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1st Elwood Scout Group

Annual Report, 2011 - 2012

3 September 2012


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September 3, 2012



Welcome to the Annual Report of 1st Elwood Scouts. Please dip into this report and enjoy being reminded of the activities enjoyed over the last year and learn of the plans for the next year and beyond. Another terrific year for our Group Cubs, Scouts and Rovers going very well, and the linking group between Scouts and Rovers Venturers now available to our Scouts. Is this all sustainable? This is the question that Jenni Eaton and the Parent Committee regularly address in our work. The Group re-commenced operating as an active Scout Group just four years ago under Jennis leadership. I believe that we can now be confident that the group is firmly established and will remain a vital, viable Group for a very long time. Hooray! The purpose of the Parent Committee is to work behind the scenes to achieve this long term viability. The key objectives we set for this last year (as detailed below in Jennis report) have been met. Over the next 12-18 months, the Committee aims to complete the refurbishment of the Hall kitchen, build new internal toilet facilities, provide secure equipment storage areas and arrange other facility improvements. A fundamental area where we must achieve more is to increase support from parents. Committee discussions often cover the nature of our modern busy lives and the loss of spare time which communities once enjoyed spare time to contribute to supporting Scouting. Our Parent Involvement Brochure has just been updated and will support our conversations with new parents. The Committee has thoroughly enjoyed working with Maria Ballantyne (past Secretary and President), Nick Frencken (past Treasurer), Greg Evans (member and a key strategist) and Celia Haddock (member and grant-writing whizz) who retired through the year. The Committee has been strengthened and as always, freshened by new members. The 1st Elwood future is bright and will be measured by the increasing numbers of youth who display community values and glow with that inner sense of confidence and Scouting adventure.

Mark Richardson, President, Group Parent Committee

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September 3, 2012



On World Scout Day (1st August), I was thrilled to hear that parents who formed the original Committee which helped restart the 1st Elwood Group had been recognised by the Scout Association with Merit awards. I am elated that the work of Mark Richardson, Maria Ballantyne, Nick Frencken and Lynette Romagnesi (Adult Support - Scouts) have been recognised. Your children happily attend Cubs and Scouts but sometimes I wonder if you (as parents) know what really goes on in the background to make sure these nights take place. There is a lot of work behind the scenes. My job is to make sure there are enough leaders and adult support and also to complete all the paper work required to keep the Group functioning as well as keeping everyone happy! Masses of emails!

Cubs and Scouts Multicultural Food Night To do this, I am ably supported by the Parents Committee, who despite working full time at their own jobs, also meet once a month and all take on roles, which reduce the amount of work I need to do. The Committee is made up of Mark Richardson (President), who has also been very involved in writing grant applications and provided a ready ear when I have needed

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September 3, 2012

it. Nick Frencken recently retired as Treasurer and his position has been taken by Sharyn Clarke. The finances of the Group become more complex as the years pass and the last year has been no exception. The Groups primary income source is our hall which is tenanted (due to the good work of Mark Samuel-King, who also needs to make sure our tenants are happy!) Peter Handberg made sure all Rovers, Scouts and Cubs were registered: an enormous task, even in such a small Group as ours. Geraldine and Matt Pepper also help with the hall, organising working bees and arranging for contractors to finish the variety of tasks needed for hall maintenance. Anthony Lucas keeps our web-site up to date and adds new photos/videos so that you can see what everyone is doing. He has also helped with fund-raising coordination for the Scouts attending the Jamboree. Fiona Clothier has ably taken on the job of raffle management and this year we raised more money than ever before (over$2000) which has been returned to the Sections to help with their programs and in the case of the Rovers, helped with fund-raising for their Den renovations, with an additional contribution from Group Committee. Emma Baxter has recently joined us and I hope she may take on a much needed Social organiser role. At the time of writing, we do not have a Secretary, although Peter has partially taken on the role. It has become increasingly obvious to me that the more parents involved at this level the easier it is for all. Please consider joining us! All Sections - Rovers, Scouts and Cubs are running exciting programs. Their reports are attached. Please take time to read them as much has been achieved over the year. Calin and Jack received Grey Wolf Awards, the highest awards which can be gained in Cubs. They, with Clancy have moved onto Scouts to face different challenges. Unfortunately, we have lost some other Cubs who have not continued into Scouts. Rachael Boyd has gained her Rover wood beads, after completing intensive training.

Cubs Sam and Noah on ANZAC Day 2012

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September 3, 2012

Recently, Scouts have gained gold at Cohen Shield (a competition camp) and first prize at the District Fantastic Race. Although Scouts is not all about competitions, it does say something about the work of our leaders and adult support, as well as the enthusiasm of both youth members and Rovers! We are in the process of joining with 12th Caulfield in mentoring older Scouts, who wish to continue their Scouting into Venturers (the 14-18 year age group). This step, which will eventually lead them onto Rovers stabilises the Group in the long term and may produce much needed leaders of the future. Six Scouts, Henry, Calin, Hugh, Jack, Noah and Corbin are attending the Jamboree in Queensland in January 2013. I wish them a great time and know their experiences will be fantastic! I have only the greatest admiration for Section leaders, Mark Starcevich, supported by Tony Case in Scouts and Marlene Gale, supported by her group of adult helpers, Dale, Michael, Vincent and Phil, in Cubs. I have just signed up Ella and Julia as Assistant Cub Leaders, which is wonderful! I can only reiterate that the more we have involved the easier it all becomes. We are desperately short of Adult Support in Scouts after the resignation of Lynette after 3 years. Scout parents; please consider helping Mark and keeping our Scouts alive and interesting for your children. I recently invested, Mark Rosenberg into 1st Elwood as the new Rover Advisor. I am looking forward to working with him.

1 Elwood Scouts win the Fantastic Race on a cool, wintery day in Melbourne


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September 3, 2012

Finally, a few words about the hall as you may have heard that renovations were planned. These are dependent on financial help from the Scout Association and the Victorian Government. Although we thought money was forthcoming this year, the Government did not approve it. We are hoping that funding may come through in November. Meantime, the Rovers Den has been renovated, mainly with money raised from their wonderful fund-raising activities, heating has been installed in the hall, drainage work has been undertaken which means the ceiling wont fall in again and I hope the kitchen has now been completed! Again, I reiterate thankyou to the wonderful people who are leaders, adult support and committee members, without whom the Group could not run. My thanks go also to Michelle Grierson, our hard-working District Commissioner who is a great support.

Jennifer Eaton Group Leader, 1st Elwood Scout Group

Quiet Reflection, ANZAC Day 2012

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September 3, 2012



This past year began on a bit of a sad note with the resignation of Warwick, however with the help of our parents; we managed to continue on with a varied and interesting program. Cubs and parents enjoyed an informative night at the Scout Heritage Centre an interesting look back on Scouting in Australia over the past 100 years. An awareness of disabled people was the basis of a night where our Cubs were disabled with hearing, speech, vision and balance. A pets night proved to be entertaining for all concerned (pets included). We had a bit of a night off in the first week of September with a physiotherapist group coming in and working with the Cubs. Third term finalized with Cuboree at Gembrook. Five of our Cubs qualified to go and despite three days of torrential rain, they all had a great time.

In October, the much anticipated Billy Cart Derby at Karkarook Park was enjoyed by all. There were team races in cross country, slalom and hill climbing. We had two theme nights, one for Knights of the Round Table run by the Rovers where Cubs dressed up as knights and ladies, and one for the Melbourne Cup where Mums were invited and asked to wear a hat.

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September 3, 2012

In November, we went on a Pirate Camp to Phillip Island, by now we had three fulltime parent helpers in Vincent, Michael and Phil. It was at this camp that our first ever Grey Wolf participants, Jack and Calin, completed their tasks for their Grey Wolf Award, a proud day indeed for both boys and for 1st Elwood. While we had nice weather and daylight saving, we had a beach games family night at 2nd 11th Hall, Brighton with Warwick (WOK) at the helm, and organizing the entire event. To end the term, the Cubs tried their hand at golf at Elsternwick Golf Course. We went headlong into 2012 with now four full--time parent helpers, Dale having signed up. This adult support has taken an enormous weight off my shoulders. Our first big event for the year was a combined district event to celebrate Founders Day at Karkarook Park; a double celebration as it was also the 1st Elwood recognition of Jack and Calin receiving their Grey Wolf Award Certificate and their going up ceremony into Scouts. I was so sorry to see them go from Cubs, especially Jack who was one of our very first Cubs when 1st Elwood re-opened three and a half years ago. However, it was also a very proud day for me to see them go from new, hesitant Cubs to self assured and capable young boys ready to take on the next of lifes challenges in Scouts. Our first term New Chums were invested at WOKs Great Shave night for the Leukemia Foundation. Much fun was had by the Cubs colouring everybodys hair, including parent helpers and Tim from District.

Cub Mateship Elwood RSL, ANZAC Day, 2012 We welcomed in another five New Chums to start Term 2. Their first challenge, along with the rest of the Pack, was making a pearl and heart necklace for their Mums. This activity went over two nights but the results were worth the effort. Towards the end of May, we went on a History tour of Elwood. This proved to be a most interesting and enjoyable evening. We were accompanied by several parents and Councilor Jane Touzeau.

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September 3, 2012

On Sunday 27 May we took part in the District Jamboree on the Trail, otherwise known as JOTT. We had almost a full pack plus parents and siblings on the hike from Elwood to 1st Hampton Hall for a most welcome sausage and drink. Then it was onto preparation for our camp at Mount Martha, where we invested our four New Chums into Cubs. This was a great weekend and a first camp for most of our Cubs. It was also the last Cub camp for Clancy, also one of our first ever Cubs, having been a Cub for three and a half years. On Tuesday 19 June, we met with the Scouts for Clancys Going Up ceremony again, for me a very sad and extremely proud day. Clancy will fit in very well at Scouts and will quickly take her place as a team leader (as an APL or PL.) Clancys night was combined with an international food night. This proved to be a very successful night food and kids equal a perfect combination!! We wound up the term with a tour and talk at the Elwood RSL. This was a most interesting night and finalized with a very plentiful supper. By now we had welcomed in two Assistant Cub leaders (in training), Julia and Ella, giving the Pack 6 full-time assistants, enabling me to extend some aspects of our Cub program. We look forward to completing the year by building the pack back up to its full potential of 24 Cubs, only making this possible with the more than welcome aid of warranted leaders. Yours in Cubbing, Marlene Gale AKELA
Sunset, Cub Beach Activity Night

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September 3, 2012



Another dynamic year with the Scouts. Numbers have changes over the period with eleven leaving and six arriving. Weve had more Cubs making the transition to Scouts and a number of new scouts invested. The Troop has been busy both in the Hall and on outside activities; some of which are listed below: 2011 Fantastic Race A District activity involving patrols racing around checkpoints across the City. Lots of fun for the patrol from 1st Elwood

Leadership Course - Two Scouts attended a Leadership Course run by District Leaders. Valuable experience for Daniel and Jason. Cohen Shield Annual Activity Camp challenge enjoyed by 6 scout this year. Gold again!

Swimming Carnival - Annual District Event. The Troop came second and had a great night Gilweroo Another great camp attended by 7 scouts.

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September 3, 2012

Elwood Fiesta -

Elwood Street fair Scouts constructed rope bridge and made a great impression on the many visitors

Scout-built Bridge, Elwood Street Festa

2012 Founders Day Brighton Hall Camp Annual District Event at Karkarook Park. We did the billycarts-on the Water activity. A camp at the 2/11th Brighton Hall on the Foreshore which all enjoyed. The scouts completed their Patrol jourrney on Sunday. We prepared for several weeks for the hiking camp with all 11 scouts going but..Scouthike was cancelled less than an hour before we departed!

Scouthike -

Six lucky Scouts are planning on attending the 2013 Scout Jamboree in Maryborough in Queensland in January.

Yours in Scouting Mark Starcevich Scout Leader

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September 3, 2012



Ria Warrah Rovers has been gaining momentum over the last few years and this year was no exception. Numbers wise, the crew gained 2 crew members, with Mariel and Nathan joining the crew. We also gained a new Rover Advisor in Mark. The main focus of the last year has been fundraising for fixing our den. With the den being a health hazard we had moved out and were taking appropriate steps to make this move as temporary as possible. Im very proud of the efforts made by the crew to raise a significant amount to get the den finished. Some fundraising activities included car parking and stall set up at the Bayside Farmers Market, BBQ at Founders Day and Scout Monster Raffle. The year kicked off with MARB (Metropolitan Area Rover Ball) to which the crew went masquerade. Our members had a great night with Claire and myself being nominated for Best Dressed Couple and Matt being nominated for Best Dressed Male.

Weve managed to go camping a few times as well, attending Surfmoot, Labour Day weekend, Hoadley Hide and a few attended Mudbash.

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September 3, 2012

Hoadley Hide was a particular highlight for the crew as we came Runner-Up in our Region for Best Stunt with our Austin Powers Goldmember themed stunt. Activities included escaping from jail, navigating to Dr Evils lair and avoiding laser beams.

The crew also participated in activities with 1st Elwood Cubs and 28th Glen Eira Venturers. We also organized a raffle for the Elwood Festival which was very successful. The crews profile is going in a positive direction and I look forward to it continuing into the future. Id like to thank the group for their support with the den and a big thank you to my fellow crew members for making it another great year. Im very proud to have been crew leader.

Rachael Boyd Crew Leader 2011-2012 Ria Warrah Rover Crew

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September 3, 2012



The Group Treasurer collates all Section and Group accounts, and under Scout Association rules, arranges for an independent audit of the finances of the Group. The audited information (Income/expenses sheet and Budget) is attached. The detailed Transactions Sheet is available on request.

The 1st Elwood Group has its financial year from 1 July to 30 June. 2011 was the first year that a surplus was posted ($4814.65) since the Group was restarted, and in 2012 that surplus has grown to $12,418.37.

Group financial situation:

$ 11,084.74 in credit at start of 2011/12 year. $ 23,503.11 at 30 June 2012. $ 16,388.48 in credit at bank as at 13 August 2012.

Improved Income. This financial year, there has been a substantial improvement in the income of the Group, mostly through increased hall hire.

Main Expenses. The major expenses this year have been the usual mandatory insurance costs (kids, leaders and hall), and hall maintenance.

Hall air conditioning. Two split system/reverse cycle air conditioning units were installed in the hall in June 2012 to the delight of the members and hall hirers at a cost of $6,248 however this cheque did no clear until after 30 June 2012, so that it will included in 2013 costs (and is included in the 2013 budget). The lack of heating in the hall has been a major issue with our hall hires, and the reverse cycle airconditioning proved to be the most efficient and economical method of heating. This was the best price that the committee could arrange.

Budget 2012-13. For the new financial year 2012-2013, the main expenses will continue to be insurance and hall maintenance. Some budgeted items include the airconditioning costs above and $5000 for refurbishment of the kitchen, which began in August 2012, as well as $1980 spent on architectural plans. If a grant is received in the next round, as it is hoped, these plans will be invaluable.

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September 3, 2012

Although we are only budgeting a small surplus for 2013, because of the costs, the cash balance of $23,503 should then still be available at June 2013, unless there are further unbudgeted costs or lower revenues.

The Treasurer would like to acknowledge the important work of our past Treasurer, Nick Frencken, who has made my transition in taking over the role very easy. Thanks again to our Auditor, Michael Land, who as a past Scout, has generously provided his services free of charge for the last 4 years.

In conclusion, it is noted that, to sustain a healthy financial position, it will be important to maintain a strong effort in encouraging and managing hall hire income and fund raising, for the benefit of the Scouts, Cubs and Rovers of the 1st Elwood Scout Group.

Sharyn Clarke 1st Elwood Group Treasurer

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September 3, 2012

Appendix 1 -

2011-2012 Statement


Opening Balance at 1 July $6,270.09


Member fees (incl insurance) Hall Hire Grants Fundraising Other $9,811.45 $6,482.50 $1,500.00 $4,265.23 $788.00 $9,678.00 $15,840.00 $0.00 $4,774.82 $2,943.00


Bank Fees Vic Scouts - incl. insurance Hall & Maintenance Group Expenses Scout Expenses Rover Expenses Cub Expenses Joey Expenses Electricity Gas Water Other



$0.00 $5,257.00 $8,407.11 $27.90 $595.00 $200.00 $866.50 $0.00 $1,103.04 $0.00 $444.30 $1,131.68

$0.00 $7,871.76 $5,489.48 $0.00 $1,089.96 $2,440.00 $850.62 $0.00 $1,360.20 $0.00 $399.75 $1,315.68

Total Expenditure SURPLUS/DEFICIT

$18,032.53 $4,814.65

$20,817.45 $12,418.37

BALANCE at 30 June


: September 3, 2012

Appendix 2 -

2012-2013 Budget
Proposed 2011/12 Actual Proposed 2011/12 2012/13
$9,678.00 $15,840.00 $4,774.82 $0.00 $2,943.00 $11,000.00 $16,000.00 $5,000.00 $0.00 $0.00

INCOME Fees (including insurance) Hall Hire Fundraising Grants Other $9,000.00 $10,000.00 $5,000.00 $1,000.00 $0.00






Vic Scouts - incl. Insurance (per member) Hall Insurance Hall Maintenance Hall improvements (incl. oven, kitchen, aircon) Hall roof loan repayments (This loan was finalised in July 2012) Electricity - annual Gas Water Group Leader expenses Scout section expenses Rover section expenses Cub section expenses Joey expenses Leader Training, Police checks, uniforms Hall renovation Other

$5,000.00 $800.00 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 $1,300.00 $1,800.00 $300.00 $300.00 $700.00 $700.00 $300.00 $700.00 $0.00 $475.00

$6,870.00 $1,001.76 $4,165.48

$8,500.00 $1,200.00 $2,000.00 $11,000.00

$1,324.00 $1,360.20

$219.00 $2,200.00 $0.00


$400.00 $0.00

$1,089.96 $2,440.00 $850.62

$2,000.00 $300.00 $800.00 $0.00 $300.00 $1,980.00













: September 3, 2012