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The Story of Dr. B’s BARF
Dr. B’s BARF Provides Your Pet with Optimum Nutrition
As a young Vet in the 1980’s, Dr Billinghurst, noticed that dogs and cats eating a raw food diet were supremely Healthy. This simple observation lead to a decade of research, which culminated in the Book “Give Your Dog A Bone” “Give Your Dog A Bone” - is the book which introduced the world to the wonders of Evolutionary Nutrition and Prompted Dr Billinghurst to begin Producing - “Dr. B’s


Dr. B’s BARF Contains ONLY Fresh Raw Foods
*Muscle Meat *Organ Meat *Bones *Vegetables *Fruit *Eggs *Yoghurt *Kelp *Healthy Herbs

*No Added Sugar *No Added Salt *No Fillers *No Chemicals *No Colourings *No Added Preservatives *No Synthetic Flavourings *No Grains *No Heat Processing

Dr. B’s BARF! These are the only products...
Made by the Founder of BARF - Dr. Ian Billinghurst Made According to Dr. Billinghurst’s Genuine BARF Recipes Based on Dr. B’s most recent Nutritional Research 2

for pet cats & dogs
Additional Healthy Foods (R.A.W.)
Raw Eggs, Dairy Products, Kelp, Healthy Oils, Clays, Herbs, Vitamins etc. A wide variety of coloured Green Leafy Vegetables - Raw and Crushed. Fruit - ripe but not rotten. Generally more Vegetables than Fruit. No more than FIVE percent for the average healthy cat, but at least TEN percent for the average healthy dog.

Dr. Billinghurst’s Nutritional

R.A.W. Seasonal Vegetables & Fruit R.A.W. Organ Meat R.A.W. Bones

A wide variety of organ meats from as many different species as possible, including Liver, Kidney, Heart, Spleen, Pancreas etc. Cats require fifteen to twenty five percent and dogs require between ten and fifteen percent.

Must be soft, derived from young animals, with at least fifteen percent cartilage. Usually makes up around thirty percent of the diet. The dog requires slightly more than the cat. Younger, growing animals require more than older, mature animals.

R.A.W. Meat & Fat
Derived from a wide variety of Animal, Fish & Fowl Species, with the cat requiring more than the dog. Makes up around thirty five to forty percent of the diet.

Restoring Animal Wellness

Why You Should Switch Your Pets to Dr. B’s BARF...
Skin & Coat:
One of the first benefits you notice is a dramatic improvement in the health of nails, skin and coat, together with the disappearance of persistent itchy skin problems. This will result in fewer Vet visits, along with less need for antibiotics, medicated washes, harmful meds such as cortisone and expensive tests. It is exciting for owners to witness the return of their pet’s deeply coloured, lustrous, thick and clean coat!

Teeth and Breath:
An early response to Dr. B’s BARF (without having to visit the pet dentist or brush your pet’s teeth) is cleaner teeth, sweeter breath, tartar elimination and healthier gums. A Healthy mouth means a healthy body!

Arthritis and Energy Levels:
Pets switched to Dr. B’s BARF, consistently show a marked increase in energy with enormously increased activity and mobility as arthritic dogs seemingly become young again.

Immune and Digestive Systems:
The result is that Allergies often disappear, even auto-immune problems have been seen to reduce in severity, requiring less medication! A strengthened immune system means fewer infections and a much greater resistance to fleas, and internal parasites. Liver, Pancreatic and bowel health all improve dramatically.

Lean Body Mass:
Following only a few months of eating Dr. B’s BARF, pet weight normalises, muscle mass increases and excess fat disappears. Your pet’s appearance improves dramatically, as does its metabolic rate, with the end result being a longer, healthier, disease free life.

Reduced Stool Volume and Odour:
Because Dr. B’s BARF contains only high quality, highly digestible material; pets fed this way have a dramatically reduced stool volume and the high bone content results in minimal odour.

Degenerative Disease:
Dr. B’s BARF helps minimise the chance of your pet developing Diabetes, Kidney, Liver and Heart disease, Epilepsy, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Arthritis, Cancer etc, and Dr. B’s BARF gives an extraordinary boost to the health of any pet already suffering with these problems.

IMPORTANT: to enable your dog to take full advantage of Dr. B’s BARF, it must be combined, with regular healthy exercise.



Important Information
Dr B’s BARF is Frozen & Sealed
This prevents oxidation & leakage ensuring freshness and a shelf life of two years

Easy Peel Packaging Means no mess & no fuss! To Thaw Dr. B’s BARF:
Remove Dr. B’s Frozen BARF from its plastic container, place in a (preferably) ceramic container with a lid and defrost in the refrigerator. Any uneaten food should be either refrigerated or discarded Maximum refrigeration time (in a closed container) is 36 hours.

Variation is Normal!

Because Dr. B’s BARF products are derived from a range of locally & seasonally produced whole raw materials, there will always be slight variations in their smell, colour (taste!) and texture. Rather than being concerned by these variations, please let them be your assurance that your pet is receiving genuine wholesome natural nutrition, formulated according to the strictest of standards as laid down by Dr. Billinghurst (Dr. “B”).

Food Preparation and Safe Handling

Dr. B’s BARF is a RAW Pet Food preseved by freezing. Having no chemical preservatives, it will spoil if left unfrozen or unrefrigerated. Dr. B’s BARF must be kept frozen until thawing. Do not re-freeze once thawed.

Important: Wash all working surfaces, utensils and hands with hot soapy water after each feeding.

Dr B’s BARF For Dogs


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Patties & Pouches
Choose between Convenient easy serve portions or Bulk 1 Kg Pouch



Dr. B’s 227 gm BARF Patties for Dogs
Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Combo, Pork, Roo & Rabbit Flavours 12 Patties; each in an Easy Peel Pack

Dr. B’s 1 kg BARF Pouches for Dogs
Combination Flavour Perfect for Large dogs, Breeders, Kennels

Stores easily in your freezer

Resealable Pack - perfect to store in your refrigerator after thawing

Note: Each of Dr. B’s BARF flavours for both dogs and cats contains protein from a number of sources. For example, Dr. B’s lamb BARF for Dogs, contains Protein from lamb, together with protein from chicken, eggs, yoghurt, flax seed and Lucerne (Alfalfa). Combining Proteins in this way follows one of the Basic Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition (as defined by Dr. B), where a wide range of protein sources helps ensure nutritional completeness and balance. In this respect, each flavour may be fed as the whole diet, or combined with other flavours, or with varying proportions of raw meaty bones and other whole, raw healthy foods. These Evolutionary principles ensure brilliant health for both Dogs and Cats!
For more information about Dr.B’s BARF Programme of Nutrition for Companion animals please refer to Dr. B’s books - “Give Your Dog a Bone’ - “Grow Your Pups with Bones” & “The BARF Diet” - all Available from www.barfaustralia.com or from your Dr. B’s BARF stockist or State Distributor.




Dr. B’s BARF - Feeding Recommendations For Dogs
Feed between 2% and 6% of their bodyweight daily, depending on life stage, reproductive state, activity level, health and individual requirements. For the average stay at home middle aged dog, we recommend starting at the 2%-3% level, that is, with one of Dr. B’s patties per 10 kg of bodyweight daily, with or without some raw meaty bones. Make any adjustments necessary to maintain the ideal weight. REMEMBER - a Healthy Dog is NOT Overweight! If weight loss is required, the Kangaroo recipe is ideal Additionally, you may mix any of the Dr. B’s patties with vegetable or fruit pulp from your juicer.

Adult Dogs

Pregnant Female Dogs:
For the first two thirds of pregnancy—feed as per a normal dog, i.e. 2%-3% of bodyweight per day. For the last third of pregnancy—feed 3%-4% of bodyweight per day—divided into several small meals.

Lactating Female Dogs:

Depending on litter size and size of puppies—feed from between 3%-6% of bodyweight—up to free choice. This working mum needs lots of food and food with a high fat content, a high protein content and plenty of calcium in the form of RAW BONE. All Dr. B’s flavours are recommended except ‘Roo. Do feed extra chicken wings and DR. B’s Fortified milk mix (See Page 125 of Dr. B’s Best selling Book – “Grow Your Pups With Bones” for the ‘recipe’)

Working, Racing and Active Dogs:
Feed 4% - 6% of bodyweight per day when working or active. Dr. B’s Beef is ideal. The more active dogs require food with a higher fat content to increase energy supply; eg, add in Dr. B’s Lamb, Pork or Chicken. Feed 2%-3% of bodyweight per day when not working. We recommend all of Dr. B’s flavours except ‘Roo, which is too lean for a working dog. Today’s working dog, eating dry dog foods only, has to be retired after seven years; due to degenerative disease processes, including arthritis! NOTE: Working Dogs fed on real food (Dr. B’s BARF) record a WORKING LIFE of 14 YEARS and MORE!


Dr B’s BARF For Dogs
SEVEN ‘delicious’ FLAVOURS
Dr. B’s BEEF BARF for Dogs


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Dr. B’s Beef BARF is Suitable for All life stages, But NOT if the dog is suffering from any Inflammatory or Degenerative Condition. Dr. B’s Beef BARF is an excellent choice for Growing dogs and very Active dogs such as farm dogs, agility dogs and Greyhounds etc. Because Dr. B’s Beef BARF has high levels of available iron, it is a Brilliant food for any dog suffering from Anaemia. Dr. B’s Beef BARF is best described as a ‘Red Meat’ Food, and red meats promote inflammation. Where an animal is suffering from any sort of inflammatory or degenerative condition. such as arthritis, a skin condition, or cancer, Dr. B’s Chicken, Pork, Rabbit and Lamb BARF are all appropriate alternatives. Where a dog is suffering from

Dr. B’s LAMB BARF for Dogs
Australian lamb is a brilliantly pure meat because it is raised on pasture. It is neither a white nor a red meat. This makes Dr. B’s Lamb BARF a very good ‘All-rounder.’ Dr. B’s Lamb BARF is ideal for all life stages and has seen a marked improvement in many cases of Arthritis, Skin Conditions and even Cancer. The presence of high levels of the Anti-cancer Fatty Acid known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid in the pasture fed lamb used for Dr. B’s Lamb BARF is a bonus and a special indication for using Dr. B’s Lamb BARF for Canine and Feline Cancer patients. Dr. B’s Lamb BARF is an excellent food to consider where a dog is underweight. However, the lamb flavour should be Avoided in cases of Pancreatitis or where an animal has an Allergy or Reaction to lamb meat, lamb bones or lamb fat.

Dr. B’s CHICKEN BARF for Dogs
This is our best seller. Dogs love it and no wonder! This is an extraordinarily health promoting food, rich in blood forming nutrients and a perfect source of calcium for growing pups and lactating mums. Dr. B’s Chicken BARF is an excellent source of cartilage for joint health and cancer prevention and is rich in essential amino acids, including the bodily repairing sulphur amino acids. Dr. B’s Chicken BARF is rich in healthy fats including exceptionally high levels of Essential Fatty Acids and Palmitoleic acid, a fatty acid with




powerful antimicrobial properties. Being based on a White Meat, Dr. B’s Chicken BARF, is Highly Anti-inflammatory, making it suitable for any form of degenerative or inflammatory condition such as Arthritis, Skin Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (etc) and any form of Cancer, a condition, which is driven by inflammation. Dr. B’s Chicken BARF is Suitable for All canine life stages — Puppies, Adults, Seniors and Pregnant and Lactating Mums. (The only two reasons for not feeding Dr. B’s chicken BARF is where a dog has an allergy to chicken and where a low fat diet is required.)

Dr. B’s COMBO BARF for Dogs
Dr. B’s Combo BARF is a great all-round food for our dogs as it contains a wide range of protein types (chicken, lamb, beef and pork) and is Highly Suitable for All canine life stages — Puppies, Adults, Seniors and Pregnant and Lactating Mums. Combo is the ideal ‘Flavour’ where there is the need to purchase just one product. That is why Combo is the first of our one Kg Pouches – the ideal choice for carers of large dogs or lots of dogs, which includes people running breeding or boarding kennels.

Dr. B’s PORK BARF for Dogs
Pork is a brilliant food for dogs; but it suffers from ‘bad press.’ The pork used for Dr. B’s Pork BARF is sourced from parasite and disease free Australian farms, where there is no Trichinosis and no Aujesky’s disease as found in the ‘organic’ pork produced in Europe. Choose Dr. B’s Pork BARF in cases of skin or bowel allergy. Pork, like lamb is an all rounder, although it is ’whiter’ than lamb. Use with any degenerative disease process. Most dogs love Dr. B’s Pork BARF and it oversees the disappearance of many health problems, particularly allergic problems. Dr. B’s Pork BARF is Highly Suitable for All canine life stages — Puppies, Adults, Seniors and Pregnant and Lactating Mums.

Dr. B’s ROO BARF for Dogs
As a ‘wild’ meat, Roo is truly organic. Its outstanding feature is its low fat content and low calorific value; Dr. B’s kangaroo BARF is very low in fat, which is why Dr. B’s Roo BARF is ideal for any Dog that suffers with Pancreatitis or Obesity, or any other problem, which requires a healthy and balanced low fat diet. The low fat content makes Dr. B’s Roo BARF less suitable as the solo diet for a young dog, a pregnant bitch or a lactating bitch. However, Dr B’s Roo BARF may be used for any life stage as part of a rotating programme of Nutrition with any of the other Dr. B’s ‘Flavours’. 


Dr. B’s RABBIT BARF for Dogs
The Rabbit Flavour may be considered as similar to chicken being a white meat, with excellent anti-inflammatory properties and many dogs love this flavour. Although we humans sometimes object to the smell, Dr. B’s Rabbit BARF will often solve the problem of a fussy eater! Dr. B’s Rabbit BARF is Highly Suitable for All canine life stages — Puppies, Adults, Seniors and Pregnant and Lactating Mums.

Feeding Puppies
To support their growth, puppies are generally fed, up to twice as much of Dr. B’s BARF as adult dogs. Additionally, it is an excellent idea to rotate your pup through all of Dr. B’s BARF flavours—this ensures brilliant dietary balance for excellent growth and helps ensure acceptance of these foods throughout life. If one flavour predominates—make it Combo! Note: When feeding puppies, the one flavour you should not feed to excess is Dr. B’s ‘Roo BARF; it is too lean. The only exception to this would be a pup that needs to restrict its growth rate (in this case, and where necessary (usually the larger breeds), add extra Raw Crushed, low glycaemic index Vegetables— Do NOT add Starchy Vegetables.

Puppies - Small to Medium Breeds
Feed 3%-5% of bodyweight per day, dividing the food into 2 - 4 feeds; the younger the pup, the more frequent the feeds.

Puppies - Large and Giant Breeds
Feed 2% - 4% of bodyweight per day – divided into 3 to 4 meals. It is important that these puppies grow slowly. To slow growth in a healthy fashion, add extra vegetable pulp to the patties (from a juicer). Feed soft raw bones daily, e.g. Chicken Necks or Wings. In those cases where pups are growing too quickly and beginning to show signs of juvenile bone disease, Dr. Billinghurst recommends that larger quantities of Raw, Crushed, Low Glycaemic Index Vegetables are combined with the BARF. Warning: - the only source of calcium should be Dr. B’s BARF (you may also feed soft raw bones from young animals). It is not necessary and is often harmful to use calcium supplements. Puppies obtain all the calcium they need (in a healthy form!) from Dr. B’s BARF (and soft raw bones such as chicken wings and necks). Calcium supplied in this way ensures normal & healthy bones and joints.

“Grow Your Pups with Bones” Available from www.barfaustralia.com 10

To Learn more please refer to Dr. B’s Book

Dr. B’s Quick Feeding Guide for Dogs
When deciding how much to feed, always adjust the amount fed to maintain the desired body weight and condition.

A good place to start is as follows:
Number of Patties to feed per day based on % of bodyweight Weight of Dog 5-7 kg 10-12 kg 20-25kg 35-40kg 50 + kg 2% bodyweight 0.5 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 4% bodyweight 1.0 2.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 6% bodyweight 1.5 3.0 6.0 7.0 8.0

When feeding 50% patties and 50% raw meaty bones, feed half the above recommended amount (weight or volume), plus an equal amount of raw meaty bones. This may be fed as two meals daily for adult dogs (a patty meal and a raw meaty bone meal) or 3 to 4 meals daily for young pups.

Feeding Dogs with Health Issues
Many dogs require no more than a switch to Dr. B’s BARF in order to show a dramatic improvement in health. However, dogs with problems such as Liver, Kidney, Pancreatic Disease and Cancer usually require extra vegetable material, sometimes with less fat. In the particular case of Pancreatitis, Dr. B’s Kangaroo BARF is recommended. For simple obesity, reduce the amount of BARF and Raw Meaty Bones and replace with as much raw pulped low glycaemic index vegetable material as the dog will eat. For more information and help go to


Dr. B’s BARF for Dogs
Flavours for Life Stage and Health Status
Life Stage or Health Status
Puppy Weaning Growth Small Med Breed Growth Large Breed Maintenance Young Dog Pregnancy Lactation Active Dog Maintenance Middle Age Maintenance Older dog Recovery Pancreatitis Allergies Weight Loss















+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++++ NA +++++ NA

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++ +++++ +++ +++ NA ++ NA

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++++ +++ + + NA NA NA

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ ++++ NA +++ NA

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ NA +++++++ NA

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ ++++ NA ++++ NA

+++ ++++++ +++ ++ + ++++ +++++ +++ ++ ++++++++ +++ +++++++


Least Suitable + Most Suitable +++++++

This table applies only to Dr. B’s BARF The Logical Choice for discerning Pet Owners 12



There are THREE “Delicious” Flavours ...

Turkey, Rabbit and Kangaroo
Dr. B’s Turkey and Rabbit ‘ Flavours’ for cats are suitable for all life stages; Roo would best be avoided or suitably supplemented when feeding pregnant or lactating cats.

Each 1.38 kg pack contains 12 x 115 gm Patties
How Many Patties does your Cat Need?
A good place to start is as follows: Number of Patties to Feed per Day based on % of Bodyweight Weight of Cat 1.0 kg 2.0 kg 3.0 kg 4.0 kg 5.0 kg 6.0 Kg 4% bodyweight 0.30 0.60 1.00 1.50 1.75 2.00 5% bodyweight 0.50 0.75 1.30 1.75 2.00 2.50 6% bodyweight 0.60 1.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00

When deciding how much to feed, always adjust the amount fed to maintain the desired body weight and condition. Cats demand variety! That is why it is a good idea to have all three flavours on hand together with foods such as chicken wings and necks, whole fish, pieces of liver, kidney and heart, straight meat minces, milk with egg yolks and cream etc.



Dr. B’s BARF for Cats


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Dr. B’s BARF


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Feeding Cats with Health Issues



With diet having a major influence on the health of all creatures, it is not surprising that most feline health problems improve dramatically when cats are switched to Dr. B’s BARF. Cats that suffer with problems such as Cardiovascular disease, Dermatitis, Autoimmune problems and Hyperthyroidism, can, under the guidance of your health care professional, be fed any of Dr. B’s BARF products for Cats, usually without the need for adjustments. Cats that suffer with Obesity, Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Arthritis, Liver disease, Kidney disease, Cancer etc, require a version of Dr. B’s BARF that contains extra vegetable material. The simplest and best way to achieve that goal is to feed these cats with DR. B’s BARF for Dogs! In more severe cases, where more vegetable material is required, it is a simple matter to add increments of raw crushed vegetable pulp from a juicer. And the good news is that Dr. B’s clinical research shows that that when DR. B’s BARF for cats becomes the Dietary mainstay of a cat’s life, most feline health problems disappear or simply fail to appear. Some of the diseases, which are far less common and far less severe in cats fed with Dr. B’s BARF, include Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Arthritis, Liver disease, Kidney disease, Cardiovascular disease, Dermatitis, Hyperthyroidism and (most notably), the many Feline Cancers.

DR. B has designed this food to promote brilliant health and long life for your cat!

  Dr. B’s BARF products are formulated accoding to the Principles of Evolutionary Nutrition and on that basis may be fed as the whole diet or combined with other (R.A.W.) healthy feline and canine approriate foods such as Raw Meaty Bones (whole or ground), whole raw fish (ground), milk, eggs, cottage cheese and extra organ meats such as liver kidney or heart etc. For more information about Feeding Dr. B’s BARF, please go to www.barfaustralia.com. 14

Dr. B’s BARF – the Question of Balance



Frequently Asked Questions
Can Dr. B’s Dog BARF be Fed to Cats?
Yes! Dr. B’s BARF for dogs contains ample Taurine and all cat-specific nutrients. Additionally, Dr. B’s BARF for cats may also be fed to dogs; e.g. the smaller fussier breeds of dogs, most particularly their puppies.

Not unless your pet has a particular medical problem, where supplements may benefit.

Do I need to Add Supplements when Feeding Dr. B’s BARF?

Yes, most definitely. Dr. B’s BARF is often fed to pet dogs, completely frozen. This can be a great idea in summer, when dogs are looking for a cooling treat.

Can Dr. B’s BARF be fed frozen?

Can I Feed Processed Pet food with Dr. B’s BARF?

Yes you can, but you will dilute the value of Dr. B’s BARF and risk digestive upsets.

Do we need to adjust Dr. B’s BARF Programme as Animals Age?

This is not necessary for a healthy animal. With sick pets, a switch to Dr. B’s BARF will normally result in a dramatic improvement, with added raw and crushed vegetable materials (e.g. the pulp from a juicer) being an ideal addition.

Are Bacteria present in Raw Foods and are they a problem?

Dr. B’s BARF has been derived from properly sourced and handled raw materials, so that any bacteria that are present, are no problem to a dog or cat with a normal immune system. Modern immunological research tells us that the low levels of bacteria that may be present in RAW foods such as Dr. B’s BARF is one of the HEALTH benefits of feeding R.A.W.!

Is it OK to Feed Raw Meaty Bones as well as Dr. B’s BARF?

Typically, many BARF feeders will feed equal amounts of DR.B’s BARF and raw meaty bones daily. Raw meaty bones commonly used include chicken wings, necks and carcasses, lamb flaps, beef brisket, soft pork bones and kangaroo tails.

If you need information on Modifying any of DR. B’s BARF Flavours to act as a Therapeutic Nutritional Programme for your pet, please send an email to info@barfaustralia.com with full details of the problem, including diagnosis and clinical history.

More Information?


Switching Your Pet

To Dr. B’s BARF
Mostly, a Rapid Switch is Simplest and Best.
No skill required. You simply stop feeding the old way and begin feeding Dr. B’s BARF! The only likely issues are transient tummy upsets (dogs and cats) and acceptance problems, particularly with cats.

The Slow Switch to Dr. B’s BARF

This method involves gradually feeding LESS of the old food and MORE of Dr. B’s BARF over a period of one to two weeks. Any transient gastrointestinal upsets are more likely with kibble fed pets and less likely when switching from home-produced foods, whether cooked or raw. Feeding a probiotic, such as natural yogurt or a probiotic powder with the new food will enable a smooth transition with fewer tummy upsets. It can be helpful to allow your pet a one or two-day fast, prior to switching diets. Warning: Dogs can tolerate long fasts, whereas cats, especially overweight cats, should not be fasted longer than 24 hours, or at the very most, 48 hours. This is because cats, particularly fat cats, if fasted for long periods, can develop a fatal disease of the liver— called Hepatic Lipidosis. Please Note that Cats particularly can be problematic and they often require much perseverance! However, determined owners will always succeed, once they realise the health benefits which follow the switch to Dr. B’s BARF.

Want to Know More about Dr. B’s BARF?
A great place to start is with the Books that gave birth to this Pet Feeding Revolution ! These books and so much more are available from...

Dr. B’s Website ... www.barfaustralia.com

Your Dr. B’s BARF Distributor


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