Pastor Ulysse at the “poor house”

You are my hiding place; You shall

preserve me from trouble;
You shall compass me about with songs
A WORK OF THE SMITH-ULYSSE FAMILY IN HAITI May - June 2012 In the month of May Pastor Ulysse spent 2 weeks in Haiti holding revival at Nirvard Holiness Church and encouraging the people. Pastor Ulysse preached on the value each of us has to God and many people were touched through the services; 7 people came forward to pray for salvation. One family was saved out of satan worship. They requested that Pastor Ulysse and a group from the church come and pray at their house. When the group arrived at the home the family had gathered all their charms and items used in satan worship. After a time a prayer, all the charms and satanic items were burned in a bon fire! The family was so bound that they were afraid that satan might hurt them for leaving him and burning the items dedicated to him. Please keep this family in your prayers. Toward the end of the week-long revival the youth and young adults from the church took to the streets of Mirebalais to sing of the love of Jesus and preach the gospel. Boldly and proudly they wore their T-shirts inscribed with “Jesus wants to save you.” They marched up and down the streets of the village proclaiming the name of the Lord and inviting others to turn to him. Their march ended at the poor house (shelter for the homeless and poorest of the poor in the area). There they helped Pastor Ulysse witness to the people, pray with many for salvation, healing and many other needs. After a prayer and praise service the young people passed out food rations (for some of the recipients the small ration they received was the first food they had acquired in days). Most of the residents at the shelter are crippled, elderly or single mothers with several children who have been abandoned by their families. Pastor Ulysse is planning a trip into Haiti in July/August for 5 or 6 weeks. He is going to encourage the people, teach a seminar for the young people and provide stability for the church; if finances permit he hopes to have a special celebration to honor the first anniversary of the church (the church will be a year old the first week of September). Please continue to pray for the new converts and for the church. Our absence is very hard on the people of the church because there is not a stable pastor there while we are gone. We hope to return late in November or December after the arrival of our new baby. After much prayer and consideration we have chosen a name for the new ministry the Lord has given us. Our new name is Redemption by Grace Ministries or “RGM”; the new website, will be up and running soon. We will be keeping up a blog on the website so be sure to check for new pictures and ministry updates. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Blessings, 

of deliverance. Psalm 32: 7

Notes of Praise

 

Pat’s cataract surgeries went well Pastor Ulysse had a successful and safe trip to Haiti in May 7 souls came to Christ during the May revival The new website will soon be up and running

Points of prayer
   Nivard Holiness Church and the new converts A safe trip to Haiti for Pastor Ulysse in July A spiritual awakening that will allow more souls to be freed from the power of Satan Melinda during the rest of the pregnancy and the new baby due in September Missionary housing and financial support to allow our permanent return to Haiti A permanent location for Nivard Holiness Church

Pastor Massenat, Melinda and Massenda Ulysse and Patricia Smith
~Living everyday by His grace~

Melinda designing and ironing on the decals for the church T-shirts

Pastor Ulysse painting “Jesus wants to save you” on the back of the shirts

Youth praising and preaching in the streets

Giving food to the poor at the “poor house”

Prayer service at the “poor house”

Revival service

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