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1 Reflection: Personal Learning Plan for Online Coaching

What skills do I need to strengthen? Technical Assistant

I will learn more about the variety of technical support services available in Haiku LMS. I also need to develop a deep understanding of a few essential 2.0 tools and other online resources and media.

How will I develop skills in each area?

I will access the Haiku LMS support services including the orientation materials, screencasts, and Haiku User Groups so that I can refer participants to appropriate resources as needed. I will also familiarize myself with online resources that I refer to in my courses so that I can support participants with their use. I will develop guidelines and handbooks that will support participants with specifics about course structure, expectations and grading policies. I will access Haiku LMS as a teacher in order to learn how to manage it as an instructor. I will review the support materials available for teachers in Haiku LMS. I will start simple as I practice the skills necessary to develop and maintain an effective course. I will do the background work needed for developing clear objectives. I will stay up-to-date by studying best practices and research regarding online and blended learning. I will collaborate with peers in professional learning networks. I will remain actively involved and will monitor communication between participants. I will be aware of comments that might be perceived as negative or sarcastic and will intervene in a timely manner. I will act as a role model by setting a positive tone in my own comments and feedback.

Program Manager


Social Director

I need to learn effective strategies for coordinating learning modules, including developing structure and procedures as well as managing feedback and grading with a balanced curriculum that will challenge without overwhelming participants. I need to learn how to access Haiku LMS as an instructor rather than a student. As a new online & blended learning instructor, I need to continue to grow pedagogically. Developing objectives and curriculum, as I create courses will require time for research, design, and implementation. Online discussion, questioning, and feedback strategies need refinement. As a facilitator of the social aspect of online learning, I need to develop additional strategies for actively engaging all participates as they communicate with one another and with me. I want to ensure that a positive tone is set from the outset and that communication remains positive and effective.