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To do an in depth study of sales and distribution Management practices of Wrigley India Pvt Ltd

Submitted by Group 1
Under the guidance of Prof Bidhanesh Mishra


A. SALES MANAGEMENT: 1. Sales organization: An organization of individual working together for the marketing of products and services manufactured by an enterprise or for products that are procured by the firm for the purpose of reselling. A sales organization defines duties, roles, rights, and responsibilities of sales people engaged in selling activities meant for the effective execution of sales function. Territorial structure:
Management Director

Sales Director

Logistic Manager

HR Manager

Accounts Manager

IT Director

Administration and Law Director director

Factory head

Sales Director

Regional Manager





Zonal Sales Manager

ASM (Bihar)

Area Sales Executives

Sales officer & Representative


Daily Salesman

2. Recruitment process of sales personnel: Recruitment and selection refers to the chain and sequence of activities pertaining to recruitment and selection of employable candidates and job seekers for an organization Hiring of sales person is done at two levels: Managerial level: This is done for the post of Area sales Manager (ASM).The ASM is directly placed Hiring: This is done mainly by the consultants or through own sources I.e. giving references. This is done on the basis of written test and conducting personal interview. The recruitment process is immediately followed by the selection process i.e. the final interviews and the decision making, conveying the decision and the appointment formalities. 3. Training and development of sales personnel: This is done using online training process followed by coaching box. The sales personnel will be given a story, case studies for their study. On the basis of this specific questions will be asked from the sales personnel in order to know that they are on the right track or not? It will be done on weekly basis. It will also include team engagement
Online Training Process

Coaching Box

Story, Case Study


6 Days Training

Team Engagement (RM)

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4. Planning of sales personnel: This will be done through sales trainer and regional sales trainer. Information about the products will be given through merchandising and outlet calling. Outlet calling mainly involves 7 steps: Planning and preparation (Shop, Items) Opening the call (Wish & Self Intro) Merchandising (Jar, Posters) Presentations ( Product show) Objection of the handy Sales close Customer satisfaction 5. Compensation: This will depend as per the designation of the employees. They will be availed the medical facility and other incentives as per the company norms. Like sales officer gets Rs 140,000 Annually and Area sales Manager getsRs 575,000 Yearly as their incentives. 6. Evaluation and control of sales personnel: This will be done through recording the actual performance of the sales personnel. Actual performance is compared with quantitative performance standards and qualitative performance criteria, and judgment is reached on the significance of variation. Effective procedures for evaluating and supervising sales personnel assure the sales department objectives are reached with minimum effort. Wrigley India Pvt Ltd follows two approaches for it: A. 1 year value (target): This is done by keeping last year as the base value and then we identify the present market value for different regions. Using this base year we identify what is my profit or loss?

B. System: In this method we look for the company cheque which is to be issued by five parties. This can also be done in the form DD and NEFT. In this method party gives the credit. Collection of cheque: Minimum three cheques is collected for companys security. Payments: DD (lost or manipulated) Expense: This includes travelling expense plus permanent journey plan of the given circle. A beat plan is made as such in order save the cost Ex: If suppose sales man has been assigned Bhagalpur zone but if katihar is in his way then he should cover that area as well for profit maximization and cost reduction. Distributor having stock holding: A stock is not kept for more than ten days with the distributor. Stock holding can be calculated by Monthly turnover/30 days= stock holding per day Multiplying the stock holding per day with ten, we will get the stock holding for ten days.

Company has a product life cycle: Sales man need to make sure stock is not there in warehouse for more than ten days. And it is being distributed to the retailer on a regular interval so that product will not perish and fresh stock is maintained in the warehouse. Discipline flow: A sales man is evaluated the way he dressed himself. Self presentation is the major parameter on which he a sales man is evaluated. Out of 100 points, 5 points is given for his dressing sense.

7. Sales administration: Sales administration is an essential function. It upgrades and confirms the sale transaction, makes removal from storage compounds secure and contributes significantly to client satisfaction. Always with a view to focusing on business, the sales administration service manages support tasks, which are no longer assigned to sales personnel. It is done in following ways: A. Stock point: This is done as per the tour plan. Early morning stock check is to be focused. The loading of stock is done as per the requirements. B. POP: point of purchase. This is given as per the availability of materials in the retail store. Product related by POP is given. If product is not available then POP is not provided. C. Credit bills by retailer: This is done by looking the last weeks sales out credit bills. How many in what quantity has been sold.

Sales man also looks for perishable goods if any. D. Sales man call: It is done in following manner Wish: introduction about the company and yourself Focus is on stock availability Look for the counter display If product is available, call is not made If there is non availability of products then call is to be made Show the product which are not available o Show jar o Explaining MRP o Profit margin (retailer learning) o Product inputs (schemes) Two types of schemes are given: a. In built: Inside pack ( 2 lollypop free, Rs discounts depending on pack size) b. Outside: 2 Rs discount on kg jar, 5 Rs on 1kg jar Retailer additional margin: giving 150 Rs of jar at 131 Rs. It will depend on the number of jar retailer is buying Ex: if retailer purchase today then we will give you profit of Rs 24. Sales man insist retailer to purchase two instead of one If sales man is having four products then his job is to show the product one by one. Otherwise confusion will be created Sales call is closed using handshake and sale man tells the retailer will see you again. Sales man prepares the route plan in such a way that it touches each and every outlet. After sales call, sales man goes to distributor for the analysis of whole day. There they discuss the issues, complain if any, sales of the day. Together they prepare a daily report which is known as WERA. Daily report includes: o S.No, ID No o Outlet name o Product name o Per day report o What is done? Distributors are shown gap and tell what we should do to fill the gap. Position of stock, next generation time, companys this year report is discussed. Wrigley norms: A sales man has the job of making at least 40 calls to a visit. Minimum 40% productivity has to be maintained by him. Party cheque: bank look after whether cheque is cleared or not Credit policy: Timely payment is checked and if payment is due then clearance of cheque is focused. 8. Sales management strategy: Identification of goals and objectives of the sales team Identification your target market Hiring the right individual for the sales team Knowing what our competitors are offering

The management team will conduct frequent meetings with the sales team to review their performance

10 Commandments (Mantra) of Wrigley India Private Ltd: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. Relationship drive the business Distributer is the Tolladorative customer Coverage (Sales Officer) Coverage (District sales Manager) Coverage (ASM) Claims are attends Trust but verify Pipeline should be clean like a glass and goods must flow like a traffic Primarily should run local train and not like goods train District sales Manager is a winning horse Communication is lifeline of business and timely information is empowerment Cost delivers then demand

Sales management system: It is done in two ways: Primary: Above ASM looks after it. Like zonal manger, HR head Secondary: below ASM (area sales manager) looks after it Companys first man should maintain secondary Cash withdrawal less and cash investment is less Weekly availability of stock with chain management Pipeline is to be clean always o Stock come and sale Products storage should be according to its perishability, like Wrigley should not be kept surf, aggarbatti, soap etc Timely payment is to be maintained