Sengel Buru’ . Like a dream you came And blessed us. From just ‘being’ To ‘becoming’ You transformed us.

You touched us, And returned. To your womb2 in the Sun. No longer just a ‘flame’ Of the forest3 you beheld. But forever now, a part Of, the heat and light4, Song and stream, and The wonder that sustain us. Xavier Dias. 24th October 1997. Sengel Buru. Died of malaria on 2nd sep, while on a visit to Delhi. He was 4 years & 9months. He said one day. After his 4th birthday ‘My mother’s stomach is my home’. He often spoke of wanting to return to his mother’s stomach. Sengel Buru in Ho means ‘flame of the forest’. In Duccasai he lived at the beginning of the Saranda forest . He lived and grew very close to nature. ‘The Sun and the Moon give light, give warmth, give coolness’. He shared this with his mother while in Kerala before leaving for Delhi in August 1997.


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