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using visuals to represent and solve double-digit multiplication.

his week we have been analyzing the main character in our read-aloud book, Sahara Special - please ask your child about her! We also celebrated everyones personal reading for the month of August and set reading goals for the month of September. Some students read for over 10 days total; others read 24 books; some conducted their very own author studies and others read thousands of pages. They should be proud of themselves and look forward to reading even more in September!

T h e W e e k i n Re view

In writing, students have drafted, revised, and are editing/peer editing their own personal narratives for our rst publication of the year. Their focus in this unit has been to retell a special memory with a friend or in a special place in detail so that readers can envision the memory.

Events Weekly
C day Wear PE clothes!

D day
Bring back library books

In math, our work on logic number puzzles continued as students worked in their math partnerships to solve and communicate their thinking about them. They also showed their growing expertise in prime factorization and

We began investigating variables and conducting controlled experiments in science this week, studying the eect of variables such as length, angle, and mass on the speed of pendulums. Students worked cooperatively and drew conclusions from their observational data.

E day
wear PE clothes!

F day
NO word study test today - we have a guidance lesson

O n T h i s W e e k s M en u:
Math this week: We move into division with larger numbers, practicing and sharing strategies for taking numbers apart into equal groups in partnerships. Students will play games and write journal entries to reect on their math thinking. Science this week: We will continue our investigation into the way variables eect outcomes of controlled experiments, making hypotheses and testing the eect of adding weight to miniature lifeboats. Students will be following the scientic method, recording data and drawing conclusions in their science notebooks. Reading this week: We will continue reading the story of Sahara Special and analyzing the change in the main character throughout the rising action and climax of the story. Students will begin analyzing character traits and character change in our new unit on characterization in reading. In coming weeks, students will begin reading books together with their reading partners to share and grow from each other as well. Writing this week: Students will publish their rst narratives, hand-written this time and to be made available as a published book in our classroom library. We will work with Ms. Fleming, our technology teacher to start work on Google Docs.. Our writing for the remainder of the year will be published through Google Docs, including the memoirs students will begin this week as they nish their narratives.

A day
wear PE clothes!

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