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FERNANDEZ, Lyka C. B.S. Accountancy Theology 4 TTh/ 12:30- 2:00 3R-S in the Family 1. Directory of Participants: Name: Julius A.

Fernandez Address: Cabalaoangan Norte, Rosales, Pangasinan Age: 47 yrs. old Tel. No.: (075) 582-06-08/ 09392100153 Relation: Father Name: Address: Age: Tel. No.: Relation: Name: Address: Age: Tel. No.: Relation: Name: Address: Age: Tel. No.: Relation: Name: Address: Age: Tel. No.: Carolina C. Fernandez Cabalaoangan Norte, Rosales, Pangasinan 47 yrs. old (075) 582-06-08/ 09993183703 Mother Karla C. Fernandez Cabalaoangan Norte, Rosales, Pangasinan 16 yrs. old (075) 582-06-08/ 09497994354 Sister Zyra C. Fernandez Cabalaoangan Norte, Rosales, Pangasinan 11 yrs. old (075) 582-06-08/ 09213604807 Sister Lyka C. Fernandez Cabalaoangan Norte, Rosales, Pangasinan 18 yrs. old (075) 582-06-08/ 09102613360

January 26, 2012 Prof. Gabriel Delos Santos

Share: word/phrase 1. .Good News (verse 15) II.) Julius A. Reader: Karla C. . I often go to church and don’t always pray. Fernandez Opening Song: Opening Prayer: I. I admit that I have sins but I’m always trying my best to correct it. I know I am welcome in heaven. Karla F. .Kingdom of God (verse 15) 2. Julius F. Fernandez Text: Matthew 1: 14-20 B. .2. 2012 (Sunday) 8 pm In our house (Cabl. C. Silence: 3 mins. Julius F. Fernandez Karla C.Follow Me (verse 17) 5. 2nd Hour-S A. Fernandez Lyka C. 1st Hour-S A. Reader: Zyra C. C. . 2. I do have many things to do and I do not have enough time for Him. Norte. . Carol F.Went with Jesus (verse 20) 3.As a teacher. I already improved my life and eliminated my vices 3 years ago until now. Report Date: Time: Venue: Participants: January 22. . Fernandez Text: Matthew 1: 14-20 B. Fernandez Zyra C. Lyka F. Silence: 5 mins. Rosales.Come with Me (verse 17) 4. . Zyra F. Fernandez Hear Me Jesus Lyka C. Fernandez Carolina C. Share: Connection to life and message of God 1.It is said in the bible that the Kingdom of God is near. Pang. Carol F.

.I do trust and believe God but I admit that I don’t prioritize Him in my tasks. He wants me to commit myself to Him and consider Him as my personal Saviour. Julius F. . .God wants me to understand the message of God.I was enrolled in a Christian school and learned about the message of God. He is telling me that I can do all the things if He is with me. Zyra F. 5. Fernandez Text: Matthew 1:14-20 B. 5. . 4. Closing Prayer: Closing Song: Lyka C. Karla F. He wants me to follow all the good news because I do it. In our subject “Following God”. Karla F.God wants me to trust Him no matter what happen. Zyra F.He wants me to continue my good doings especially the effort I make for my Children. 4. III. . Share: What does the Lord want me to do? 1. 3rd Hour-S A. Lyka F. I feel guilty because He always guide and provide my needs in spite of the rejections He receive from me. He wants me to become a godly person. I should follow His words every minute of my life. 2. .He wants me to follow Him in whatever I do and don’t pray just because I have an exam or a contest. 3. I always ask for His guidance in my study. Reader: Carolina C. Sometimes. Carol F. I only attend masses whenever I have my free time. Fernandez Lead Me Lord .He wants me to set aside the things because God is more important them.I always follow all the will of God because I believe that He have the best reason. . . I’m also following the Lord. Lyka F.3. our teacher said to us to spread the Word of God even we are still young. C. Silence: 3 mins.

Individual Evaluation: 1. Fernandez 2. Zyra C. Julius A. Fernandez 4. Fernandez . Fernandez 3.3. Karla C. Carolina C.

Pictures We started the 3- minute opening prayer My father and mother attentively listening in Karla C. Fernandez reading Mat.4. 1: .

Fernandez . Lyka & I are Catholic. Fernandez Every time we pray in our school (Rosales Wesleyan Academy). Why are the other religions except for Catholic not doing it? -Zyra C. Questions/ Clarifications: Is it true that the one who nailed Jesus in the cross are the Catholics? Someone said this to me when I attended a bible study in the Born Again Chapel. what can I do to unite my family in spite of different beliefs? -Carolina C. -Karla C. My question is. we are not doing the sign of the cross. my husband was baptized in Methodist Church and Karla & Zyra are attending mass and bible study in a Born Again Chapel. Fernandez We have different religions.5.