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This is an interim proposal. The final curriculum will be drawn up after a customization consultation with senior managers of client organization

Executive Stress Management -transforming business pressure into productive energy

a highly interactive two-day (plus two half-day follow-up sessions) program


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A machine that is jammed or clogged up with debris, dust, foreign matter, or with its own waste matter, cannot produce quality products or results. Its the same with the human body. Business pressure and stress jams and clogs up the human system. Uncertain business conditions in Asia have mentally and emotionally weakened many executives with destructive negative stress. Such work-related stress is seriously affecting personal health and organizational productivity. Business related stress cripples the person and the company. This program helps you unclog your human system -- so that your company's profits soar, productivity increases, and market share enhanced. And your life given a boost.

OBJECTIVES By the end of this training program, participants would have understood and internalized the concepts of stress management -- what stress is, what caused it, why it is unhealthy, why it hinders productivity, and how to reduce or eliminate it. Participants would have learnt specific techniques and strategies on how to be creative, enhance productivity, and enjoy healthy, fulfilling, stress-free lives.

THE VALIDITY OF THIS PROGRAM This program is based on the works of mind development and stress management gurus such as Deepak Chopra, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Jose Silva, Dr Herbert Benson, Dr Patricia Carrington, Ned Herrmann, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Covey, Marcus Buckingham, Osho Rajnesh, Dr Robert Stone, et al. The ideas, techniques and principles presented here therefore have been researched, tested, proven, validated, improved upon, written about, and endorsed by practitioners in the fields of medicine, psychology, neurophysiology, parapsychology, and religion -- and have been taught to, and used, by millions of people worldwide.

Do you know that .. 1. If your mind tells your body to get sick, you will get sick (your mind controls your body)? 2. You can change the flavor of a drink thru the power of thought? 3. Being in the wrong job can cause you to lose energy and probably fall sick? 4. You can instantly relax your mind thru a 5,000-year-old exercise?
5. You can will away your headache just by telling it to go away?

6. Anger is no more anger if you know its anger 7. Constantly being in a bad mood attracts illnesses of all sorts? 8. People actually get sick just by saying You make me sick! (which is just a figure of speech, anyway) 9. 90% of all worries are false, and the other 10% are something you cannot do anything about? 10. Its really easy to earn other peoples S.T.A.R. (support, trust, admiration and respect) 11. 12. You can solve problems easily by first taking a short nap? You can easily get others to do what you want them to do?

13. What other people say about you has absolutely nothing to do with you; its just their personal opinion This two-day program will show you how!!

Benefits of this program to the participant By the end of this program, you would. 1. Learn about the causes of stress and why stress hinders personal productivity 2. Have found out what would happen to you if you do not know how to destress 3. Learn about external and interpersonal factors that cause stress 4. Learn specific techniques on how to channel stress so that you become more creative, enhance your productivity, and enjoy healthy, fulfilling, stressfree lives. 5. Learn about the mind-body connection why most illnesses are psychosomatic in nature 6. Learn how to transform stress caused by being on the wrong job. 7. Discover why communication with others can lead to stress 8. Learn how to manage your time thru an understanding of Coveys Four Quadrants 9. Learn how to get rid of dreadful deadlines 10. Learn of a simple way of unlocking your creative genius

11. Find out why its so easy not to get angry or frustrated by things that happen to you 12. 13. Learnt the process of anger management Know the difference between being aggressive and assertive

14. Learn how to relieve yourself of physical and emotional discomfort cased by stress

Participants will learn and apply the following processes, techniques, and exercises: The 5,000-year-old relaxation exercise Thought Therapy Self-Healing techniques

The Affirmative Self-talk technique

The Movie Technique for solving problems The Emile Coue exercise The Triggering Device technique Changing the flavor of drinks or fruits by using power of thought The Tweety Principle (Cause and Effect; Coveys First Principle)

Handling Fear of the Future Technique

The Francis of Assisi Principle The ACRC technique of managing anger The Sedona Method of managing stress The S.T.A.R. Principle (Emotional Intelligence in action)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND This stress management program is for the President/CEO, directors, senior managers, midlevel managers and executives, and supervisors -- people who bear the full brunt of the current business environment which ceaselessly drown them in an unending onslaught of stress creating situations and conditions.

Program topics If you dont understand, dont assume Paper tearing exercise Lessons learnt from this exercise If you dont understand, ASK!! First, manage your own emotions Help, I dont like myself! First, "I've got to support, trust, admire and respect myself" Before you go out to conquer the world, put yourself in order first Causes and symptoms a low self-image How self-talk can lead to personal failure or success How to raise your self-esteem Manage self being proactive, not reactive We live in a demanding world A demanding world leads to stress The crippling effects of stress The fight or flight syndrome Discussion; external influences that cause stress Why and how stress creates health problems. How stress affects personal productivity External factors that cause stress External factors = traffic jams, rain, other people, natural disasters, the #!%! jerk How to manage such external factors How to reduce / control / transform stress caused by external factors Interpersonal conflicts that cause stress Interpersonal = with parents, siblings, relatives, colleagues, peers, superiors, subordinates, vendors, etc. Specific steps to manage such conflicts How to manage conflicts that last many years or decades How to manage the #!%! jerk How to reduce / control / transform stress caused by interpersonal conflicts Transforming stress through effective communication skills Exercise: Guess Whos Not Listening Stress-free listening strategies The Exercise an accepted 5,000-year-old relaxation technology

7 The stress transformation exercise Various ways of reducing stress Measuring brainwaves The universally accepted methods of measuring brainwaves Levels of brain cycles -- Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta Practising The Exercise How to go down to Alpha What happens when you go down to Alpha? FAQ's and concerns on The Exercise Why your job itself may cause stress The concept of job-fit A discussion on talents, strengths and passions When you dont have talents, strengths and passions for your job, you become stressful Why is a person weak in a certain job function? Specific steps to manage and rectify this situation How to reduce / control / transform stress cased by wrong job-fit Time management Dreadful deadlines Countering the Not enough time challenge How Covey solves the time management problem Emotional discomforts and breakdown caused by stress Emotional discomforts = anger, frustrations, fear, prejudice, claustrophobia, etc. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hooponopono to manage and rectify emotional discomforts and breakdowns Dont take it personally Exercise: Someone hurt you with his words How to handle other peoples bad opinion of you Anger transformation ACRC anger management S.O.P. Test yourself on anger management Some case studies on anger management Being aggressive and assertive Case study Spilled coffee Why being aggressive conflicts with higher personal productivity Group work: converting aggressive statements to assertive ones Physical discomforts and breakdowns caused by stress Physical discomforts = headache, stomachache, other aches, etc. Severe forms of physical discomfort Specific steps to reduce, manage and rectify such physical discomforts Using Quantum Touch a technique to reduce, manage and rectify physical discomforts Mind-body communication for personal wellness Why a stress reduction program leads also to general good health The stress stress-reduction possibilities of Wakeful Sleep

8 Consciously utilizing the subconscious to self-heal Situations within our control Situations not within our control Q&A on executive stress management / transformation How to apply what we have learnt today in your life and on the job


Time: First half-day session at least two weeks after training day; second half-day session at least one month after training day Purpose of Post-Course Evaluation session: 1. To determine if participants understand the basic concepts and principles discussed at the training session (Level 2) 2. To determine if participants are applying (on the job) the basic concepts and principles discussed at the training session (Level 3) 3. To discuss challenges faced by participants when applying the basic concepts and principles discussed at the training session, and to brainstorm ways of overcoming these challenges. Who should attend: all participants who went thru the training program

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Validated by EDS Advance Academy, Asia Pacific, in collaboration with Southern Luzon State University, Batangas State University, Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College, Ifugao State College for Agriculture & Forestry, Laguna State Polytechnic University, Palawan State University, Akamai University, and American Heritage University for CEU award purposes

Program offered in: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, UAE, Czech Republic, and USA

Program developed by HRD Gateway International Management Centre Faculty Used under licence


Co-trainer DANNIEL LIM is an author, a passionate coach, an experienced speaker and MC. He has trained & spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India & Hong Kong. He is a HRDC Certified Training Consultant active in the area of Leadership; Inter-Personal Skills Development (Emotional Intelligence / Communication Skills); Marketing & Customer Service; HR & Training Development; Organizational & Culture Development; Public Speaking & Presentation Skills; Personality Profiling; Behavioral & Mindset Development; Freedom of Expression and Stress Management. Danniel has 20 years of experience in a wide range of areas such as Education; Sales & Marketing; Certification; Consultancy; HR & Training and Organizational Development. Danniels career has been centered on SMEs & SMIs that deal with National & Multi-National Corporations as such he is well experienced with the best & worst of both worlds. Therefore he is well equipped to help deal with any organizations development needs precisely & effectively.

11 Danniel is the Vice President of HRD Gateway (, a 40,000 member international non-profit organization dedicated to excellence in Human Resource Development. He is also the Consulting Director of HRD Gateway Management Development Centre (MDC) the education & development arm of HRD Gateway. He is currently studying for his MBA and at the same time conducting research & preparing to write his definitive doctoral thesis on the dynamics of personality in business as well as personal relationships. Danniel is Vice President, HRD Gateway Consulting Director, HRD Gateway Management Development Centre Faculty Member, HRD Gateway Management Development Centre Adjunct Faculty Member, Humantalents International Certified Training Consultant (TTT/0511) Human Resource Development Council Developer, Organizational Development Instrument Co-Developer, Cultural Overview assessment tool Co-Developer, Team Overview assessment tool Co-Developer, Personality Development Instrument Developer, Behavioral Development Technology Founder, the SIMPLY SPEAKING system Co-Developer, the Strategic and Tactical Speech Process Co-Author, The Art of Mastering Ceremonies Lecturer, Open University Malaysia President (2010-2011) Money & You KL Toastmasters Club Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International Graduate, The Money & You Program Graduate, The Landmark Forum Graduate, The Silva Mind Method His current & recent clients include Aker Solutions, The Ascott KL, AUO Sunpower, Commerce Dot Com (DRB Hicom Group), Delta Mediscience, Department of Civil Defense (JPA), DHL, Fire & Rescue (Bomba), Flextronics, GCEHC, Hilton Hotel Kuching, INSPEN, Jabil, Malakoff Corporation, Marinetime Enforcement Agency (APMM), Maybank, Maxis, Merck, Ministry of Health, NST, Prudential, Public Bank, RB Land, Real Rewards, Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM), Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Shell, Sime Darby, Southern Lion, Spansion, Symrise, Tan Chong, Telekom Malaysia, Western Digital, Xepa-Soul Pattinson, Zuellig Pharma, etc. Danniel is a proponent of the holistic Organizational Coaching approach as opposed to the surgical Training only approach when it comes to developing the people in an organization. In line with this approach, Danniel developed as a faculty of the HRD Gateway MDC the Organizational Development Instrument (ODI) which is primarily a set of three (3) audit and measurement tools; the first tool is the Cultural Overview for assessing and measuring your organizations culture and resilience; second, the Team Overview for assessing the teamwork and group dynamics of a department, committee, project team, etc.; while the third is the Personality Assessment Tool for assessing and analyzing the personality and thinking styles of employees.


Co-trainer Since 1977, G K Lim has been studying various stress-release, physical wellness and mind development methods such as Silva Mind Control, Reiki, and Inner Quest electronic alpha-inducing systems. Meditation techniques he studied include TM, Buddhist, Kundalini, Vipasana, Natraj, Nadabrama and CSM (Clinically Standardized Meditation). G. K. Lim is a training consultant, specializing in the core area of persuasion psychology, which includes professional selling skills, negotiation skills, emotional intelligence enhancement, motivation and personal development, executive stress management, mind enhancement, and other persuasion skills related areas. He holds an MBA from American Heritage University of Southern California, and currently working for his DBA from Palawan State University, Philippines. He is a member of The Intuition Network, and the Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology. He is the Malaysian affiliate for INREACHING, an intuition training support group. His articles on mind development appear regularly in local newspapers and business magazines. G. K. Lim is a Certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instructor; President, China HRM; Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management; an Approved CMSI Sales Personnel Certification Advisor & Instructor; ISO Certified In Marketing & Sales (ISO CMS 991182); Certified Competency-Based Training & Education Instructor; Certified Silva Method Instructor; Accredited Facilitator, Accelerated Entrepreneurs Development Program; NLP practitioner; and publisher of Partners, an ezine for professionals, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. He holds an MBA from American Heritage University of Southern California, and currently working for his DBA from Palawan State University, Philippines. A partial list of in-house training clients include: ABB, Aesculap, Acer, ANZ Bank Hanoi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cadbury, Canon, Ciitibank, Cycle & Carriage Bintang, Datacard Group USA, Dell, Dexion, DHL, Digi, Euromedical, GE Toshiba Silicones, HAVI Food, IQPC Oil & Gas Dubai, IITM Sri Lanka, Intel, Jabil, Jaya Jusco, Komag, Landmark Graphics, Maersk Medical, Maybank, Maxis, Microsoft Thailand, Mitsui-O.S.K. Lines, Mitsui Sumitomo, NEC, New Zealand Milk, Nordberg China, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, O'Connor's, Panasonic, Permodalan BSN, Public Bank, PSA Maldives, PWTC, Reliance, Roche, Samsung India, Shell, Sime Darby, Solectron, Syngenta Crop Protection, Ta'aheel FZ. Dubai, Tara Prima Megah Bandung, Texchem, Tecumseh-Euro-Malaysia, Wearne Brothers, Xepa-Soul Pattinson, and Yves Rocher



Thank you again for doing a wonderful job with our sales team. We appreciate it very much. As Rob and I mentioned to you in our Saturday lunch meeting, our sales channels see themselves as being professional. In other regions of the world we found that the survey feedback ranged from neutral to negative. In your case, the response was much more positive than we experienced in other parts of the world, and with other trainers. Of the 60 delegates that attended, only 35 delegates completed the survey before leaving the meetings. The breakout for your section is as follows: Fair 9; Good 24; Excellent 2. In summary, 26 out of 35 thought the program was good to excellent. Thank you for doing your part. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope the opportunity presents itself again. You are a true professional. -- Kevin Gillick, Datacard Group, West Minnetonka, MN GK Lim is one of the best persuasion psychologists in Asia. He is a much sought after trainer in Malaysia and neighboring countries as he uses his knowledge and experience accumulated over 3 decades in order to give the best to his clients. He was invited to SriLanka, my native country, to conduct his flagship training programs by SriLankan event organizers after they had heard of his success in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, China, India, Maldives, and UAE. His success can be also attributed to his very own presentation style and mastery of language which had been commended by many of his contemporaries worldwide -- Jayadeva de Silva, HumanTalents Unlimited. I find his presentations very well structured, full of practical/down to earth ideas and easy to understand. He shares his experience freely and often gets excellent evaluations from course participants. In fact, when GK conducted his training for my company's sales & marketing team, his experience and ideas were well received by the participants. -- Toh Siew Pat, Head of HR & Admin., SWM Environment Sdn Bhd GK Lim specializes in sales, negotiation & leadership training programs. His programs are lively, effective and humorous. You will never be bored in his session and you will get valuable takeaways. Recommend to anyone looking to do such topics of training. -- Lily C.L. Lau, Culture Synergy Cultivator, Certified Trainer, Speaker, Principal Consultant, Culture Dynamics We received very favourable feedback from the delegates' appraisal of the Conference and I am pleased to inform you that your individual rating, as a speaker for your presentation on "Relationship Between Managers and Talented Employees" is "Excellent" We have no doubt that your participation had contributed to the success of the Conference. -- Irene Lum, Conference Development Manager, Asia Business Forum I have known G K for since 1986 and have been working with him together on training projects. G K is a person of vast knowledge and practical experience, and is a very pragmatic trainer. He always strives to ensures that the training objectives are met while at the same time promote fun and liveliness in his training. He is creative and vibrant in his training delivery. -Stanley Cham, Entrepreneur, Oneness Training & Coaching On behalf of Community Services of Bangkok, I want to thank you for the three Winning Strategies seminars you have presented since January. The response to this seminar has been very positive by both the foreign and Thai participants. This is indeed a worthy contribution to the English-speaking persons in Bangkok Leslie Weed-Fonner, Coordinator, Community Services of Bangkok We are very pleased to have you lead the seminar "Winning Strategies For That Competitive Edge" to our sales personnel. The participants thought the program was very educational, enlightening and interesting and particularly, the newcomers to the Company reported that the seminar was an eye-opener and you were able to furnish them with the 'edge' to improve their job performance. We extend to you our thanks and appreciation. -- Koh Chee Kean, GM, Wearne Brothers (1983) Sdn Bhd Thank you very much for your participation in the recent Komag Career Fair. You have given a very impressive performance and the audience found your talk interesting and motivating. I found that you are able to reach out and build a good rapport with the audience instantaneously and had them drawn to you, paying close attention throughout your talk. Although you are an external person to Komag, you are quick to understand the purpose and objective of the Career Fair. You aligned your talk to the theme of the fair "Creating Your Future" very well. Your talk was a good warming-up to the presentation on Career Pathing, a matter viewed and taken seriously by all Komag employees. K K Lim, General Manager (KM 1 -Operations) Komag USA (M) Sdn Bhd We have engaged Mr G K Lim to hold a motivational course, Winning Is Easier Than Failing. We all agreed that Mr Lim is able to convey messages across the participants in a simple and easily understandable way. He managed to built up a good rapport across the audience and is very responsive to all the questions raised during the session. We are convinced that the course is beneficial to our company. -- C A OOI, GM, Chemopharm Sdn. Bhd. I have had the honour and privilege of sharing the seminar platform with many of the world's greatest speakers including Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Dottie Walters and others. I count Mr. G.K. Lim amongst this group and I am doubly blessed to call him friend. I have personally done three seminars with Mr. G.K. Lim and found him

absolute world class. It is very important to me when I do seminars in different countries to work with the countries' best in matters of "Success, The mind, and Sales, and Mr. Lim has proved to be fantastic. He has all of the international qualities whilst still being able to communicate with his fellow Asians from newcomers to C.E.Os. Any company would find their sales and productivity greatly increased after experiencing G.K. Lim. -- Michele Blood, La Jolla, CA Thank you and congratulations on a great presentation!! Your presentation on "How to Thrive on Stress" were inspiring, humorous and most important of all informative. It touched home base and our hearts. We must really comment on your ability to handle crowds of all levels. Feedbacks from our directors, senior managers and middle management staff were more than impressive. You helped them to accept your message rather than driving home the point. Making it personal for them too, made the topic so refreshing. -- Fong Muntoh, Assistant Human Resource Manager Reliance Pacific Berhad Good job done. Interesting, helpful, practical. Trainer is very experienced. A good presenter Used real life examples. -- K K Chan, Manager, Sime Alexander Forbes Trainer is excellent. Good team work. Good participation. Relates well to audience. Pace is quick -- A Raj, Executive, Assoc. Motor Industries I have known G K Lim since 2003, during the early days of HRD Gateway, a 40,000-member international NGO dedicated to excellence in HRD/HRM. We would often discuss how HRD Gateway could grow and how Oak Training could help HRD Gateway members. GK contributed articles of interest to trainers and HR specialists, and these were published the Oak Training site. G K Lim has spent over three decades in the training profession, as a training specialist in the area of sales, negotiation, managerial leadership and stress management. I highly recommend him to those in need of services that he provides. An inspirational talent that adds so much value to everything that he gets involved with. -- Des Fitzgerald, Managing Director at Oak Training Ltd Lively presentations. Useful tricks and methods with real life examples. Experienced presenter. This is the type of presenter who is favoured, rather than those PhD holders with vague knowledge who do not accept comments / ideas / opinion from others. Frankly, this is high rated workshop in my opinion. Mr G K Lim turned this boring topic into an interesting workshop. Good job! Good and interesting workshop! GK is an experienced facilitator. Useful for communication skills, practical methods with example are given. Excellent. Very practical. Easy to understand, with interesting examples. The program is practical and its applicable in all situations whether we are in product sales or education business. The sales approaches, closing techniques and ways to handling objections shared by the facilitator are very helpful and beneficial. What we need to do is to adapt them into the education industry. Can apply the principles learnt in the workplace and personal life. Informative workshop, good interaction, met objectives. -- Comments by lecturers, administrators and Heads of Divisions of TAR College after an inhouse program

Countries the trainers have conducted training in.


For details of this inhouse program, please call / email.. HRD Gateway Sdn Bhd Kelly Teoh ; Azura Ahmad Tel.: +6-03-61005992 +6-019-2268987; +6-019-2764052 A2-03-04, Kempas A2, Genting View Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Malaysia B-23-2, Level 23, Sri Intan One, Batu 5, Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia