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Oak Ave.

Intermediate SchoolVoyager 7th Grade English

Ms. Christina Lee, Room 108 Conference Hours: 3-4 Monday & Friday or by appointment

Welcome to English 7! This class is designed to develop your communication skills and help you grow as a writer, reader, and critical thinker.

What well be working on: Literature:, John Steinbecks The Pearl, S.E. Hintons The Outsiders, selected nonfiction/newspaper articles, contemporary and classic poetry, and selections from McDougal Littells Literature.

Writing: 7th grade CA standard formsnarrative, persuasive, response to literature,

summary, and research. Our writing process includes drafting, editing and revising. All final drafts will be kept in an in-class portfolio.

MechanicsSpelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar: Weekly lessons, projects and games

are used to learn and review mechanics skills. Once a mechanics concept is mastered, youre expected to use it in your writing. Vocabulary quizzes are given weekly.

A.R. (Accelerated Reader) Independently, youll be reading books of your choice and

keeping a weekly reading log. Each student has an individual point goal and will need to pass A.R. comprehension tests to gain points.

How to succeed in English:

Respect yourself and others: You show respect with your words, actions, and attitude. Take care of classroom materials and borrowed books. Respect class time: be in your seat and working on the warm-up when the bell rings. Actively participate in class. Practice kindness: no insulting, gossip, rudeness, rough-housing or fighting is tolerated in class. Turn work in on time: Homework is due at the beginning of class. After that it is considered late and given 1/2 credit. Major projects (over 50 pts) drop 10% per day. Late work is only accepted 1st semester. Pay close attention to A.R. deadlines; they are final. When you are absent, stay up-to-date with the homework calendar/website info. Email me if you have questions. Its your responsibility to check in with me when you return.

Do your own work: Cheating & Plagiarism (copying from a friends paper, books, newspapers, magazines, the internet, or any other print source) will result an F grade on the assignment. If cheating persists, you may receive an F grade in the class.

Class Materials: English Notebook: Youll need three tabs in your binder just for English.

Much of our curriculum is based around handouts I createyou will need these notes in order to succeed in the class. Stay organized! There will be periodic notebook checks (usually 5 pts) throughout the year. Label the three tabs: Vocab. / Grammar, Writing Strategies, Lit. Notes/A.R. Additional materials youll need daily:
-spiral bound notebook (for daily warm-ups) -highlighers in 3 colors -pen and pencil -paper -A.R. book -flash drive/zip disk (not mandatory, but highly encouraged)


Grading Scale: Grades are based on total points. Reading logs are 5-10 points,
in-class essays are 30- 50 points, take-home projects range from 80-100 points, A.R. tests (total) are 30 points. A.R. makes up 15% of the final grade. Final quarter points end up around 300. With some simple math skills, you can determine the weight of each assignment.

Grade breakdown is traditional:

A 90%-100% B 80%-89% C 70%-79% D 60%-69%

Grade Communication: Updated grades are posted online every 2-4 weeks.
Occasionally I will also send home print-outs for a parent signature. Important Note on Grades! Receiving a lower grade than expected on an essay can
be discouraging and frustrating. If a grade surprises you, come ask me about it, and I will provide you with revision opportunities. Students who are willing to ask questions end up growing as writers. In fact, I like talking about writing. So if a grade seems confusing, dont just grumble or give upask!

Welcome! Im looking forward to a great year! Remember, Voyagers are the Can-Do team.

Please review the syllabus. Keep it at the front of your notebook, then sign and return this sheet. Student Name: _____________________________________English Period___________ Student ID #_________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Names:_____________________________________________________ Email.: ______________________________________________________________________ Home Phone #:______________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Cell Phone #:________________________________________________

Ive read and understood the classroom guidelines concerning curriculum, classroom behavior, materials needed and grading policy.

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