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by Gilad Atzmon

1. Did America Say NO to Israel? In the last few hours we have learned that the US had made massive reductions to joint military exercise with Israel. Originally slated to include 5,000 US troops, Washington will now only send 1,500 to participate in Austere Challenge 12 with Israel. Apparently, the American administration is concerned with a possible Israeli strike on Iran. Some Israelis seem unhappy with the American decision. The Times quoted a senior Israeli military official as speculating, "Basically what the Americans are saying is, We dont trust you. Well, America has good reason not to trust Israel. The only question here is why did it take America so long to move in the right direction? 2. I Killed Rachel Corrie... The Other Site is a new German/English promising website. Dedicated to Palestine and truth. Check it out and show your support I Killed Rachel Corrie On March 16, 2003, after Rachel Corrie, 23, was crushed by an

Israeli army bulldozer in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, fellow activists from the International Solidarity Movement tried in vain to save her life.

Judge Oded Gershons ruling earlier this week that the state of Israel is not to blame for the death of Rachel Corrie, came as no surprise. In fact it

reaffirms everything we know about the Jewish state - its politics, legal system and spirit. Israel is surely a most peculiar state - it is impervious to ethical thinking and humanist thought. Accordingly, Judge Gershon gave this week a kosher stamp to a cold-blooded murder and by so doing, he proved, once again, that Israeli criminal actions are consistent with the most vile interpretations of Old Testament and Talmudic Goy-hating. ... continued below POEM ... by Anonymous Source: I killed Rachel Corrie. I never heard of her but I paid my taxes, so I killed Rachel Corrie. I built the bulldozer and trained the driver and gave the orders that took her life, so I killed Rachel Corrie. I went to watch my team play a big game and to have a few drinks with them afterwards instead of reading what Rachel wrote and hearing what she said, so I killed Rachel Corrie. I go to church on Sunday and attend Friday prayers and keep Shabbat holy but mustnt upset my community with painful questions, so I killed Rachel Corrie. 3. Carlos Latuff sums up the verdict in the Rachel Corrie case e.html 4. Anthony Lawson: The Israeli Judge Lied!!!

5. Gilad Atzmon: Rachel Corrie and the Kosher Legal Stamp Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 11:12AM Gilad Atzmon ... As one would predict, Judge Gershon, restricted himself to legalism and litigation as opposed to ethical thinking - he actually blamed Corrie for not behaving reasonably. Yet, one may wonder what is this reason or more precisely, what does an Israeli mean when he or she refers to reason. Rachel Corrie was bulldozed to death by an Israeli military D9 Caterpillar on 16 March 2003. She was part of ISM (International Solidarity Movement), a non-violent pro-Palestinian peace activist group. Being an American youngster, Corrie mistakenly believed that Israeli soldiers were humanly driven. Being a reasonable person she must have believed that an Israeli bulldozer driver would never drive over her body. She was wrong. Corrie clearly failed to grasp that Israeli reasoning was lethally fuelled by psychosis and fantasies of destruction. Click to read more ... Print Article Email Article Share Article This message was sent to from: Gilad Atzmon | XXX XXX | London, XX 7 7 XX, United Kingdom