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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee… Isaiah 26:3 April 20, 2012 Dear friends and family: We are writing to update you on what the Lord is doing in our lives and in the ministry He has entrusted to us. Last year we shared in many of your churches our vision for a church ministry in an area where the people needed the hope of Jesus. We especially shared with you about the youth who expressed a desire to have a church where they could be involved and there would be ministry specifically for them. The first week in September of 2011, the Lord allowed us to open the doors of the Nivard Holiness Church for the first time. Several churches from the nearby village sent established Christians to help us with the services and we were blessed with a team from a church in North America to help us hold revival services and vacation Bible school within the first couple weeks. Pastor Ulysse held special services with teaching for the youth and an outing was planned for them. The young people were so excited to have activities planned for them and to be able to have special times of learning the scripture in a way they enjoyed. The last week in September our children’s ministry began and Melinda started holding special services for the children on Sunday afternoon. At first we only had a few children attend. We started working our way through the Bible with flannel graph stories, we taught songs and Bible verses. It wasn’t long Nivard Holiness Church before the group grew and by Christmas we had about 45 children coming each Sunday. Some of these children had never been to church, some of them attend church at other churches on Sunday morning but one thing they all had in common was that they had not heard the Bible stories taught before. It is not uncommon in Haiti for Bible principles to be taught in churches but the Bible stories to be left untold. We are trying to change this by starting with the children. For Christmas the children participated in a program that we prepared. They all worked very hard to learn the songs and their parts for the program. By time the day finally arrived we had a children’s choir of 50 and 40 children had speaking parts in the program! It was an exciting time for all. We were able to secure a generator for the occasion and put lights in the church; on Christmas Eve we were the only building with lights in the area and this helped to draw people to the Adam (with palm leaf hat) and Eve with Melinda program. The children recited all the verses they had learned and helped recount the stories they had learned from the Bible. They sang songs of Jesus’ love and how they wanted to be like Jesus. They presented the manger scene complete with ‘cows’, ‘sheep’ and 5 angels. Then the children and youth acted out a play that featured many

Pastor Ulysse with the ‘cows’ and ‘sheep’

characters from the Old and New Testament including Adam and Eve, Moses, Isaiah, Paul and Tabitha. Visiting young people got so enthused by what they saw that they started coming up to us and asking if they could share something as well. Some shared poems, others songs and before we knew it our 1 hour program had turned to 3! Then we had an hour of praise and worship! It was such a wonderful time of remembering the Lord and worshipping Him. We were all exhausted by time we went home at 11 that night but the Lord had been with us and we were truly blessed.

In the months since the church opened we have seen about 30 people come to Christ. Many of them are youth but several are adults as well. Some have been saved from a life of Satan worship and had even dedicated their souls to certain demonic spirits. The Lord has delivered them through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. As we work with the people we often see health needs as well. God has used Melinda’s skills as a nurse to reach out to them in this way. Two little boys in particular needed help. Melinda had noticed that they had on the same clothes every time she saw them and they always looked dirty and sad but despite their difficulties they came to children’s service faithfully. Often they would sit far away from the other children because they were embarrassed. We soon found out that they come from a family of 9 children and their mother died a few years ago. Their father spends most of his time working in the garden or looking for odd jobs to support his family. That leaves these two little guys with no parents to look after them. Both boys had skin infections and needed to be taught how to care for themselves and they also needed food. Melinda was able to take them home and treat their skin, give them haircuts and teach them the proper way to care for themselves. They were given them fresh clothing and food to eat. Those two little boys just shined the following Sunday when we saw them at church with their fresh haircuts, clean clothes and a full tummy. Our hearts were touched as we realized that the children had suffered for a long time when several people from the area expressed their gratitude for what had been done and expressed how sad they had been because they didn’t know what A boy from the church with to do to help the boys. This is just one example of the needs of the children in ringworm on the side of his the church. Many others have health issues and most have skin infections from face bathing in the dirty river water in the area. In January of this year we made a complete move to church ministry and will be doing evangelical and humanitarian outreach in various communities in Haiti as the Lord leads. We are in the US right now and will be travelling to churches to raise support for this new ministry. The ministry of Haiti Children’s Home is being overseen by the local board in Haiti and is being supported by an organization in Canada. The orphanage currently houses 27 children ages 2 – 11. The handicap children were moved to a different orphanage where they could get on-going specialized care. The work we were doing with premature babies and high risk newborns is no longer needed there because a brand new, modernized hospital has been opened just up the road from the orphanage. The new hospital is equipped with the proper

equipment and staff to care for these fragile little ones. There is also pediatric staff so the children from the orphanage can be cared for there if they are ill. The care is free after the first fee of less than $2 US. As we move forward with evangelism and community work we hope to help families in a way that will allow them to keep their children in their homes instead of placing them in orphanages. As we have watched the increase in education in Haiti over the past 3 decades and the increase in literacy, it has become apparent to us that the people of Haiti are ready to receive a ministry that will teach them the necessary skills to keep their children at home. It is now possible to teach a widowed father or a family member how to properly measure water to make a bottle of formula for an infant and to teach a mother how to prepare the proper nutrition for her family. In situations where lack of knowledge and education could cause a child to be given up to an orphanage we hope to be able to step in and teach the parents so the families can stay together. Another avenue for teaching basic health and child care as well as evangelism is through radio. Radio is widely accessible and we have started doing some teaching over the radio and plan to continue in the future. Please help us pray for the new ministry the Lord has set before us. Please pray for us as we travel on deputation to raise the necessary support to keep us working for Jesus in Haiti. We also covet you prayers for two children who are usually part of our family whom we had to leave behind due to immigration laws. Michael is 7 and Baby is 17; Baby is a new Christian; she needs your prayers to stay grounded in our absence. Thank you to each of you who have supported us financially and with your prayers. Blessings, Prayer requests and needs: -Prayer partners to give us and the ministry spiritual covering -Spiritual growth of the people -Safety and well-being of the children our family had to leave in Haiti -Financial support to allow us to continue to minister -Missionary housing -Permanent location and building for the church -Continued guidance, direction and discernment from God as we go forward in new ministry

Pastor Massenat and Melinda Ulysse and Patricia Smith

Pastor Massenat, Melinda and Massenda Ulysse

Miss Patricia Smith and Amanda

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