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Streamlight ProTac HL 600 lumens and three programs.

By: Sal Palma

Twobirds Flying Publication

Well, those days are over! The 3D-cell flashlights have been replaced by smaller, brighter L.E.D. handhelds capable of temporarily incapacitating a suspect long enough to defeat the aggressors or get the drunks in restraints. Streamlight is a company on the leading edge; bringing brighter, more compact lighting solutions to the law enforcement community and military. In this review, Ill examine the more prestigious member of Streamlights ProTac family of lights, the HL or High Lumen model.

Police and tactical flashlights have come a long way. If you dont believe it, take a look at the not so long ago 3D-cell monsters that you had to remove to sit in your patrol car or while sipping java at your favorite Dunkin Donuts. These lights were not just cumbersome, they were not awfully bright; in fact, when used as a club, they were a better deterrent than illumination tool. Some of the officers, who I still call friends, used to rest the tube on the shoulder while depressing the activation switch with what should have been the support hand. The theory behind the technique was if you needed to disarm someone you could simply whacked the hand or head with the lights long tube.

Streamlight, engineered an exceptional amount of flexibility in the ProTac HL. This particularly bright handheld has three features: high, strobe and low.

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Streamlight ProTac HL 600 lumens and three programs. 2012

In high, the light produces a whopping 600 lumens of intensity; projecting a well collimated beam that retains its shape out to 275 meters. In my testing, I was able to illuminate a small (36x 18) road sign at 825 yards; not only did I see the sign, I was able to determine what condition it indicated.

I suggest a course in low light tactics if this is an area in your training plan youd like to strength.

At closer ranges, the ProTacHL produced a tightly focused hot spot. In retrospect, I wish I had placed a thermometer on the privacy fence Im sure it would have registered a temperature change. The HL is one bright light with an impressive run time of 1.25 hours in high. Youve got to love that! The ProTacHL also features a strobe accessible by two rapid taps on the light switch. Streamlight does not publish an operating frequency for the strobe; however, my best estimate is 18Hz, or so. Strobes, particularly in dark settings are effective at disorienting a subject because they do not allow receptors to reset, so the subjects brain never gets a chance to fill in the picture. The disorienting effects of a bright strobe, like that on the HL is real; however, it needs to be used properly.

Finally, the ProTac HL offers a low intensity feature producing 35 lumens of output perfect for navigating with a runtime of 18 hours on just (2) CR123A batteries. Moving through high/strobe/low is extremely simple. First tap places you in high. Two taps in rapid succession activates the strobe and three quick taps switches you into low. It couldnt be any easier; operating the HL with a gloved hand was flawless. Streamlight wisely recognized that a bright/strobe/low program may not be suitable for all users so they incorporated Ten-Tap programming technology in the HLs design. The ProTacHL offers three user selectable operating programs: high/strobe/low (the factory default), high only and low/high.

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Streamlight ProTac HL 600 lumens and three programs. 2012

Thank you for your service and stay safe in whatever you do


Manufactures Specifications

To select the desired program, the user taps the tail-cap switch 9 times in rapid succession. On the 10th tap, the user continues to hold down the switch, until the light shuts off usually about a second. This simple to master procedure moves you through the three available programs in the following sequence; 1. High/strobe/low 2. High 3. Low/high I chose program 3 as my default operating mode since I rarely use strobes. The mechanical aspects of the ProTacHL are typical of Streamlights superb tactical / professional line. 6000 Series machined aluminum body. Tempered glass O-ring sealed. C4 LED with a 50,000 hour life. IPX7waterproof (1 meter for 30 min.). 1 Inch tube for compatibility with existing one inch carbine light mounts.

Ten-Tap Programming Choice of three user selectable programs: 1.) high/strobe/low 2.) high only 3.) low/high C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime 3 light output levels: High 16,000 candela peak beam intensity, 600 Lumens, 1.25 hours runtime Low 800 candela peak beam intensity, 33 Lumens, 18 hours runtime Strobe - 2.5 hours runtime Multi-function, push-button tail switch for onehanded operation Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity Durable anodized machined aircraft aluminum construction Anti-roll head prevents the light from rolling away when you set it down Removable pocket clip O-ring sealed glass lens IPX7; waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes 1 meter impact resistance tested Uses two 3V CR123A lithium batteries (included) Includes nylon holster Barrel diameter: 1.0" (2.54 cm) Length: 5.40" (13.7 cm) Weight: 5.6 oz. (159g) with batteries Limited lifetime warranty

If youre still using that Jurassic 3D-cell flashlight, you need to do yourself a favor. Get current! Pick up Streamlights ProTacHL. Its the brightest move youll ever make. At a market price of $70 to $80 there is no excuse.
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