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Is Like Saying God Is Dead MONEY MORONS Whores Galore Coming Right-Up In Presidentials Voting For THEEEEE Whichever BEST LIAR Slogans Sells God Is Dead Wanting Nevers Not Enough Mores And Mores And Mores And Mores and Mores SMORES SMORES MORONS Balance Is The ACT That Got Murdered DEAD ON ARRIVAL MONEY MORONS Drain A Stain On Humanity wins LOSERS MORONS ONLY Flashhhhhhhhhhh MOMENTARILY In A Pan Gone Blink Blonk Blank God Is Dead Dumb Dumber Dumbest Money Morons No Regulations No Controls No Body Home Privatization Delicious Poison Booty In Publics MAJORITY MORONS MONEY DROOLS Believin In Somethin Aint Nothin NOTHIN AINT SOMETHIN IS IT Couldnt Spark A Brush Fire Just US FRAUDULENTLY INDUCE TRANSFER WEALTH Cyclically Centuries Human Sacrifices Literally Speaking Injustice Religion Dress-Up Holier Do It Your Self Take Burden Off GOD The Classless Class Had To Place A B.A.R. WEEEEEEE ASS UP ELBOWS DOWN EMPTY Than The Rest Of SOCIETY Really PRETENDING PRETENDERS FAUX DEMI GODS Even Cant Get It Right Dead

UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION Where Did That Majority Vote SIXTY PERCENT That Is A 60% Majority Of WELL INFORMED In Our News For Only One Example Hell NO The B.A.R. Over Ruled G.O.D. ARTICLE 1, SECTION 9, CLAUSE 7, Just US How Well Informed Are WE THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA Have We Had Are We Getting An Equal Representation CAN PASS THE B.A.R. BUT CANT READ Handed Into The Void We Go Forward All The World Is Our Stage To Act On While The Players Set An Edge To CLIFF OFF LEMMING MONEY MORONS Trading And Exchanging Old As Dirt SILK ROAD Globally Already A Standard Operating Procedure SOPs Didnt Think To Know Understand NO TRAITORS ARTICLE I, SECTION IX, CLAUSE VII US CONSTITUTION

No Money Shall Be Drawn from the Treasury, But in Consequence of Appropriations Made by Law; And a Regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of All Public Money Shall Be Published from Time to Time.
This writing is inspired by reading about STEPHEN WARNING, a Judge in the State of Washington at the Court in Kelso, Cowlitz Countys SUPERIOR COURT A HALL OF JUSTICE. Right. And where the State is legitimizing Gay Marriage, I supposed to lighten-up on a once upon very RIGHT leaning State. OK, Robert McKenna, Republican and now running for the Office of Governor. Governor Gregorie, another former lawyer and the previous AG, Rob McKenna is the current Attorney General [AG]. What the question is, here in this writing, IS: How did a sixty percent [60%] WELL INFORMED PUBLIC get to vote on the privatization of liquor? A TEN MILLION DOLLAR PUBLIC SAFETY WAS ATTACHED and then, PRESTO, a reversal of a JUSTICE WARNING, and away we go People of the United States into a pocket and out again as a public foolishness is truly witnessed in societys failure to understand our money. Roberta Kelly September 1, 2012

@ Scribd In The State of Washington at this time there are decisions being made based on PRIVATIZATION. It's America right now, GLOBALISM and this is not a new commodity sold as literally a toxic disease to the United States of America. Should We The People KNOW OUR "MONEY" then this abomination of human rights' and the intentional HUMAN SACRIFICIAL UNHOLY trade and exchange of beings in the 21st Century would instantly stop. JUSTICE IN THE US IS AKIMBO TO GOING TO THE ALTER IN THE OLD TESTAMENT AS HUMAN SACRIFICES TO A MONEY GOD, that happens to be nothing BUT computer debt sold as credit and usury interest into perpetuity. Not our brightest in the "LAW?!" NOT OUR LAW until the MONEY, ARTICLE I, SECTION IX, CLAUSE VII is HONORED YOUR HONORS ET AL