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Justice is done

Screenplay: Tommaso Volpi Dialogues: Joachim Olender and Tommaso Volpi

INT. BANK - DAY A black and white screen of a surveillance camera shows the scene of a bank robbery perpetrated by three men. Theres no sound. One of them, ANTONIO MARRA (45), enters the bank pointing a gun at the customers and the bank clerks, who, following his orders, put themselves face-down with the hands put on the back of their head. The ACCOMPLICES (45) enter few seconds after. One of them pushes a security guard, puts his arm round his neck and points a gun at his head. The other runs toward the cash desks, vanishing from the camera screen. The bandit, who holds the security guard hostage, knocks out this latter with the gun butt and joins the bandit who had run to the cash desks. Antonio Marra keeps his eyes on the people trapped in the bank. An old lady doesnt manage to put herself lying face- down on the ground. The man next to her, FERNANDO AMBROSI (60), stands up to give her some aid and comfort. Marra gets annoyed and yells at his accomplices. Ambrosi tries to calm him down. Something out of the building calls Marras attention, who twirls round towards the exit. When he turns back to Ambrosi and the old lady, a shot is fired. We see a flame burst and surprisingly we hear the sound. Fernando Ambrosi falls down to the ground. Cut to same scene, but the p.o.v. is among the action. We see in colors and we hear the sound. Images are blurry and fuzzy. Marra runs away frightened, followed by his accomplices, while someone rescues a dying Fernando Ambrosi. INT. GIULIAS HOUSE - DAY GIULIA AMBROSI (35), 35, wakes up from a nightmare. She jumps out of bed, turns on the T.V. mechanically and rush to the shower. The news is broadcasted. EXT. COURT - DAY Images from T.V.: a NEWSWOMAN stands in front of a court house. NEWSWOMAN ... We would like to remind our audience that Antonio Marra, was convicted in first instance for manslaughter and sentenced to 11 years of prisons, which was reduced to 8 in second instance. A true victory for Marra, especially if you consider that Ambrosis family attorney has always asserted that Marras act was completely voluntary and been asking the court for a murder conviction, whose minimum penalty is of 21 years. The final act of this trail will take place this Friday... 2

he T.V. We see Giulia coming out of the court house, next to her LAWYER. The newswoman unsuccessfully tries to get some statement from her. Giulia jumps into her car, while her lawyer stops and to talk with the T.V. journalist for a few seconds. NEWSWOMAN Sir , could you confirm the rumour that Antonio Marra has asked, twice now, to meet Giulia Ambrosi to beg her for forgiveness and your client categorically refused both times? LAWYER Im very sorry but I dont want to make any statement on matters that are not related to the process. Have a good day. The lawyer walks away. INT. PRISON DAY Antonio Marra, grief-stricken, rinces his face in the small sink of a jail cell. He gets dressed. A warder opens the cell and escorts him out, towards the visiting area. INT. PRISON DAY Marra and his LAWYER sit face to face in the visiting area. MARRA So? ATTORNEY (sorry) She refused. Marra eyes down, looks devastated. INT. HOSPITAL DAY Giulia, dressed in surgeon overall, is having a coffee with some colleagues. She doesnt say a word nor pays attention to the superficial talks. INT. HOSPITAL DAY TWO MALE NURSES push hastily a stretcher carrying a man half dying. Giulia and her colleagues move closer.

MALE NURSE A car ran into him. He has a head injury and is heavy bleeding. INT. HOSPITAL DAY Operating theater. Giulia is the chief surgeon. Despite the team efforts the patient dies under the knife. INT. HOSPITAL DAY Giulia goes out the operating theater and walks along the corridor. She stops in front of a leaf door and looks at a family seated on a bench through the porthole. Giulia passes through (the door). We see the scene from the porthole: Giulia approaches the family and deliver the bad news. We see a desperate look in their eyes. INT. GIULIAS MOTHER HOUSE NIGHT Giulia is having dinner with her MOTHER and RENATO, her mothers new man. MOTHER Are you still seeing thatFrancesco? GIULIA Its over. MOTHER What a shame, he was so... GIULIA Please, mom... MOTHER And, what about your job? (Serving it) More smashed potatoes? GIULIA This morning I operated on a man who had been run over by a car.

MOTHER And how is he now? GIULIA Hes dead. MADRE Im sorry. GIULIA Who drives at 70 mph should be condemned for murder. RENATO I completely agree with you and the same goes for Antonio Marra. Why did they sentence him to so few years? GIULIA Renato, please, do not pretend to be supportive. Renato doesnt answer, pretending nothing has happened. MOTHER He just wants to be kind, Giulia... Renato beckons Giulias mother to quiet down, his eyes says its ok, let it go. GIULIA Of course, very kind of him. Giulia, annoyed, gets up. GIULIA Thanks for the nice evening, mom. Giulia takes her coat and leaves the house. Her mother and Renato look each other without saying a world. INT. COURT - DAY The audience, the attorneys, Marra and Giulia are all present the day of the final verdict. JUDGE ...This court finds the defendant, Antonio Carlo Marra guilty of murder and sentences him to serve 20 years in prison. Court is adjourned. 5

Giulia breathes in deeply while shutting her eyes tightly, trying to contain her emotion. Giulias attorney looks at her, with a small victorious smile on his face. Giulia hugs him. Marra, desperate, stands up and addresses the judge. MARRA Let me explain! I beg you! (To Giulia) I didnt want to kill your father, it was an accident... ATTORNEY Lets go not listen to him... Marra is escorted away by two security guards. He mumbles something indecipherable, with no further strength to continue. Giulia briefly follows Marra with her eyes. In her glimpse theres a mix of pity and hate. EXT. COURT - DAY Giulia leaves the court with her attorney. The usual newswoman approaches, followed by a cameraman. NEWSWOMAN Ms Ambrosi, could you say to us a few words about the verdict? Can we say that is an overwhelming victory? The lawyer steps in and answers, while Giulia rush to take shelter in her car We follow her through the images taken by the cameraman, who tries to frame her, but Giulia starts the car and run away. In the meanwhile we hear the attorneys voice, he is making a statement. ATTORNEY (V.O.) My client never lost her faith in justice and is completely satisfied with the today verdict. Ms Ambrosi will now take some days off and get some rest in her fathers country house, trying to escape the media spotlight. Please, leave her alone. EXT./INT. COUNTRY ROAD/GIULIAS CAR - NIGHT Night. Giulia is driving down a country road, listening to the radio, playing a pop song. The road is and deserted and poorly lit by the cars headlights. 6

Giulia croons the song along with the singer. Giulia gets briefly distracted by her cell phone, placed next seat, as it sudden beeps low-battery. A second after the car hits something. She slams on the brakes, but its too late. Lighted up by the car, we see a crashed bicycle, the wheels still turning. A bit further away, at the side of the lane, a man is lying prone under a tree. Giulia is gasping, eyes wide open, arms tense and her hands clenching hard the steering wheel. GIULIA Shit! Anguish appears on her face. She rush out of the car and runs towards the man. He lays face down, on the ground. A small pool of thick blood has formed under his face. Giulia slackens her pace as she gets closer to. Now she can see a large bloodstain on the tree trunk. Frightened, she puts one hand over her mouth. She gets closer, bends down looking at his face ( we see him in profile) and she whispers: GIULIA Sir She cannot stand the sight of the mangled face and as soon as she sees it she runs away, towards the car. Giulia grabs her phone, tries to remember the number to dial but when she finally does, the battery goes flat. Giulia goes back to the man. She bends over him and feels his pulse. She doesnt understand. As her fingers press down on his jugular vein, she finally understands. Giulia can barely breathe and is gasping for air, she starts to panic. She walks backwards, stumbles on a stone and falls on her butt. She picks herself up off the ground half-panicking and rushes into the car. EXT./INT. COUNTRY ROAD/GIULIAS CAR - NIGHT Giulia starts the car and run off. Shes disconcerted, but focused on the road. She doesnt bump into other cars for a bunch of minutes. EXT. COUNTRY HOUSE - NIGHT The cars headlights light up the gate of a country house. It opens automatically and the car enters the garden. Giulia, grief-stricken, rests her head on the steering wheel, still clenching it with her hands, she stays motionless. 7

INT. COUNTRY HOUSE - NIGHT Giulia weeps while showering. INT. COUNTRY HOUSE - NIGHT Giulia, leaning her back against the bed head, takes a last puff of cigarette and put it out in an ashtray. She puts the ashtray back on the night drawer, pulls the blanket over her body and turns off the light. She switches it on again right away, staring into space, dazed. She is barely breathing and she turns the light off again. EXT./INT. COUNTRY STREET/GIULIAS CAR - NIGHT Giulia, relaxed, is driving down the same road where the accident occurred. Suddenly we hear a thud. She brakes suddenly, scared to death. Giulia walks towards the cyclist, lying down under the tree. She stoops, seizes him by his jaw and turns his face towards hers, to see it better. The man face turns out to be Marras, her father murderer. His eyes all of a sudden open up. MARRA I didn't do it on purpose, really. INT. COUNTRY HOUSE - NIGHT Giulia wakes up from the nightmare, as the first time we saw her. EXT. COUNTRY HOUSE NIGHT/DAWN Without wearing any make-up and with just a nightdress on, runs out of the house and heads off down a country lane. Its about ten minutes to sunrise and theres a strange livid dawning light. EXT. COUNTRY STREET DAWN Giulia can hardly stroll, her face is twisted by fear. After walking alongside the hedge of some cropland fields, with no energy left, she suddenly crumples onto the ground. A FARMER sees her and runs to save her. EXT. COUNTRY STREET MORNING The farmer lightly slaps Giulia in the face. 8

FARMER Miss...Miss... Giulia opens up her eyes. FARMER Is everything fine Miss? Did you hurt yourself? He takes her by the hand and helps her to her feet. FARMER How are you doing? Do you want me to bring you to the hospital? GIULIA No, no...Im fine...I just want to go home. He escorts Giulia home, holding her up by the waist. EXT. COUNTRY HOUSE MORNING Giulia and the FARMER are standing in front of the gate. She can stay up alone now FARMER Are you sure you are ok? GIULIA I am, thanks. Giulia walks slowly towards the entrance. His eyes follow her for a while then he walks away. INT. COUNTRY HOUSE DAY Giulia lies down exhausted on the coach and shut her eyes. Few minutes later, she wakes up with a start again. She starts seeking for something and finally comes across it: the yellow pages! She picks up the phone and dials a number. A police station answers. She hangs up. EXT. COUNTRY HOUSE DAY Giulia jumps on a moped and rides towards the crash scene. 9

EXT. COUNTRY STREET DAY Once there, Giulia passes by slowly, without stopping. She gives a sideway look at the corpse. Its not there any longer and the police has already arrived the crime scene (the area around the victim has been marked off, barricades all over, etc.) Giulia keeps riding along the bendy road and stops only after coming through four further bends. She jumps off her bike, grabs a sharp rock scrapes her own knee and starts bleeding. She jumps back on her motorbike and takes off. EXT. COUNTRY PUB DAY Giulia stops in front of a bar. INT. COUNTRY PUB DAY Giulia enters the bar, almost empty, except for the BARATTENDANT and TWO CUSTOMERS. GIULIA Hi, Im looking for the nearest hospital. Giulia glances down and catches a glimpse of her own knee. The barman gaze the injury for a second. BARMAN Drive on other 5 miles and just before entering the village, youll see it on your right hand side. GIULIA Thanks. Giulia, walking out the bar, overhears the following words: BARMAN (to the customers) Poor Toni, was brought there this morning. Giulia opens her eyes wide and rushes out the bar. EXT. COUNTRY STREET DAY Giulia drives madly fast to the hospital INT. COUNTRY HOSPITAL - DAY Once in the hospital, Giulia rushes to the morgue, not to the ER. 1

INT. COUNTRY HOSPITAL - DAY Giulia stops at the morgue entrance, a one leaf door with a porthole, alike the door she passed through to deliver the bed news to the family of the man who died on the operating table. Through the porthole she sees a corridor and a WOMAN (50) a MAN (50) and a BOY (20) standing in front of a door where is written hospital mortuary. The woman, seated on a bench, cries quietly. The man, next to her, has a totally dazed look. The boy, standing up, looks enraged and his eyes are wet. He paces nervously back and forth, constantly going back to the starting point, as if the floor beneath was on fire. Giulia stares at them, motionless. A POLICEMAN comes out of the morgue and approaches the family. Frightened Giulia flees. EXT. COUNTRY STREET DAY Giulia seating on a grass in front of the hospital starts weeping. The wound on the knees is clotting. Then as she has had a flash of inspiration, she jumps to her feet, starts the moped and hits the road. EXT. POLICE STATION - DAY Giulia parks the moped in front a police station. Shes about to get in when a POLICEMAN comes out. POLICEMAN (pleasantly surprised) Giulia! Giulia doesnt say a word, completely frightened. POLICEMAN Im Alfredo, dont you remember me? We used to play together in the country house of your father GIULIA (showing no emotion) Alfredo, I didnt recognize you. POLICEMAN Im very sorry for what happened... GIULIA (hard) What do you mean? 1

POLICEMAN (embarrassed) I mean The policeman spots Giulias injury and changes the subject. POLICEMAN Anyway, what are you doing here, something wrong happened? Did you get in a car accident? Giulia stares him straight in the eyes for a few seconds. She looks like she is about to cry. Then she takes a long, deep breath and goes: GIULIA Somebody stole my wallet. The end.

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