MAJU KHI Assignment# 02 Subject: Software Project MGMT Subject: Process Models Implementation Submitted to: Sir Adnan Ghaffar

Fahad Ahmed Siddiqui SP10-BS-0006 Dated: Sep 1st, 2012 Process Models Implementation at globally: Company: Infosys Technologies Limited: PROCESS MODELS: Infosys Technologies Limited uses Prototype as a methodology. Requirements Analysis and Specification Diagram:

How they apply Process Model as a methodology: Before analysis is done the requirements must be gathered, we make closed-ended questions are to be gathered from companyâ s personnel to be asked frequently to the client. Usually the data model is depicted in the form of an entity relationship . The entity relationship diagram shows the business entities in the system and the relationships between these entities. Data model gives a logical structure t o the user's view of the data in the system. Once the analysis is done, the SRS can be prepared. This task involves documenting the objectives and scope of the system and consolidating the process model, data model, and data dictionary etc. into a document. Preparing the acceptance criteria explicitly helps have a clear understanding wi th the customer about what the customer considers acceptable software. It also h elps in quantifying the customer's expectations from the software. A review of r equirements specification document and the acceptance criteria should be done, a fter which a sign-off can be obtained from the customer. Our process tells us that traditional function-oriented analysis and for project s that want to follow an object-oriented approach Thus in an object-oriented ana lysis, this is done using use cases, which is one of the standard ways of doing object-oriented analysis. Company: SPIRA TEAM in INFLECTRA Corporation: PROCESS MODELS: INFLECTRA Corporation enabled Agile as a methodology in 1 packag e. How they apply Process Model as a methodology: Requirements Management: Firstly we make typical scope matrix to create, edit and delete project scope / requirements. In addition, each requirement is mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that the functionality works as expected. This mapp ing is called the â Requirement Test Coverageâ , since the test cases â coverâ the requi hat if all the tests can be executed successfully, then the requirement is valid ated. Requirements can then be prioritized and scheduled against the appropriate release according to their business priority. Test Case Management: That stores project in a hierarchical folder structure that resembles Windows Ex plorer ®. We can manages your project's requirements, releases, iterations, tasks a nd issues in one environment, fully synchronize; and works on requirements manag ement, test case management, release planning, iteration planning, incident trac king, task management and project / user management. Requirements come in two ma in flavors: summary items shown in bold-type, and detail items shown in normal-t ype with a hyperlink. Company: Distributed Systems Group: PROCESS MODELS: Distributed Systems Group draw on View based and Model driven Ap proach. How they apply Process Model as a methodology:

Service compositions are captured by UML activity diagrams with special ste reotypes. 1Company: 5i Creations Private Limited: PROCESS MODELS: 5i Creations Private Limited uses Agile with Extreme Programming . code in executable languages is generated from a composition model. Thus we can sign-off all the requirements until and unless cli ents donâ t raise any excuse. sequence. How they apply Process Model as a methodology: Lesson Learned: We uses Agile with Extreme Programming Methodology first analyze the project to enhance the functionality of product within envisages constraint s and can identify risks by looking at past projects. and the pre-defined semanti c relationships between model elements such as equivalent. We made Eclipse Modeling Framework. WBS and finally Acceptance Criteria. in thi s report we explicitly mentioned the all sort of rationale. Company: Zigron Incorporation: PROCESS MODELS: Zigron Incorporation uses Agile. We made Test Plan. Then made DFDs (Data Flow Diagram) and uses best practices to forcely applies and act upon it. Thus Agile prefers face-t o-face communication to accomplish the task. We believe in that approac h that enables us to co-ordinate with client directly. . and views. Budgeting Schedule. A tool-chain is devised to extract and formalize WSDL descriptions using UML mod els. meta-models. Technically. and merge o perations are performed to integrate two distinct views. Process models based on Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs) are investigated. Finally.We use View based and Model driven Approach for Reducing the Development Complex ity. prepare Project Charter and with Project acquisition report. How they apply Process Model as a methodology: Our highest priority is to satisfy customer with an incremental boundary approac h Process Models. the framework consists of modeling elem ents such as a meta-meta-model.