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eThekwini Municipality
Solution - Balanced Scorecard to achieve Vision 2020

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“The Scorecard looks very good. It gives one a visual appreciation of those KPI's that need immediate attention and those that have gone up or down. The Colors idea is excellent. This is great for one who wants to get a quick view of the ' health ' of the organization. Well done! Your team did a great job.” Jacquie Subban, Head, GIPO, eThekwini Municipality

Customer Background
eThekwini Municipality is one of the largest municipalities in South Africa and is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province on the east coast of South Africa and comprises of municipal areas – Tongaat, Verulam and Inanda in the north to Inkangla and Clansthal in the south and from Durban central and Westwille to Hammersdale Rural, Kloof and Gillitts in the west and several in between. It is featured as the § Premier east-coast destination municipality and the most favored tourist

• ethekwini gets a pictorial representation of their balanced scorecard with all its Strategic Focus Areas(SFA). • The linkages/interdependencies between SFAs are represented in the strategy map. • Data entry for all KPIs is done through web enabled screens and the KPIs are computed on monthly /quarterly basis.

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Second most important economic region in SA Most important port, handling 50% of SA’s break-bulk cargo and 64.8% of containerized traffic With 3,090,121 people accounts for 15% of national output

eThekwini Municipality has a vision of becoming Africa’s most ca ring and livable city by 2020.

Background for the solutio n
eThekwini Municipality wanted to use a management tool that will help it computerize its performance management framework to align its strategies outlined in its IDP (Integrated Development Plan) to its execution through 8 point plan, its programs and projects. There was also an urgent need to comply with national legislation regarding setting-up of a performance management system. eThekwini Municipality chose Ramco Business Analytics (previously known as RAMCO DecisionWorks) as the tool and has gone ahead with implementation of various scorecards.

Ramco Case Study

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ramco. In order to achieve the 8 Point Plan.ramco. For more information about Ramco Case Study Page 2 of 2 . a balanced scorecard approach was required to translate the plan into a structure d performance management framework. contact us at Or on the web at www. These KPIs are measured. managed and monitored on a monthly basis and the strategy map is automatically rendered by the system.eThekwini Municipality Case Study Need for a Solution eThekwini Municipality has derived an 8-Point Plan to achieve its Vision 2020. The 8 Point Plan includes § Sustain our Natural and Built Environment § § § § § § Economic Development and Job Creation Quality Living Environment Safe. Healthy and Secure Environment Empowered Citizens Promoting Cultural Diversity Good Governance Highlights • Improved awareness regarding performance management system and how a computerized system can simplify management review • High degree of automation in the process of extracting and subsequent processing of data from multiple sources • KPIs are computed on monthly /quarterly basis Offered Solution – Balanced Scorecard Ramco has implemented the Balanced Scorecard Framework to address the KPIs related to the 8 Point Plan.

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