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A Tribute for Glorious Hero-2012

Manuel Magracia Jr. daemon098

What is our atmosphere if Dr. Jose Rizal would still exist today or even before entering 2oth century? Could be a progressive country? Absolutely, YES. But it will still a living realization in our minds when the birth anniversary of Rizal comes every year. Honoring for his heroism and patriotism is a highest regard and recognition which contribute a significance foundation in our society. That we Filipinos are strong-united and paved the way for progressive society. Remembering the memory of Rizal is a simple way but not a vantage tribute for him. Since he tributed to us the vast of effective principles about our society and even risked his life. The only way to tribute for him is very: nurturing our sense of nationalism love for ones country and love for countrymen. Living this contemporary life is very difficult in everywhere and everyway. Despite to the growing number of poor Filipinos. However, it is not the last turning point of our Filipino life. Give yourselves a relaxation mode and think efficient in this course of battle. Rizal has been living in our hearts and well find the spirit of nationalism flourishing in our minds. It dictates the step that we must help ourselves as a nation in building a strong and prosperous country. We must solve from our tiny problems to the bigger as well. Consult ourselves in order to conquer our weaknesses that diminished the sense of duty in serving the society. Let be no living a foreign mentality within our mentality and soul cause it destroys the reputation of our true veins of being a Filipino, and vanquish of Rizals good principles. Like in cleaning inside and outside of our house, it reflect to the many faces of our society such as the living evident of graft and corruption, injustice among the poor, poverty, and many more. Thus, living in these WAR problems would result in a big deluge. I like the way of inventing new features and interesting things about Rizal by many artistic Filipinos. Such as the invented new way look of Rizal wearing black shade (Pop-Rizal) like a modern Rizal of 20th century. Hence, no one will vanquish the memory of our national hero in our every hearts and even this Pearl of the Orient Seas. Since, he lived in past darkness regime for not to be a hero in his inclination but through Noli and Fili the beacon of society in glowing our nationalism o build a strong nation and realize that we are equal between the rich and the poor. Lets reside Rizal in our hearts.