. 18-35.35-50 years old SEC Class A+ Positioning-a place where adults and their children could go and have fun together Differentiation-Personnel differentiation: Disney trains its theme park people thoroughly to ensure thatthey are competent. and friendly. MICROMAX Q55 – BLING . Fun-loving families Targeting. 6.

“It twinkles.” Positioned as the only gadget for females.brand new a320’s. working.personalized video screens with 5 channels.KINGFISHER AIRLINES: SEGMENTATION- SEGMENTATION GEOGRAPHIC DEMOGRAPHIC ATTRIBUTES LOCATION GENDER OCCUPATION SOCIAL CLASS INCOME EDUCATION ILLUSTRATIONS INDIA AND OUTSIDE INDIA FEMALE.funliner.10 kingfisher radio channels.     Segmentation. .family.Unique mobile phone embellished with enlightened Swarovski elements – Cubic Zirconia.COMFORTABLE SEATS. seek a pleasurable in flight ambience and experience. the smooth pearl finish. the swivel design and a compact rare mirror. DIFFERENTIATION:one class.Gender: Female. 8.” “It will make your girl love this wonderlicious gadget of hers.AMBIENCE.passengers not really economy conscious but seeking an airline commensurate with their standing or status who love to be pampered are price insensitive.MALE PROFESSIONAL SEC UPPER MIDDLE 25000 LITERATES STATUS CONCIOUS AIR TRAVELLER HOLIDAYS GREAT FOOD. style-quotient wanting females Targeting.GIFTS PSHYCOGRAPHIC BEHAVIOURAL LIFESTYLE OCCASIONS BENEFIT TARGETING:executives. fashion sensed.SERVICE. PRICING:value. Differentiation. college male pursers.Age group 16-28 years old SEC Class B+ Positioning. POSITIONING:kingfisher class.a never before experience.

BRANDING:Airline extends to FLY THE GOOD TIMES.electronic. in terms of looks and styling. POSITIONING:leader in the market segmentation with localization and lowering of the product.spring green perky pink. White and whacky collection of colours-vista blue.outdoor.passion purple.the displacement is agents.blush red.outdoor.clear turn signal lamp and an easy* centre stamp.MUMBAI YOUTH FEMALE STUDENT LITERATES URBAN SEC A PSHYCOGRAPHIC PERSONALITY EXTROVERTS LIFESTYLE BEHAVIOURAL ATTITUDE BENEFITS OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTIC SERVICE TARGETING:The youth.PROMOTION:print. PROMOTION:print. aged between 18-28 and with inspiring appeal towards driving sports bike. PLACE:online. . 9.home delievery in Mumbai or delhi.electronic. PRICING:value. DIFFERENTIATION:A 4 stroke single cylinder forced aircool.SCOOTY PEP+-FIRST TIME RIDERS SEGMENTATION GEOGRAPHIC DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES LOCATION AGE GENDER OCCUPATION EDUCATION POPULATION DENSITY SOCIAL CLASS ILLUSTRATIONS METROS-DELHI.

geographic-urban and semi urban areas Targeting-youth. COCA COLA (COKE)      Segmentation-Non alcoholic beverage drinker. contests . Age group 14-35 SEC Class A Positioning-“believe in a happier tomorrow” Differentiation-different kinds of packaging labeling.10.