D&B Business Information Report: BERNARD, CLAYTON, INCORPORATED

8/31/12 10:36 PM

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Business Information Report
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Business Summary
Company Name: Physical Address: Physical City: Physical State: Physical Zip: Telephone: Chief executive: Year started: Employs: SIC: BERNARD, CLAYTON, INCORPORATED 4507 Katherine Ave Sherman Oaks CA 91423 202 280-7203 FRANSISCO ROMOS, PRINCIPAL 2012 1 6712 6719 6519 Undetermined D-U-N-S Number: 055078023

Line of business:

The following information was reported 08/31/12 : Officer(s): Business started 2012. FRANSISCO ROMOS, PRINCIPAL CLAYTON M. BERNARD EX, PRINCIPAL

2012-08-31 Description: Employees: Facilities: Duns Support Record. 1. Occupies premises in building.

SIC: 67120000 67199901 67199902 67199903 65199903 Bank holding companies Investment holding companies, except banks Personal holding companies, except banks Public utility holding companies Landholding office NAICS: 551111 551112 551112 551112 531190 Offices of Bank Holding Companies Offices of Other Holding Companies Offices of Other Holding Companies Offices of Other Holding Companies Lessors of Other Real Estate Property

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Banking & Finance
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