Investment Contract draft

The contract has been prepared by and is being entered between _______________________ and _____________________ , both of legal age, on this day of ____ September, 2012 This contract certifies that ____________pres______________ is making a venture with_______________luisa________________, and the invested amount shall be used to create a diverse portfolio most of which will concentrate on the corporate expansion.

Amount invested: ____________Php

Date of making the investment: __ September 2012 Details of the Investment Collaborator: Authorized Personnel: Ma. Luisa de Torres

Contact Nos.: Home: 02 8683690 Office: 02 9855766 Mobile : 0932.9050500
Home Address: 28 Bayabas St., Pacita Complex 2, San Pedro, Laguna 4023 Details of the Investor: Name: Pres Arlene

Correspondence Address:

Contact Nos.:

Terms and Conditions: 1. The contract is a legally binding document. 2. The investor must be paid interest on a quarterly/Monthly basis. All the interest accrued must be paid latest thru PDC by the last day of last month of every quarter/month.

3. The interest rate to be incorporated is __% per annum.
4. The investor is to invest fund no shorter than 12 months from date of the contract signing.

5. Both parties have the right to discontinue this investment bond in writting on the 10th month
from the start of investment.

if the investor wishes to withdraw from this bond.6. the withdrawal should be in writing and she/he will be given a PDC the amount of the total capital investment she provided. Signatures: _____________________ pres __________________ luisangkaygandah . At the end of the 10th month from the date of signing.