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Bibliographic sketch of the Great Roman Emperor


Submitted by: Nelson E. Nico III (III-A)

Submitted to: Mr. Paul Malvas

My son, Marcus Ulpius Traianus or much known as Trajan was born on the 18th day of September year 53 in the our province in Hispania Baetica in what is now Andalusia in modern

Spain, a mountainous province that was thoroughly Romanized and called southern Hispania, in the city of Italica. My son was raised by my wife Marcia, he was described by his mother as a promising young boy with full of ambition and made him an enthusiast with his field of interest. Trajans birth was unusual for one who would become an emperor. We live in a very simple life, we eat three times a day to supply our necessities of life. Due to scarcity of sources which made Traj, (name I called my son) more ambitious to follow my footsteps. My son found self entertainment with the field of salsa, bullfighting as well, and football as a contact sport which I believe helps him a lot to be more physically active. I see a hopeful leader with my son, He was always reminded of the line that I have conveyed to him that In order to be a good leader, one must first be a good listener. I trained the younger Trajan rigorously and imbued with the same principles and tastes. He was a soldier born and bred. No better representative of the true old hardy Roman type, little softened by either luxury or education. His training was almost exclusively military, but his experience as an officer gave him an acquaintance with almost every important province of the empire, which was of priceless value to him when he came to the throne. Like all son who wishes to become like their father, Trajan started to be and independent leader yet successful with his works. He focused in his studies and give importance in it. It all started when Trajan was considered somewhat of an outsider, but showed illustrious military leadership and skillful governing abilities at a very young age. Trajan has been acknowledge with his great leadership showing humility, discipline and the motivation of once becoming an emperor of Rome.

And the day came when the Nerva, a fellow leader and a Roman emperor sent a handwritten note, informing him of his adoption. Under Nerva, my son career advanced. Trajan had showed himself to be a capable and just general which brought him to the eyes of Nerva as possible

successor. Nerva was looking for a strong and able successor, an image which Trajan had built for himself through his great military victories. Trajan was given powers that were almost equal to those that Nerva .I was so happy with the thought of raising a good leader who would become a successor of a roman emperor like Nerva, that would be my son now named Caesar Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus. As an adopted son and successor of the great emperor Nerva. My son faced many battles against other nations, take tenure of other realm land and properties. Under the supervision of my son and with the help of Nerva, the kingdom has gain a phyrric power. The progression was quick and undisputed and Trajan became emperor of Rome named Imperator Caesar Divi Nervae filius Nerva Traianus Optimus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus Parthicus. Making a history of being the first non-roman to be the Emperor.

Now who would have thought that your son could surpass your achievement?

His popularity was such that the Roman Senate eventually bestowed upon Trajan the honorific of optimus, meaning "the best".

As his father, Im very much proud of what my son had achieved.. Traj as the new emperor was greeted by the people under him with great enthusiasm; he freed many people who had been unjustly imprisoned. He supported many programs that would help cities and provinces whose investments were overwrought. He accomplished number of civil works and enhancement, made many political reforms. He made sure that the poor of Italy, mainly the children, would not starve. He also ensured the education within the youth. He built projects in Rome and the empire as a whole. He also built baths and new markets which helped our roman citizens. Like all other rulers, faced many battles and domination of others nations.

My son was very ambitious to have possession of many manor. I was clued-up of Trajans army facing two battles, one against the Roman client state of Armenia and Romes greatest enemy and having peril of Parthia. Trajan gained interest in taking over the Armenia, knowing that they might gain more entrance into Parthia. This battle was bloodless on my sons part and showing how determined and emperor he was. Trajan is hungrier of owning lands, next annexation would be the greatest rival which boasted and empire almost matched the size of the Romans. Parthia was just advanced as Rome. For the first half of Trajans reign, Parthia was ruled by a peaceful and generous leader. After numerous victories Trahan had gained the same reputation that Alexander the Great had. Trajan's governmental measures were chiefly designed to preserve the prosperity of Italy. He made a low-cost state loans to farmers, whose repayment went to the local communities for the support of poor children. Since the finances of some of the towns were becoming chaotic, he appointed temporary regal officials, to control the town budgets. Trajan even extended the practice to whole provinces, and his correspondence with his appointee . The people of our nation had never revised their opinion that my son was the best of the emperors, and his reign did instate almost a century in which nearly all elements of the empire worked in harmony. Both I n money and inn man power his wars overstrained Rome's resources, and his moving the imperial government into local administration started the trend to that overlarge. Then it came the time when a renowned Roman Empress had fallen inlove with Trajan, Pompeia Plotina. She was known for her virtue, dignity and simplicity. Through her influence she provide Romans with greater taxation, improved education and assisted the poor and created tolerance in Roman society. They got married before the accession of Trajan. They had no children but they became the guardian of Hadrian. Plotina was fond of Hadrian strongly encouraged his adoption by dying Trajan. Then came with the decline of the emperors health.

He died in the 9th day of August. Trajans ashes were laid to rest underneath his column, the monument commemorating his success. His column served as a Roman triumphal column in Rome, Italy, which commemorates Roman emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars. It was traditionally thought that the Column was a propagandistic monument, glorifying the emperor's military exploits. Unlike many lauded rulers. My sons reputation had survived undiminished. Trajans personality and accomplishment are unanimously positive. He remained dignified and fair. He was a wise and just emperor and a moral man.