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Capulet Notes - Capulet changes from caring to threatening, overbearing, mean, even cruel.

- Act 1 he told Paris he would ask for Juliets consent - My will to her consent is but a part He cares for Juliets happiness; wants her to have a CHOICE. - Act 3 he threatens to disown her when she rebels and refuses to marry Paris. - For by my soul Ill neer acknowledge thee among others. - Did he show his true colours in Act 1 or Act 3? Loving father, provoked into anger by Juliets refusal to marry Paris after practically agreeing to in Act 1. He did not know her stance on a union with Paris when he told Paris that he will consult her. He was pushed into anger when he realised that Juliet refused to marry the eligible Paris, after he had spent effort to arrange the union. He showed his true colours in Act 3, in the privacy of him home, with only Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse in attendance. cold hearted, angry etc They all do not know what he said to Paris it could all have been a facade; a pretense to the public. Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse in Act 3 represent his private side. He is unmoved by her tears He wants to hurt her for her refusal. - My fingers itch -- Hurt her physically - I will drag thee on a hurdle thither -- ditto - You tallow face! -- Hurt her with words - hilding -- ditto - An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, for by my soul, Ill neer acknowledge thee -- Hurt her psychologically. It was easy for him to love her when she obeyed him, and did everything he wanted her to. - -quote on Juliets continued obedience- shows that her continuous obedience caused him to never doubt his love for her. His love has never been tested His love is superficial, only based on when she obeys him and does what he wants. -Is it acceptable for him to be so angry? He should not be so violent, as Juliet is still his daughter. He told Paris that he will consider her feelings She is crying; on her knees, begging him Yet he is unmoved, he even mocks her tears, gets more incensed/

His pride had been hurt; he has to inform Paris of her refusal Juliet changed from his obedient daughter to a defiant, rebellious girl. Capulet wants an obedient, even subservient daughter, a puppet; only loves her when she does what he wants her to do. He is focused on outward appearances (look above at private vs public) - ball - paris conversation in act 1 violence is hinted at in Act 1 during street fight. -shakespeare has hinted/foreshadowed.