Aspects which should be covered during Sales Orientation: Day 1 [at Corporate Office]: Brief about Leonia, history and business so far Market feedback about Leonia; improvements so far and negative feedbacks Leonia presentation – LEONIA4U [attached] Sales Calls with Sales personnel [general market trend]

Day 2 [at Corporate Office]: Morning Meeting Information about Sales processes, reports, formats, formalities etc Sales Calls with Sales personnel

Day 3, 4 & 5 [at the Destination] Property Tour [for an idea] Meeting with GM/ RM for ideologies and vision of Leonia Departmental Inductions: o Reservations/ Destination Sales: RAJESH & SATYA SANTOSH  Categories of rooms/ Type of Banquets  Blocking and releasing system [from sales to reservations/ D Sales]  Confirm, Wait List etc  Reservation policy and retention charges  Confirmation procedure [advance/ PO etc] + Weekly updates on bookings  Packages and Rack Rates o Front Office: ANTARIKSH/ HADI  Tour of different receptions and rooms  Complete knowledge of room inventory, suites inventory, different rooms, features in rooms, difference between competitors [in Hyderabad] and Leonia in terms of rooms  Check In Procedure for FITs, for Groups  Ideas of how check in experience can be customized and enhanced [check in with music, carnival, folk etc]  Check in ideas for bigger groups [centralized check ins @ Lawns etc]  Room guest feedback/ courtesy call procedure and its use  Evening turndown facilities  Travel Desk [how do we meet guests’ logistics needs]  Invoicing and Billing procedures [a brief for idea]  Check Out and Fond farewell procedure

o F & B Service [Banquets + Restaurants]: TONY/ AWADESH/ PAVAN/ VENU  Brief about indoor and outdoor Banquet venues at LEONIA  Description of different styles of set ups [Cluster. Theater etc]  Capacities of all venues with different set ups  Buffet set ups [with pictures]  Food and Beverage Service times. courtesy calls. LICEC]  Mini Bar – Items & Billing  Tour of all venues and restaurants in detail o F & B Production: BALAJI/ BISWAS  Brief about different kitchens and their functions  Idea about different cuisines served & specialization  Generic Menus – American Plan  Live Counters – possibilities with best venues for live counters  Banquet kitchen operations  Difference in bulk cooking and Smaller portions  Dependence on minimum guarantee and impact of change in numbers  Food Pick up and clearance process  Process followed if event is at LICEC or Rock Garden [distant venues]  Complete cycle for Banquet Kitchen Operation [Mis en Place – Disposal]  Brief of KST department and their functions. drop or rise in minimum guarantee. venue changes etc] o Housekeeping: SREERAM/ AJAY  Brief about Housekeeping function  Various amenities in rooms – Celestia Suites & BIZ Rooms  Room cleaning process  Limitations during back to back arrivals  Average time for cleaning rooms  Communication regarding Bouquets/ Flower arrangements  Time required  Various flower arrangements don in-house  Turn Down service and amenities  Scope of enhancing guest experience through in room ambience & details  Laundry function  Complete guest laundry procedure  Public Area cleaning [time required and process followed]  Pools and other water bodies cleaning  Gardens. Banquets coordination  Complete guest cycle for Banquets  Billing and Challan  Control over consumption – Food and Beverage  Disputes in Bills – avoiding the same  Minimum guarantees and maximum expected guests  Covers in various restaurants and cuisines served with details  Room Service timings and limitations [Leo BIZ. Liquor Brands at LEONIA  Additional ideas to enhance Guest experience while conferencing  Communication channels [Importance and Impact of documents like]:  Banquets Booking  Contracts  Function Sheets  Guest interaction. Corridors and other areas cleaning . Bar set ups. U. Classroom. Garbage disposal  Impacts of last minute variances in functions [cancellations.

their function and USP  Pride Events dance performances  Various genres  Specialty  About the troupe  Guest experience enhancement through Pride Events  Welcome experience  Family and Kids activities  Fairly World information  Details of other functions  Team Building activities & Fun activities o List of activities and effectiveness of the same  Additions like emcees. celebrities etc  Live Events o AV: SURESH/ GOPI  Brief about AV @ LEONIA  Lights  Sounds  Projectors  Cabling  Idea of different equipments [commonly used] and their functions  Different Set ups & time required for different set ups  Limitations faced by last moment changes  Best set ups for various venues [from experience]  In house inventory and what we hire from outside  AV equipments already existing in different halls  Our USP & How we can enhance guest experience through AV usage o Activities: TERRENCE  Range of activities @ LEONIA. dance troupes.o Events: JULIANA & KARAN  Brief about Pride Events. with tour of all activity places  Brief about all activities  USP of different activities and their best use  Opening and Closing times of various activities  Leo Combat Zone  Flowrider  Euro Bungy  Indoor and Outdoor Games  How guest experience can be enhanced through activities o Leo Juventa: MADHAVI/ Dr NINA  Brief about Leo Juventa  Vision and ideology behind the same  Various facets of medical and pampering treatments @ Leo Juventa  With a tour of Leo Juventa  Bestselling treatments @ Leo Juventa  Complete details of Salon & Spa facilities  USP  How guest experience can be enhanced through Leo Juventa  Best upselling options [economic] . hostesses.