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Eulogizing the Sheikh of the Mujahideen Usama bin Laden May Allah Have Mercy on Him

The Organization of Qaedat al-Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula

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All praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah. Thereafter: By my mother, my father, and my soul, Abu Abdullah, as for the death that was destined for you, you have already suffered it, and you will not suffer it again. You had long waited for it with a remarkable yearning, and it was the most precious, unfullled desire for which you waited. [Poetry] <q<u Xiz= SXu oDOh * * Eu Yiy Oh Yiy q rrL * <<9H_< k <Kh * * Eu ZeC H Ezm Ok *
My friend, if a soul could be exchanged for someone who was dead *** I would gladly exchange myself with you with my soul and wealth. And I was pleading that you would live, and I would die *** But the reality of the judgment of Allah disregards pleas.

Glad tidings to you, O happy martyr, as we consider you to be. Sleep soundly, with a calm mind, after a long journey seeking the martyrdom for which you spent your life in this world. You were sad that you had lived longer than you had wanted, and you kept on chasing it enthusiastically all over the earth like someone in love. Cast away the walking stick, for you have achieved your goal and obtained your satisfaction. The homes of the martyrs are your sanctuary, Allah willing.

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And if ye are slain, or die, in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all they could amass. (Aal-e-Imran: 157) And it is as if you were wishing today to return to this world to be killed once again and

then again, as we had spoken in this world about your Loved One, may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, who swore that he desired to be killed in the path of Allah and then live again so that he could be killed, and then live again so that he could be killed. We do not hide grief. By Allah, it did not come to my mind that I would eulogize you. I was hoping to get to Allah ahead of you, but Allah willed to choose you, and I was left for grieving. [Poetry] q<= rd SaM wq ou sGu * * q<Xq = rX <u ou Oe= <u * ><r= w} H {u k * * >+y<H }<h rX jm * q<gq HS <~q rgq Oe= * * AqUzu S>\q8 h S>[ ?rk < * q<D+q / H<z+q<= 0Ol,< vh * * D+<f Oe wq =<W slC / * q<=SX= u<vD}< vh * * >+9y vXH h S2FC S} * q<u- Oe= <h <HSq{ u * * ru< . h Ezm Qq_ u * q<= {u rXq S>\q Uy * * Ovm = Kq wq q q<= <u *
After your days have passed, there is no consolation for anyone *** And days like yours never came to my mind. And how can a broken heart be comforted *** in an environment of uneasiness and sorrow. Be patient, my heart, because patience is a state *** after resorting to which, the dear ones return. And do not say he is gone, and he did not reach his goal *** because neither the ones before nor the ones after are saved. The ravages of time affect my body *** so what do I care if it wears out my shirt. What I hoped for through time has passed *** from men, so, how far away are my hopes. What is wrong with me today. I am heartsick I did not follow him in death *** nor remove patience and comfort from my mind.

But we only say that which pleases our Lord. O Allah, reward us for our hardship and compensate us with what is better. And to Allah we belong, and to Him is our return. Abu Abdullah was killed, and there is no harm in it, for this is how heroes are killed on the battleeld: welcoming death and being delighted with it. They did not retreat or surrender, like those who love life would do. The Sheikh was killed with his hand on the trigger, ghting Allah's enemies without yielding or resting. He was killed while steadfast and unchanging, continuing in accordance with the pact of the believers.

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...Of them some have completed their vow to the extreme, and some still wait, but they have never changed their determination in the least. (Al-Ahzab: 23) We are proud, by Allah, that our leaders are martyred without changing so that nations live on their graves, and determination lives through their death. Who would not want for his loved one to die as a martyr? The Sheikh did not fall behind like those who fell behind in the towers of indolence, doing nothing about their Ummah's pain. They accepted their world and said, This is a cold bath and a nice drink. These are the deaths that shake the thrones of the tyrants and oppressors and which cause the foundations of the world to tremble, unlike the deaths of many who live life on the sidelines. [Poetry] OH< u ?aMq } {u w~y6m w~= YKC / <y v Ok
And people may die who are not even felt, as they were insignicant in matters and in their existence.

What did the Americans achieve from killing the Sheikh, for did they kill the religion of the Sheikh, the path of the Sheikh, his call, and the spirit of ghting morale in the Ummah for which the Sheikh gave his life? Let the Americans know that the ame of Jihad burns more greatly and intensely than during the life of the Sheikh. The servant was killed, so people believed, but we are an Ummah whose principles do not die with the death of its men. Instead, it feeds on the blood of its men, and we sacrice our leaders for it. The proof of our message is in the martyrdom of our leaders. It is incumbent upon you to ght another generation immediately following the last, until your life is ruined, your days are worsened, and you are humiliated. The battle between us and you was not led only by Usama, for the banner is tied by the hand of the Prophet may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him - to Usama bin Zaid, and it is the Prophetic tradition that is taken from Usama to Usama, and lion to lion, until the Mahdi receives it and Issa bin Maryam may peace be upon him - ghts under it in the epic battles of AlSham on the day of your end. Do not depict the battle as supercial and delude your fools that if you kill Usama then the issue is nished, for what is coming is worse and what is waiting for you is more damaging. When it happens, you will bite the ngers of remorse and plead for mercy for the days of the Sheikh. And we are continuing with the pact of the Sheikh until we die for what he died, Allah willing, or exterminate you from the earth and purify it from your lth.

And as for those who welcomed the death of the Sheikh, we say to them: Let them welcome what is coming to you from the sons and students of the Sheikh. May Allah disgrace you. History will record for you this shameful position of yours, and the great shame will never be erased. A page of history has been turned in which was translated the brightest and most marvelous epic for a man that anyone could hope for. And this is the grace of Allah that He bestows on whomever he wishes. The page of his achievements has been turned such that if Allah had met one of us with it, then one could implore that he was the most faithful and pious of the Ummah and that he had the evidence before Allah. May Allah reward you generously for Islam, O pious Mujahid, for you have undertaken the commands of the religion in the most excellent way. You never delayed a moment nor apologized ever. You did not retreat a single time. You were valiant, courageous, and a pious worshiper with strong purposefulness and great determination. You were lionhearted and honest in speech, speaking openly with the truth. You only did as you said. We never knew you to have been affected by someone's reproach as long as you had Allah, and you never feared anyone except Allah. Your foot never stepped anywhere except to torment the indels, and your hand was never raised except for battle or to promote goodness. You revived in the Ummah the practice of Jihad, community, and migration, established the pillar of allegiance and enmity, and divided the people into the two tents of faith and indelity. I never saw one follow the Sunnah and apply it like you, nor glorify the practices of the religion like you. If I eulogized you today, I would not adequately describe a tenth of a tenth of what you were in terms of religion and morals. So peace be upon you Abu Abdullah, for you were, by Allah, a compassionate father. And we testify that you have delivered, advised, and beneted your religion and Ummah, as we consider you, and Allah is your Reckoner. [Poetry] yIq{ nC <u zu o>XKh * * `gC 8h du E^<h <u on=6W * <h oCu Oe= SX= /< * * H sH { u <y< u * 9O, oh s>k {u EzXJ Olh * * <}SmQ= FS, oh EzXJ {:q *
I will weep for you as much as my tears continue to ow *** And if they diminished, what is in my soul would sufce. I will not grieve any calamity *** nor will I rejoice after your death. Indeed, you are worth eulogizing and recollecting *** but you were worthy of praises before that.

Until we meet again, under the shadow of the throne of the noble Prophet and his companions. All praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not. (Yusuf: 21)

The Organization of Qaedat al-Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula On Behalf of Them: Abu Baseer Nasr Al-Wuhayshi Tuesday, Jumada Al Thania 7, 1432 May 10, 2011

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