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Fluid Mechanics - Properties of Fluids - Problems on: Density (ρ), Specific Volume (Vs), Specific Weight (γ), and Specific Gravity (s) 1) A reservoir of glycerin

has a mass of 1200 kg and a volume of 0.952 m3. Find the glycerin's: w, ρ, γ, s. 2) A body requires a force of 100 N to accelerate it at a rate of 0.20 m/s2.. Determine the mass of the body in kilograms. 3) Calculate the density of water vapor at 350 kPa abs and 20°C if its gas constant is 0.462 kPa•m3/kg•k. 4) A reservoir of CCl4 has a mass of 500 kg and a volume of 0.315 m3. Find the CCl4's: w, ρ, γ, s. 5) A certain gas weighs 16.0 N/m3 at a certain temperature and pressure what are the value s of its ρ, Vs, s relative to air weighing 12.0 N/m3? 6) If the γ of a liquid is 8.1 kN/m3, what is its ρ? 7) Air is kept at a pressure of 200 kPa and a temperature of 30°C in a 500 L container. What is the mass of the air? 8) The specific weight of water at ordinary pressure and temperature is 62.4 lb/ft3 (9.81 kN/m3). The specific gravity of mercury is 13.55. Compute the density of water and the specific weight and density of mercury. 9) The specific gravity of ethyl alcohol is 0.79. Calculate its specific weight in both lb/ft3 and kN/m3 and mass density in both slug/ft3 and kg/m3. 10)The weight of a body is 100 lb. Determine a. Its weight in newtons, b. Its mass in kilograms, and c. The rate of acceleration, in both ft/s2 and m/s2, if the net force of 50 lbf is applied to the body. 11)The volume of a rock is found to be 0.00015 m3. If the rocks specific gravity is 2.60, What is its weight? 12)A certain gasoline weigh 46.5 lb/ft3. What is its mass density, specific volume, and specific gravity? 13)If the specific weight of a certain substance is 8.2 kN/m3. What is its mass density? 14)Find the height of free surface if 0.8 ft3 of water is poured on a conical tank 20 in high with 10 in base radius. How much additional water is requird to fill the tank? 15)If the specific volume of a gas is 360 ft3/slug. What is its specific weight? 16)A tank contains 500 kg of a liquid whose specific gravity is 2. Determine the volume of the liquid in the tank.

17)The density of a certain type of jet fuel is 775 kg/m3. Determine its specific gravity and specific weight. 18)The information on a can of pop indicates that the can contains 355 mL. The mass of a full can of pop is 0.369 kg while an empty can weighs 0.153 N. Determine the specific weight,density,and specific gravity of the pop and compare your results with the corresponding values for water at 20 °C. in SI units. 19)If 1 cup of cream having a density of 1005 kg/m3 is turned into 3 cups of whipped cream, determine the specific gravity and specific weight of the whipped cream. 20)A vertical cylindrical tank with a diameter of 12 m and a depth of 4 m is filled with water to th top with water at 20 °C. If the water is heated to 50 °C, how much water will spill over? Unit weight of water at 20 °C and 50 °C is 9.79 kN/m3 and 9.69 kN/m3, respectively. 21)A rigid steel container is partially filled with a liquid at 15 atm. The volume of the liquid is 1.23200 L. At a pressure of 30 atm, the volume of the liquid is 1.23100 L. Find the average bulk modulus of elasticity of the liquid over the given range of pressure if the temperature after compression is allowed to return to its initial value. What is the coefficient of compresibility? 22)If the specific weight of a liquid is 52 lbf/ft3, What is its density? 23)If the specific volume of a gas is 0.70 m3/kg. What is its specific weight in N/m3