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Customer Portal User Guide

… www. but existing products were Page 1 . We know that VoIP doesn’t have to be complicated. This is the company that brings you industry leading support after all! Our customers don’t stay with us because they are tied to us by a long term contract they stay with us because they want to. overpriced and tended to favour long feature lists over ease of use. Ring Groups Call Queues Voice Menus (IVRs). So we decided to do something about it! Philosophy At Birchills Telecom we believe that every business should be able to communicate effectively whatever their industry. Web Users Call History. Birchills Telecom.birchills. size or budget. We knew that VoIP was the way forward. But if that sounds technical give us a call and we’ll do it for you. was originally set up to help businesses looking for a way to improve communications and reduce costs. For those who want to be able to configure everything on demand and get real time information on the performance and a lot more besides this is the guide to the Birchills Telecom Portal. Unfortunately. We couldn’t understand how such a simple thing could be turned into something so complicated. If you want to change anything our simple customer portal allows you to change anything at any time. Open the box plug it in and you are away. We started talking to small businesses from across the UK and it soon became clear that something was wrong. Bundles and SMS Codes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Introduction Where it all began Formed in 2009.Contents Introduction The Customer Portal Sound Files. many businesses are missing out because they either don’t know it exists or just don’t fully understand it. We are passionate about VoIP and the truly amazing things it can offer. In fact one phone call to us and we can send you a fully configured phone system – ready for you to plug into your broadband. Time Intervals. Call Barring Public Numbers Phone Extensions Voicemail Additional Mailboxes.

You need a login name and password which Birchills Telecom provides. The login select is at the top right of the top menu on the front page. The options are explained on the following Page 2 .net. www.The Customer Portal Login You gain access to the Birchills Telecom portal via the Birchills web site at www.birchills. You will be presented with the Customer Portal.Birchills.

Adding a Time Interval To add a new time interval. Time Intervals. Updating a Time Interval You may edit an existing time interval by clicking the pencil located next to the interval you wish to change. select one or more using the checkboxes provided then click “remove selected”. enter a number prefix to block. Click “Save Changes” when done and your time interval will be saved for future Page 3 . Click “Upload Sound File” and choose between “Voice Prompt” and “Music”. choose the file from your computer that you wish to upload. Removing Time Intervals To remove time intervals. The uploaded file will appear in your sound file list and is ready to be used in other areas of the portal when required. For instance. Next. Add Barring Rule To add a new rule click “Add Barring Rule”. and the maximum size allowed is5MB. To disable a particular track click the enable/ disable icon next to it. Next. You will need to enter a name for the time interval and optionally a description. www. enter the prefix “07”. They allow you to set up things like office hours. Call Barring Sound Files Sometimes you may wish to greet callers with a custom message or provide your own music to play whilst they are on hold. to block calls to mobiles. select those you wish to remove and click “Remove Selected”. Please note this will affect any forwarding rule which currently uses the interval. Next. Click “Upload” when ready and the file will be uploaded and converted into the appropriate format. Next you must add the days and times of the week covered by this interval. enter a name for this rule and choose the extension(s) to which it should apply. Uploading Sound Files When uploading a new file you must specify what it will be used for in advance. Removing Sound Files To remove sound files. Important: you must have permission to use any material or recordings that you upload. out-of-hours etc in advance and refer to them in multiple places around the portal.Sound Files. For example. lunch times. Removing Barring Rules Remove rules by selecting one or more of them and clicking “remove selected”. Multiple sounds may be selected by holding the CTRL key. click on the “Add Time Interval” button. Updating a Barring Rule You may edit an existing rule at any time by simply clicking the pencil icon next to the one you wishto change. Any music uploaded will be played automatically to callers on hold. Supported formats are mp3 and wav. Call Barring You have the ability to restrict certain calls from some or all of your phone extensions. Time Intervals Time intervals are used when adding incoming call rules or forwarding rules for phone extensions.birchills. Use this area of the portal to manage all of your uploaded files or to add new ones. you may wish to prevent some employees from dialling premium rate or international numbers.

for example.birchills. 08) and can be chosen from just about any area within the UK. To achieve this. Removing a Rule Whilst the time based exceptions dialog is open. Click “Add Rule” then “Close”. General Preferences In addition to setting the default Page 4 . 02) numbers. you may wish to have some text displayed on your handset to identify which number was called. once removed we cannot guarantee that the same number can be re-allocated in the event that you change your mind. to an out-of-hours mailbox. choose from your pre-determined time intervals (see above) and select a destination from the list. all calls will be routed to the destination you specify under “general preferences”. You receive one number included with each extension free of charge. To adjust these settings simply click the pencil icon next to the desired number. unless you configure time-based exceptions to the norm (see below). click the message icon next to the desired number. They may be either geographic (e. By default they will be delivered by email to the main contact address on your account. To change this or to disable the feature. Receiving SMS (Text) Messages You may receive text messages to any of your geographic (01. You may have messages sent to an alternative email address or forwarded to your mobile (charged at your standard rate). Incoming Call Destination Before you can receive incoming calls. Any incoming calls during the selected time interval will now be sent to this alternative destination. 03. Next. Please note these may be chargeable. click on the clock icon to the right hand side of the chosen number. Time-Based Routing Sometimes you may prefer incoming calls to go to an alternative extension at particular times of the day. 01. Unlike traditional phone systems you are not limited by your physical location. www. Removing a Public Number If you no longer require a public number. Please note.g. or play a welcome message to your caller before the call is routed. To have further numbers added to your account please contact Birchills Telecom.g. please contact Birchills Telecom. You may send incoming calls to any type of extension on your system including groups of extensions. 02) or non-geographic (e. By default. you must tell the system where to send them. You can have as many additional numbers as you need there are no limits within the system.Public Numbers Public numbers are your callers’ way of reaching you from outside of our network. click the icon next to each rule you wish to remove. you may set up time-based routing exceptions as follows: Adding a New Rule To configure time-based routing. The changes will be applied immediately.

You may attach a physical handset or soft phone to each extension. Email address – for notifications and voicemail messages. but please note recordings will only be available for 30 days.Phone Extensions Phone Extensions Phone extensions represent the individual users of your system.birchills. this can be configured on an individual extension basis by selecting “Always” under your extension preferences Connecting a VoIP Handset or Softphone For sign on details to connect. Voicemail Voicemail is operated using both the extension IP handset and the Portal. Recording Individual Calls First. Pressing *1 again or hanging up will stop the recording. ensure “On demand” is selected under extension preferences (see above). click on Add Rule when finished. click on the green arrow icon to the right of the extension number. You must ensure you download any that you wish to keep within this time Page 5 . Call Forwarding To set forwarding rules is done against the Phone Extensions. or simply forward calls to an alternative number such as a mobile. please contact Birchills Telecom www. Phone Preferences The following preferences may be changed by selecting the pencil icon next to the relevant extension: Name – the name displayed during internal calls. You may make as many recordings as you like. click on the blue phone icon against the extension you wish to register. At any point during a call press *1 and recording will start. Voicemail enabled – turn voicemail on or off for this extension. Department – used for grouping call charges (see call history). Record calls – turn call recording on or off for this extension (see below). Outbound caller ID – choose from the numbers currently on your account. Recording All Calls Again. or leave as “anonymous”. click on Add a new forwarding rule and select when the actions are to be taken and the forward to number. Removing a Phone Extension To remove one or more phone extensions from your account. Ring timeout – how long to wait before a call is considered unanswered. Full details are on the next page Call recording For any extension you may choose to record your conversations at any time then download and store them for future reference.

You can listen to your messages at any time on someone else’s extension by pressing 0 – followed by the extension number for the voicemail you want and then the password. Please remember that we can help with any of this setup at any time call 01922 21 33 33 option 3. There is no charge to use the system. for example. you were on holiday.birchills. busy and fail (perhaps because the extension isn’t plugged in). So you could choose to have all calls directed to voicemail if.Voicemail Birchills Telecom Voicemail can answer inbound calls and lets you know when you have new messages. So. Old And New Messages A message is a new message until listened to and an old message once you’ve heard it. you could send all calls to voicemail between 10 and 11 o’clock. For security you cannot access your voicemail from an extension or phone outside the system. You can set rules for differing times of day and call Page 6 . Once you enable voicemail within phone extension details you can upload a greeting or download a greeting. If you have an enabled handset the message waiting light will flash to alert you of a new voicemail. Call status options are. with a default message that greets your callers. if enabled. To switch voicemail on or off you need to login to the Birchills Telecom Customer portal – choose phone extensions and then select the extension number. any. failed to connect. You can listen to your messages at any time on your own extension by pressing the voicemail key – or dial *95. Voicemail To Email Within the Web Portal phone extension details you need to set an email address. www. which by default is set to 0000. However we recommend that you record your own. Deleting Messages The mail system keeps all messages until you delete them. Using Your Extension Phone Press voicemail key – or dial *95 on your handset Press 0 for mailbox options Follow the prompts Using Another Extension Phone Dial 0 – enter extension number for the voicemail you want to set up Enter password for extension number – by default it is “0000” Press 0 for mailbox options Follow the prompts Use The Web Portal Login to the web portal Choose phone extensions Select extension number Click on the ‘pencil’ icon Click on ‘Manage Greeting’ Upload mp3 greeting file You can use the same system to change your greeting as and when required. You can also set the rules associated with forwarding to voicemail. for example. When a voicemail is received an email is automatically forwarded to that address with the voice message attached. There is no charge for this service Personalise Your Greeting Voicemail is automatically set up . Check Your Messages If enabled your voicemail will email you as soon as a voice message is received. By default voicemail is not enabled. Voicemail is available to all Birchills Telecom customers ready to configure.

Uploading a Custom Greeting Custom greetings may be recorded over the phone by dialling into a mailbox. or retrieve them from any other connected handset on the system in the same way as normal mailboxes. select one or more using the checkboxes provided and click “Remove Selected www. You may add any number of these additional mailboxes and have messages delivered via email. Mailbox Settings To change any of the settings for an existing mailbox. Ring Groups In many cases you will require calls to ring on multiple phones at the same time. From here you may adjust any of the previously configured settings. or view/edit the preferences and call forwarding rules of each of the group members. Ring groups allow you to specify which phones should ring and for how long. Removing a Mailbox To remove an existing mailbox please contact Birchills Telecom. If one or more phones are busy the others will still ring.birchills. Any messages and/or greetings will be lost. the first mailbox is free with your account. However. Ring Groups Additional Mailboxes Although every phone extension has its own voicemail. Supported file formats are mp3 and wav. Removing a Ring Group To remove a ring Page 7 . The maximum upload size is 2MB. Adding a Ring Group To add a ring group please contact Birchills Telecom Modifying an Existing Group You may view or update group settings by clicking the pencil icon next to the group you wish to change. Adding a New Mailbox To add a new mailbox please contact Birchills Telecom. change the ring timeout. so please ensure you have retrieved them beforehand. additional mailboxes are chargeable. sometimes additional mailboxes are required for things like out-of-hours messages or recorded information lines.Additional Mailboxes. simply click the pencil icon to the right of the chosen mailbox. you may also upload them via the portal by clicking the “Upload Greeting” icon next to the mailbox.

Advanced Ring strategy – this is the order in which extensions should ring. www. Announce position – let the caller know whereabouts in the queue they are by periodically updating them with their position. On timeout – where to transfer the call if the maximum wait time is reached. Periodic announcement – you may choose to play a custom message to callers at regular intervals by selecting it here. the system will wait for a specified amount of time before trying each extension again. This process will be repeated until the queue timeout is reached.birchills. Retry after – after ringing for the above length of time. click the pencil icon to open the preferences dialog. wait time – the maximum time a caller can wait in the queue. Adding a Call Queue To add a call queue starting with the default settings. callers will be greeted with a welcome message and then hear music (or your own marketing message) until their call is answered. Page 8 . Removing a Call Queue As with other features. You may now go on to configure the more advanced settings if required Modifying Queue Settings To update a queue and to access the more advanced options. Various aspects of a queue can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements and to ensure the best possible experience for your callers. settings are organised as follows: • General Welcome sound – to play to callers when entering the queue. Members – add or remove extensions and view/update each of their call preferences. Click “Next” when done and approve your order by clicking “Confirm”. Caller should hear – choose between music and ringing. You may also add your queue members at this point by selecting them from the list. click “Add Call Queue” and choose an internal number/name. to remove a queue simply select it (and others if required) and click “Remove Selected”.Call Queues When placed in a call queue. Ring members for – the length of time for which extensions should ring on each attempt.

Users may be granted permission to manage just a single extension. Access level – choose between “Company Admin” and “Extension User”. Timeout – the action to perform if no key is pressed within the specified period. then “Confirm” to approve your order. You are now ready to start configuring your menu options. select the pencil icon next to it in the voice menu Page 9 . Adding a Voice Menu To add a voice menu. Web Users You may grant other users access to login to your portal by adding additional web users.” or any other options that are relevant to your business. Configuring Your Menu To start configuring your menu. For example. Password – minimum 6 characters.Voice Menus (IVRs). Invalid – what to do if an unrecognised option is selected. 2 for accounts.birchills. or all of them depending on your requirements. Removing a Web User Select the user(s) you wish to remove and click “Remove Selected” www. a caller may hear. Please press 1 for support. Adding a New User Click “Add Web User” and enter the following details: Username – this must be at least 6 characters long and may only contain letters/numbers. You will need to choose a 3-digit internal number along with a name to identify this menu. Click “Save” when done to return to your menu list. Web Users Voice Menus (IVR’s) Also known as IVRs or auto-attendants. On the page that follows you will find the following options: Name – in order to identify this menu on the system. Removing a voice menu Select the menu(s) you wish to remove from the list and click “Remove Selected”. Timeout – the time to wait for a key press following the end of the welcome message before performing the specified timeout action Menu options 0-9 – choose the required action to perform when the specified key is pressed. “Thank you for calling. Extension – this option will appear if you have chosen “Extension User” above and allows you to specify which extension should be managed by this user. You may choose from your existing sound files or upload a new one by clicking “Add sound”. voice menus help to direct callers to the most appropriate person or department by giving them a number of options. Entry sound – this will be played to callers when they enter the menu. click the “Add Voice Menu” button and complete the required information. Click “Next” when done.

duration and cost (where applicable). date/time. the downloaded file will only contain the records currently being displayed. failed. You may easily switch between months by choosing from the drop-down list Page 10 . only the search results will be included in the file. destination. Therefore. Multiple recipients can be entered by using a comma to separate each one (max.Call History. sent. Unused minutes will not roll over to the following month. 50 at a time). You will also notice there is an option to download your call records in csv/xls format. here you can find up the minute records of all incoming/outgoing text messages. Click “Send Message” when you are ready for it to be sent. You may also view the status of each sent message. Call Bundles If you have subscribed to one of our great value call bundles then you will also find here a summary of available and used minutes for the current period. i. SMS Similar to your call history.e. Each month is summarised with a total number of calls in/out along with the total cost. if you have applied a filter. Bundles and SMS Call History The portal provides up to the minute call information and from here you can see details of all the calls you have ever made or received. Records are summarised on a monthly basis and are available to download in csv/xls format. Sending a new text message To send a message click the “New Message” button or alternatively. Select the number from which you wish to send the message. Adding a Call Bundle If you wish to subscribe to a call bundle you may do so by calling Birchills Telecom. Each call record shows the direction. click “Reply” next to a received message. enter your recipient’s number and type your message into the box provided. for instance to search by destination. pending. These records will be available permanently to view online whenever you choose.birchills. delivered. Please note. Messages are limited to 160 characters each. www.

birchills.Codes Gigaset To use codes to transfer calls on a Gigaset use.g **104 On Grandstream phones you can also press button against flashing call and pick it up. ** for blind transfer or ## for announced transfer (for this to work the DTMF setting needs to be set to RFC2833 and not in-audio or sip-info) Call Pickup Pickup calls on any ringing extension . Access Personal Mailbox *95 or on Grandstream phone press MSG key. The default password is 0000. Access Group Mailbox To access recorded calls via handset dial 0 to access then enter mailbox no Page 11 . Queue login *98 logout of queue *96 login to queue Withhold CLI *67<number> www.*21# Directed pickup to pickup designated extension .**(extn number) e.g 701 then password.

Free cloud based PBX Quality VoIP hardware Free telephone numbers Simple low monthly fees Free 100% UK support Most powerful feature set No long term contract Free Trial Low call costs DECT for VoIP Birchills Telecom Ltd 200 Rookery Lane.Business class. hosted VoIP. is changing the face of – the simplest VoIP yet. At the forefront of this revolution is Birchills Telecom. Aldridge Walsall. WS9 8NP Tel 01922 21 33 33 . Whatever you want to say – it’s simpler and cheaper with Birchills.