Replying to inquiries is one of the most important business letters that you write. Customers who make inquiries are interested in specific information, and are excellent business prospects. Learn how to thank the customers, provide as much information as possible, as well as make a call to action for a positive outcome. They should give only the information needed by the reader to fulfil the request. The more specific the request is, the more knowledgeable the sender appears. (esl.about.com) II. REPLYING TO A SOLICITED INQUIRY:

Letters of inquiry and the answers to them are broadly speaking business letters. When a letter is solicited inquiry letter, it should be answered courteously and cautiously. The firm that the writers answer to letter of inquiry pleads the case of its good, describing the quality, price and other aspects of it, such letters bring profit to the buyers as well as to the sellers. While answering such letters, the sellers depend on the latest catalogue and price list and other materials. (books.google.com) III. PRINCIPLES OF REPLY LETTERS:

 Answer promptly- it is a reply that reaches the reader while his interest is still high. A prompt answer is psychologically effective, too, because it gives the impression that the company acts promptly in other matters. Example: Dear Mr. Felix: Thank you very much for your letter on July 19 in which you ask when the new frost-free Artctic refrigerator will be available for retail distribution in your area. We are sure now that we will have limited quantities ready for our franchised dealers before August 21. However, we shall be able to answer your question more specifically – with exact dates and quantities—next week when our own production schedule will be firm. Until then when we shall write to you further, please accept our assurance that the new arctic will be all that you want a goodwill – building, profit – making refrigerator. Sincerely yours,

Diane Olsen
Miss Olsen

 Reply courteously- the reader does not expect extraordinary consideration, and he is especially grateful for whatever help he receives. Example: Dear Mr. Reed: We appreciate your letter of June 20 inquiring about the availability of a television set, console type, in a black wood cabinet. With regret we must tell you that we do not have such model in our line and are not contemplating one this year. If you are not able to find a suitable cabinet, you may want to purchase one of our modern consoles and have it refinished by a cabinetmaker near your home. In any case, thank you for your interest. Very yours truly,

Mark Burns
Mr. Burns

 Respond completely- as in other types of business correspondence, in order for a reply to be really helpful, it must be complete. Example: Dear Mr. Trimble: Perhaps the best way to answer your inquiry of July 14 about our Employee Pension Plan is to send you are Employees ‗Handbook which gives all the details. A copy is being mailed to you today. We appreciate this opportunity to be of help. Very truly yours,

Lea Frank
Miss Frank

 Give additional information- are satisfactorily answered only when the letter of reply gives information over and above that which is actually requested. Example: Gentlemen: I am thinking about having a Wintaire Heater-Humidifier installed in my home. Will you please send me whatever literature you have available in order that I may consider further whether it will suite my needs. Very truly yours,

Ben Davis
Mr. Davis

 Follow up on sales related to Request- when response to a sales request does not result in some affirmative action on the part of the reader the writer may send a follow-up letter. He/she may simply ask the reader if any further help or information can be given and he/she may use the follow-up letter to provide additional information. Example: Dear Mrs. Smith: Several weeks ago, we mailed you our booklet, ―The Happy Years,‖ after you had indicated an interest in sending your eight-year-old daughter to Camp Wingate this summer. Although we have tried to anticipate your questions in our booklet, there may be many more which you and your daughter would like to ask. For that reason, we believe it would be worthwhile for you to meet with our director, Mrs. Julia Sells, in your own home. Like you, we want to be sure that the Wingate program will mean a summer of pleasant activity for your child. Sincerely yours,

P. L. Greene
Mr. Paul Lance Greene Camp Wingate



Batangas State University Batangas City February 02, 2007 Powder Coating Department HOOVEN Philippines, Inc. 7th Floor Strata Bldg. Mandaluyong Attention: Mr. Harvey Henderson, Manager, Powder Coating Department Dear Sir: Subject: Fluorocarbon Coating of Structural Aluminum Materials Due to my desire to accomplish my research paper to be submitted on February 16, 2007, I write this letter to ask for a brochure and illustrations about Fluorocarbon Coating of Structural Aluminum Materials. With that brochure and illustration, I can gather such pertinent data that I need regarding on that topic. I appreciate your response about this matter.


Marvin Gonda
,Marvin O. Gonda Sophomore, Civil Engineering Student

Reply Letter for the Sales Inquiry Letter

Powder Coating Department HOOVEN Philippines, Inc. 7th Floor Strata Bldg. Mandaluyong February 09, 2007 To Whom It May Concern: Upon receiving your letter, I am glad that our company serves as an aid to your research paper. I have a complete portfolio of the Fluorocarbon Coating of Structural Aluminium Materials that you are searching with. A process called fluorination in which atoms of hydrogen in hydrogen carbons are replaced with fluorine atoms makes fluorocarbons. The resulting carbon-fluorine bonds are extremely strong and fluorocarbons are usually very stable, inert and resistant to high temperature. They can be used in coating pans and other cooking utensils to make them non-stick. Enclose are two brochures that you are requesting. However, I am sorry of being unable to provide illustrations because of their in availability. Hoping for a good outcome of your research paper.

Sincerely Yours,

Harvey Henderson
Harvey Henderson Manager



15 Narra Street Diliman, Quezon City June 23, 2007 Mr. Roger T. Sales President, Dafo Corporation 235 Apo Street Sta. Cruz, Manila Dear Mr. Sales: Your advertisement in the March 20 issue of Star Bulletin caught my attention because I believe that with my education, work experience, and special skills, I am the person you‘ve been searching for the position of an Administrative Assistant. Further, my knowledge and training on computer machines will guarantee my easy adjustment to the computer system that you have been using in your office. I have recently completed a one-year course on the operation of a data system. This course taught me the techniques to speed letter writing, report writing, and to compose varied types of documents, sales letters, and financial reports. When I was in college, I worked as an part timer in the Administrative Department of GSIS, Manila. Then I moved to SSS to work as a full-time Administrative Officer. I have worked my own way through college since I began my studies. My being a working student developed in me adoptability, perseverance, and patience-qualities which I can offer to make your company more progressive. Would it be possible for you to discuss this further in an interview? I may be reached at 456-8923.

Respectfully yours,

June Torres
June R. Torres Applicant

Reply Letter to a Job Application Letter

235 Apo Street Sta. Cruz, Manila June 30, 2007 Mr. June R. Torres 15 Narra Street Diliman, Quezon City Dear Mr. Torres: Thank you for responding to our job advertisement for Administrative Assistant. At this point, we have already selected those that best fit our job requirements. However, we would like to inform you that we are fast-growing company and we have huge projects coming in each month. That means we are still in need of Administrative Assistant for these projects. We will keep you in our list and notify you when the need for Administrative Assistant arises. Thank you very much.

Respectfully yours,

Roger Sales
Mr. Roger T. Sales President, Dafo Corporation



There are a number of poor ways of replying to inquiries and requests. About the poorest is the substitution of a printed post card for a letter. INDICATIONS OF POOR REPLY LETTER:
   

Doesn't give the name of the person he's applying to - It's not essential to do this, but may suggest a slight lack of initiative. Hasn't proof read the letter. Admits that bookselling is not what he really wants to do - Repeats the word career three times in one sentence. Hardly relevant experience! - No mention of any experience working in a team or serving customers. Comes across as a passive loner. Spelling mistake: hasn't used a spell checker and not really forgivable for someone who has studied a literature degree.

Example of Poor Reply Letter Dear Sir or Madman I am about to complete my English and American Literature degree at the University of Kent, with a prospective result of a 2:1. As a literature student, I have a strong love of books of all types and see work in a bookshop as a career area which would be a good starting point for a career in publishing which is my eventual career aim. I have good experience of retail, having worked as a shelf stacker for Sainsburies. I have studied modules in Shakespeare, War Poets, Dickens and Creative Writing all of which I feel give me valuable knowledge. My interests include reading, playing computer games and stamp collecting and I am currently reading Robbie Williams' thought-provoking autobiography. I am writing speculatively in the hope that you may consider me for any full-time vacancies that may arise in your store. I'm interested especialy in the retail side of a bookstore: interacting with customers and seeing where the modern tastes for literature lay. I would be available to work from the beginning of June of this year. I have previous retail experience and believe that this, combined with my knowledge of and interest in books could be rewarding both to your store and to me. Yours faithfully Frank Harrison



The good reply to an inquiry it should be alive in its phrasing; it should be correct in its construction; it should adopt the ―you‖ attitude. It should be prompt, complete, concise, clear and courteous. Example of Good Reply Letter: Mrs. Ann Campbell The Fab Shop 216 Strand Westminster, London February 16, 2010 Ms. Sandra Jones The Leather Shop 9 Green Street Manchester, England Dear Ms. Jones, Thank you for your enquiry of 16 July. We are pleased to hear that you are interested in our products. We are sending you a copy of our latest catalogues under separate cover, together with samples of some of the skins we regularly use in the manufacture; of our products. I regret to say that we cannot send you the full range of samples. You can be assured, however, that such skins as crocodile and ostrich, not included in the swatch, are of the same high quality. Mrs. Angela Wane, our European Sales Manager, will be in the UK-next month and will be pleased to call on you. She will have with her a wide range of our products. When you see them, we think that you will agree that only the best quality materials are, used, and that the high standard of workmanship will appeal to the most discriminating buyer. We also manufacture a wide range of leather belts and gloves in which you may be interested. They are fully illustrated in our catalogue and are of the same high quality as our handbags. Mrs. Wane will be able to show you examples when she calls. We look forward to receiving an .order from you. Yours sincerely,

Ann Campbell
Mrs. Ann Campbell Secretary

VIII. GRANTING THE REQUEST When it is possible to grant the request in full the writer‘s task is a relatively simple one. Even so, some correspondents fail in it. A one sentence letter saying ―enclosed find information asked for‖ is certainly not a satisfactory reply even though the request is granted. The good correspondent displays a more helpful spirit. He/she introduces the reader to the printed matter and helps him to use it.

Example: Dear Mr. Wessen : By all means we shall see that you receive a copy of each tribute to the States as they are broadcast each week in our radio program, ―The Paradise of the States‖. Your interest is appreciated more than we can express and we can only hope that all the ensuing programs will satisfy as much as those in the past. Very truly yours,

Mark Twain
Mr. Mark Twain



It is necessary upon occasion to refuse wholly or partially to give information that has been requested even though this information is available. Letters like the following are sadly inadequate in such situation: Letter 1. Dear Sir: In reply to your request of the 10th beg to state we have no free information on this subject. Yours truly, Letter 2. Dear Madam: Beg to state we are unable to give out any of the samples you request Yours truly,



Introduction Reply Letter for a Solicited Inquiry Principles of Reply Letter Example of Sales Inquiry Letter with Reply Letter Example of Solicited Application Letter with Reply Letter Poor Reply Letter Good Reply Letter Granting the Request Refusing the Request


SUBMITTED TO: Ms. Aldin Garcia Reyes Faculty College of Arts and Sciences - University of San Agustin August 1, 2012

SUBMITTED BY: Sheila Mae A. Bactung and Mae Antonette J. Pacione Students

In partial fulfilment of subject in English 118


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