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Rod Class Call Tonight ! Fri, Aug 31, 2012 - 9:00PM EST !

Tonight's Discussion: Guest Speaker, John A. Dummett Talkshoe # (724) 444 - 7444 Call ID: 48361

Also participate: Via computer WITHOUT talk option...And, For The Call Archives Go To: Rod's 1st "Notice Of Laches, Estoppel By" RE: NC Tax Fraud to the Agencies/Offic es in DC Rod some Private Recordings on 8.27...8.26...and two on 8.25...The one on 8.27 unfortunately didn't record Rod's interview...The other three are at From Jeanette: Article from Oct 24, 2011 Regarding the Pope and World Control http:// Secrets of the Federal Reserve...The London Connection - Eustace Mullins - 1952 - 192 pages One of the books that G. Edward Griffin based "The Creature From Jekyll Island" on... Other New Private Recordings: Rod and Jeanette - Congress and The Hidden Money Mon. 8.20.12 2 hrs 24 min Rod USC Title 11 (Bankruptcy) v. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Sun 8.19.12 1 hr. 27 min. Rod - Where Do You Stand ? Thurs, 8.16.12 - 56 min. Rod on the "Down The Rabbit Hole Show" 3 Hours - Wed, 8.15.12 (starts at 4:30 in , Rod at 25:00) Rod - Lawyers and 14 stat 121 - Sun. 8.12.12 - 57 min. ..................... Rod's NOTICE OF INTENT Re: 7.25.12 Filing in NC OAH Tax / Traffic Case Sent to t he DC Agencies: >> Rod's 90 Day Timeline Rules For The Courts & Judges 11 Docs 6jgTRUE << The 3 Filings 7.25.12 From Rod in the NC OAH Tax / Traffic Case ! The Lennon MOTION TO DISMISS That Rod Was Responding To: NC OAH 1st Response from Asst. Atty. Gen. Lennon on 7.16.12

Rod's First Set Of NC Office Of Administrative Hearing Docs Filed in June and Ea rly July 2012 In The Traffic and Tax Collection Case: -with-the-nc-office-of-administrative-hearings-re-traffic-taxes/ Rod did another Private Recording Wed. 7.18.12 The Congressional Mandate on PAG 58 min. Notes: From the Rod Class / AIB Fri Call of 7.6.12 Special thanks to AIB listener Winn P. for this ! Direct link for download of the Call Notes Document: Rod Private Recording Fri 6.8.12 Episode # 602 - The Theory of Uniform "Foreign Money" Claims Explained ! Very, very important distinctions and potential remedies discovered... 34 min. Also, listen to the Tues Night (6.5.12) AIB show for more background and foundat ional info ! Uniform Foreign Money Claims Act...doc link from Tues 6.5.12 Mon 5.28.12...Rod did another private Recording Injustice, Unjust Enrichment and the FRN Your Signature on contracts, etc. creates the "fiat" Federal Reserve Notes... 57 min. Fri 5.25.12 Rod did another Private Recording Episode # 598 The 14TH AMENDMENT MYTH & AMERICAN SLAVERY ! 54 min. >> Rod's latest Coram Nobis Template (1.26.12) Has Been Corrected ! << The Corrected version of 3.30.12 Does Have the 6th Court explanation ! Corrected version >> 3.30.12 Coram Nobis Template Other Private Recordings... Part 1...4.19.12...The Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA)... Are The People The Enemy Of The State ? 56 min. Episode # 581 Part 2... 4.19.12...More on the Trading With The Enemy Act (TWEA)...Are The People The Enemy of the State ?...Title 50, the Appendix section... 49 min. Episode # 582 Rod's other Private Recordings... Tues, April 10 - Stand Your Ground - Who Committed The Crime ? 54 min. Fri, April 6 - Cestui Que Vie Act, 1666 - 33 min. Rod did another Private Recording - Fri, Mar 16 - Episode # 565

...A great one...You should listen ! Private Attorney General (PAG), Part 5 37 min. Rod did another Private Recording - Sun, Mar 11 - Episode # 562 Private Attorney General (PAG), Part 3 57 min. Rod did another Private Recording - Sat, Mar 3 - Episode # 558 Your Own Case -- What Are You Going To Do To Help Yourself ? Your particular controversy with the the direct link below. 51 min. The latest (Feb 2012) Mandate received for the IRS case and the Rule: Mandate from Court: Fed Rule 41: Here's the link to the DC IRS Case Court Order: 10.4.11 IRS DC Case Appeal Court Order click Don't worry about trying to understand it as it is very vague ! The IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook ...slow download, but higher visual quality... IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook Part I IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook Part II IRS (Secret) Agent Handbook Part III USC Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code) Each download takes about 6 or 7 minutes at DSL speed...Thanks to Wireman !