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Subject : A) Explain 2 Problems In Your Teaching.

B) Analyse & Solutions To Those Problems .

C) Link The Learning Management/Teaching Strategies & Justify The Problem Solving In the Classroom In Theories & Implementation.


: Dr. Wanida

From : Chee Hann Woei ( Kevin ) Date : 11-08-2012

School : Rakpasa School Banchang Rayong . Subject : Chinese ( Grade 1 Grade 6)

Graduate Diploma in Teaching Profession ( International Program ) Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University

2 Problems , Teaching Strategies/Activities & Justification/Solutions .

Problem 1
New Language learning is a hard task which can sometimes be frustrating. Constant effort is required to understand, produce and manipulate the target language. There is important to help students to build up interest to the new language which totally new to them .

Problem 2
Faced with the challenging tasks of making the classes meaningful, practical and, even fun for our students.

Well-chosen games are invaluable as they give students a break and at the same time allow students to practice language skills. Games are highly motivating since they are amusing and at the same time challenging. Furthermore, they employ meaningful and useful language in real contexts. they also encourage and increase cooperation.

Uberman 1998 - Games offer students a fun-filled and relaxing learning atmosphere. After learning and practicing new vocabulary, students have the opportunity to use language in a non-stressful way (Uberman 1998).

Research conducted by Huyen and Nga (2003), students said that they liked the relaxed atmosphere, the competitiveness, and the motivation that games brought to the classroom.

Strategy 1.The jigsaw Technique Students should be involved in their own learning. Activity : Students divided by group or work in pairs to rebuilt & complete Chinese character Puzzle which given by teacher . Justification & Solution: Recognize that the child is central to the learning process; all activities and tasks should be planned so that the student is involved in his own learning. Provide hands-on activities and problem-solving tasks, allowing students to research topics to discover information for themselves.

Strategy 2. The Gallery Walk. Students should have opportunities to challenge their own ideas. Activity : Students divided by group or work in pairs for Chinese Vowel & consonant work .Flashcards ( Thai & Chinese vowel + Consonant ) provided & put on classroom wall .The students need to do brainstorming & Peer learning with their own / first language ( Thai ) experiences , find out & pair the related Chinese Vowel & Consonant sound. They have to walk around the classroom . Justification : Introduce a new subject by discussing what a student already knows or thinks she knows about that topic. If the lesson is about Chinese Consonant & Vowel for example, spend some time brainstorming with the class, writing down their ideas about the topics, whether or not the ideas are correct. Allow students to spend time discussing the subject in pairs or small groups, feeding back their information to the rest of the class.

Task 3 .Effective Discussion Students should be allowed to learn from mistakes. Activity : Chinese Vowel & Consonant problem solving game . The Chinese Vowel & Consonant divided by group, let say a, b,c,d & accordingly in the beginning game . Each group average has 5 sound in it. A Vocabulary will be given to the students which fix with the group at the beginning of this problem solving game. The students divided by group ( Peer learning process ) & discuss the related Vocaburaly .If the first group guess wrong answer , the next group will be get next chance .The winner goes to the group who guess the Vowel & Consonant to the related Vocabulary with the highest score in the game. Justification : Give your student the right learning experience for her/his developmental stage. Differentiate lessons and tasks according to each student's individual ability, prefered learning style and previous knowledge. Provide tasks that encourage her/his to think, plan and experiment. Try dividing the class into groups and provide each group with a practical problem to solve.

Task 4 .Game . Active Learning Exercises Activity 1: for younger students aged two to seven in the pre-operational stage, try a lively and creative matching exercise to teach students about some of the complex vocabulary descriptions for visual sensory. Activity2 : Make note cards with the names of various objects in the class room. Have the children match the names to the objects in a timed exercise to make it like a fun game.

Justification : The active learning technique assists students of all levels in transferring information for enhanced learning. Transfer can be realized through a variety of types of exercises.

Task 5. Operant conditioning - B.F.Skinner Activity 1: Teacher gives & reward tangible reinforces - special Chinese Kites ,panda toys ,snack, bonus points to the study group that gets highest accumulate score in their study work in a certain period .The students are more likely to repeat this behavior in the future, thus strengthening the behavior of completing their study work & Continuous reinforcement to be used. Justification Positive reinforcers are favorable events or outcomes that are presented after the behavior. In situations that reflect positive reinforcement, a student is strengthened by the addition of something, such as praise or a direct reward , but it is important to note that the type of reinforce used depends upon the individual and the situation.

Activity 2 : Teacher will minus the score of the study group that which doing bad work , no discipline & the students are not perform well at their study work . Therefore, tangible reinforces Chinese Kites , Panda toys ,snack , bonus points do not give to the study group who do not get highest accumulate score. Justification : Negative reinforcers involve the removal of an unfavorable events or outcomes after the display of a behavior. In these situations, a response is strengthened by the removal of something considered unpleasant which removal of a negative condition in order to strengthen a behavior.

Activity 3 : A student is supposed to submit his homework every Monday. But, The lazy student do not submit his/her homework on time. As a result, teacher made him spend of the weekend doing other additional homework for writing /copying an essay, in addition to the original homework.

Justification : Punishment is referred to punishment by application, involves the presentation of an unfavorable event or outcome in order to weaken the response it follows.Punishment also can be by removal, occurs when an favorable event or outcome is removed after a behavior occurs.