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What is RH BILL. And how we must cope up with it?

I get into the most convenient source to define what RH Bill really is. Accordin g to wikipedia; The Reproductive Health bills, popularly known as the RH Bill, are Philippine bi lls aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth con trol and maternal care. Philippines is an small group of island across the Asia-pacific region having ov er 90 million people in it. It used to be a rich nation way back 1970 until its economy plummeted due to political havoc causing failure of the country to susta in its economic stability. Nowadays, although it is being seen new phase of deve lopment, the Philippines is still the sick man of asia. The big cause of fluctuati ng economic progress is poverty, wherein hundredths to thousandths or in millionth s suffer from below-standard type of living. Some families usually earn at least $7 a day and all their needs must fit in every single day. Worst filipinos mult iply soooo fast. This is highly observed in urban areas where 30% -50% of the to tal population is concentrated. Metro Manila is the national business region and the seat of the countrys capital and government. It comprises of 16 highly-urbanized cities and a municipality. Since it is the political, economic, social, cultural, and educational center of the Philippines, people from different parts of the country go to the metropoli s to work, basically look for jobs. However, permanently settling down had alrea dy been one of the main reasons why they left their local place to seek luck in Manila. Sadly, most percent who had gone to the city so far failed to gain bette r disposition. Indeed they ended up dragged into hardships. And they just an add itional responsibility to be taken attention for- built their own families there by. Since the Philippine has been constitutionalized with democratic type of governm ent. Filipinos somehow get to abuse their human rights as part of their own comm unity hence purposely use it for nonsensical matter, which is obviously they dont know. There was this EDSA POWER... Revolution whatsoever. Then, people think th ey could always get to manage to practice, what-the-consensus-wants-must-be-foll owed rule. My point is, what is significantly the use of having own president if what the people want should at all times be considered. (That is only my opinio n). But the Philippines is in wrong hands I think.. hahah. Pathetic!!! Obviously , its been so long that this nation is such a pathetic country. Well, I am just a concerned citizen to holler it out by the way. RH Bill for me is a big help. Especially to those families who live in slums kno w what a real family denotes... not connotes... I am 5th in the siblings. We are six actually. My Dad is the only one who raised us to become who we are now. Not to be self-conceited. But I am proud to say th at we got good disciplines from him and now most of us had gotten decent jobs an d one is still in school, though my mom was not on his side for help, he surpass ed a very complicated dual-typed parenthood. Speaking of my mother, that is actu ally the point why I make this article. Our family is from Mindoro. I went to school there, grew, became a teenage then at 15 I went to Manila to work.. Like the million others. My mother was a strict parent according to given stories about her. According to my Dad as well. But they have six kids, I mean US! Year by year they created on e hahah. By that time I guess parenthood was a conscientious matter. As long as you know how to become a real solid parents to your children then go for it. Whe

n my mother was off to give birth to my youngest sibling, she unfortunately died of Postpartum Hemorrhage (try to google it) but the baby survived.. From that m oment, the only thought that went around my Dads mind and the rest of the relativ e we have, if hospital could have been nearer, or medical attention could have b een quick, or if she could have taken prenatal check-ups then she was still aliv e. Anyway thats life. From that point, being a parent or simply a mother is a deadly occupation alread y (I am not scaring you guys). My concern is more on women who had sex at early age (pre-marital sex) and happened to be conceived unpreparedly. People now are getting more liberated and they find sex as a basic need. Oh God that is really tr ue. That is why, due to the blossoming and ballooning population of this country , it is already the biggest cause of why I AM still poor (not much).. YOU ARE st ill poor.. and MANY are, by all means still looking for better living. But overpopulation hampers it. In addition to that, Philippines is a one big Catholic na tion. Im not saying that Catholicism hampers the change as well. They are just so ooo conservative! (please excuse me). I am a protestant so Im kind of courageous. Its in due respect. RH Bill does not, and will never concern ABORTION dude. Its no killing lives. Its different from making people aware what are the probable risks at every womans en d. It is just a control. Birth Control as we call it. Control- authority to check or restrain and not Abortion. Not an atheistic act. Not a satanic act. I never heard CONDOMS were made by Satan. Charles Goodyear was responsible for it! So please kindly stop your childish protests.. campaigns that in the larger sens e you havent recognized the bright benefits of it (RH Bill). All you just know is criticize. If the church thinks its wrong, then for you it is wrong as well. I h ave faith in God. Of course I am. Yet if I were mal-educated or should never edu cated and for example put in a situation where I know nothing. Just go with the flow deeds. Then Ill surely get perished by God if the only thing Id do is produce babies and never give them the life he/she wants or they would surely enjoy onc e they are grown-up, like those children who are raised well by RESPONSIBLE pare nts. huh! Feed them with food taken from garbages? Then their health might be compromised. I am not being morbid. Im just taking you guys into a certain possibilities what if I am a father of these ill-starred kids. What?! Ill let God see it.. notice m y neglectiveness.. let him witness my failure to give them good life. Of course I have brains to think of not thinking of it cause I dont want to think of it.. c ause its a mess!!! Your ideology sucks! Well, I am just an ordinary guy. Please dont judge me. Its just my opinion express ed. Unless you agree with me. - Johan Hernandez (