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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

[Last updated: 09.02.2012, 5:53 AM PST]

Bob Levin

Former U.S. Intelligence Professional and Blackops Whistleblower standing for the Human Beings

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Robert Dov Levin "Bob", 11918 SE Division Street, Ste 293, Portland, Oregon 97266-1037

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The Jewish Holocaust never ended. It returned to its eugenics roots in America under "Operation Paperclip" along with 1500 Na zi SS war criminals to become the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, the "Manhattan Project" of mind control and "brainwashing" employing involuntary human test animals within the tentacles of 250 black subprojects. The resulting harm sired the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm and the erosive formulas for covert and overt acts of PsyOps terrorism and "no touch" invisible physical torture that remains sanctioned against specific and randomly targeted individuals. This matrix for systematic systemic genocide and negat ive eugenics is self-perpetuates by these ongoing black projects that migrate beneath the clandestine mud of evolutionary change to shed their outer shells like Chesapeake Bay bluecrabs to emerge later as newer versions of the same godless atrocities while leaving behind the empty places of their past existences like riddles trapped in mysteries and wrapped in enigmas. - Bob Levin 100 Font Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94132 415-908-3801 Possessing a diverse background with a previous career as a criminal investigator, U.S. intelligence professional and agent of the U.S. government that ended with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after twice being wounded in the line of duty and left functioning with a physical disability, I'm writing this qualified review of Yelp dot com following several months of undercover investigative journalism. My assessment of Yelp dot com has unmasked an entity that operates on the surface as a fun place for people to share their reviews around the world. However, beneath the red tablecloth of this synthetic social media environment, lurks a cyber-groupthink-network of real and robotic actors affecting prejudicial criminal duplicity and collusion as an IPO in violation of U.S. monopoly antitrust and other laws. Yelp's illegal conduct has found the corporation and its CEO under investigation by the SEC Office of the Whistleblower, State Attorney Generals' Offices under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act and over 512 complaints have been filed with the BBB in San Francisco, CA alone. Yelp aka Yelp!, Inc. was incorporated September 2004 in Delaware. Yelp's corporate officers Jeremy Stoppleman aka Jeremy Stoppelman (CEO) and Stephanie Ichinose (Director of Communications) have been named as respondents within state and federal legal complaints. Yelp employs 1100 persons and lists itself under the category of "Internet Services, Internet Marketing Services." Under the table, Yelp exists in a dark place of antisocial media bias that pads its end user membership numbers through self-multiplying bot technologies and erroneously subverts reviews and/or disappears reasonable persons publishing truthful protective speech that shine a light into the dark abyss. Multiple sources report that software programs originally developed for the Pentagon and CIA are being employed and tested on Yelp and elsewhere. Reportedly these programs allow one cyber agent provocateur to pose as ten different personas simultaneously. With autonomous BOT technologies Yelp and other actors could produce a massive simulated membership that produces a multitude of synthetically crafted reviews and an inflated value in the marketplace like those recognized by other IPOs being investigated for Ponzi schemes and pump and dump insider trading of their stocks. Like they say in China, "you can't wrap fire in paper for too long." Without any specific reason(s) cited, Yelp has terminated the active accounts of tier one level review writers whenever they post a truthful, yet unfavorable article of a business entity that for all intents and purposes is paying protection money to Yelp's globalist cabal. This occurred last week with my original account that should have been celebrated by Yelp for its pro-business content. When Yelp's cyber Gestapo erroneously terminated my account with the same psychopathic non-emotion of Nazis closing the gas chamber doors on 6 million members of my tribe during the Jewish Holocaust, they also destroyed the only reviews written for a number of businesses that included at least one animal rescue facility; wonder how PETA will feel about that. Therefore in the meantime I've created a temporary Yelp account until this deluded "Red Queen" corporation comes to its senses. The Better Business Bureau alone has documented eleven more consumer complaints against Yelp, Inc. in the past week alone. Maybe Yelp's autonomous BOT

technologies attacked itself, but I opine that we who defend freedom and liberty are rising up against the machine. My suggestion to all Yelp end users and business owners, is to start documenting your Yelp experiences that fall under the headline of consumer fraud, collusion, duplicity, extortion, prejudice, and false advertising; etc. Then independently or collectively communicate those complaints to your state's Attorney General's Office for violations of the Unlawful Trade Practices Act/UTPA. Additionally at the federal level, you have a few options with two of those being the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the SEC Office of the Whistleblower for matters of collusion in violation of antitrust laws, the False Claims Act with Qui Tam provision, making Unlawful Use of a Communication Facility, and other crimes. Within your given areas the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another option provided you do not have an active legal complaint on file elsewhere. The ACLU should be contacted for violations of your Constitutional 1st Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and a Free Press. Last but not least, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) should be contacted when Yelp targets reviews that support animal rescue facilities and dog parks. In this effort I have always stood for people and will never forget, never kneel and never surrender in the face of a culture of corruption that is leading our nation into a virtual death camp environment and down the pathways to tyranny! We must bestow the blessings of liberty upon ourselves while enforcing the laws of, for and by the people to cause state and federal regulators to bridal Yelp's sociopathic corporate personhood and its "too big to fail" demeanor.