About Bharatstudent.com young soul of India Bharatstudent.

com is an online social forum for young Indians living across the globe. Its core focus is in linking hearts and building bonds. Bharatstudent.com helps young Indians to understand and explore the world around them. It tries t o provide mutual help and support and strengthen the feeling of oneness among al l Indians. In short, Bharatstudent.com is one stop NIRVANA for all the young Indian souls. Social Networking Linking hearts and Building bonds With highest number of young people in the world, India enlivens to be the most happening country. Bharatstudent.com targets this demographic segment of varied age groups, interests, talents, aspirations, priorities, and ethos. India claims the world s most productive human resources with ambitious Students, Fresh gradua tes, loyal employees, Young Entrepreneurs, Loads of Artists, galore of talented youngsters in different walks of life. Each one - an Icon for themselves. Though each of these groups is independent, still have interconnectivity. They share a feeling of oneness. To join Bharatstudent.com, one has to be of Indian Origin and can join into a sc hool or work network, or they can join a regional network. Members can grade the ir schools or work places, write reviews, connect with old friends, Make new fri ends, share interests, join groups, send messages, write blogs, View videos, sha re photos and earn money. Campus TV campus is vibrant and so is the campus TV/As vibrant as your campus! Campus TV, your own TV channel, offers its members a vibrant platform for video sharing, viewing, reviewing the campus related and user created videos. Be it a College annual day, a corporate training session, or convocation day; see them a ll at Bharatstudent.com. the basic procedure is that the on campus members will upload videos of their respective places and share them for the people of their community or interest. Members can decide their videos for public or private bro adcast. The bottom-line is that you can earn money or get gifts when other membe rs watch or rate your videos. Bharat Café News, Views, Previews and Reviews A first of its kind in community portals, Bharat Café offers a galore of videos. Movie trailers, events, parties, Top-10s and more are available in different re gional languages. The members can watch videos, and update themselves with lates t news too. Study Abroad To fly is your passion; to help you fly is ours!! This unique and informative domain will cater to all the prerequisites of a stud y abroad aspirant. It educates students in 3 E s for overseas education i.e., Elig ibility, Exposure and Empowerment. We intend to guide the estimated 1 million I ndian students aspiring to study abroad in the crucial aspects of identifying th e right university, right course and right country minimizing the info-overload & confusion and ensuring a prospective admission. Bharathstudent.com stands by foreign education aspirants in training, the entran ce tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TSE and more, writing the sops, recommend ation letters, filing visa documents, visa interviews, culture sensitization, st udent loans, travel arrangements, pre-departure briefing etc. Our USP will be fo rums, news items and reports of teaching and research assistantships in popular departments of major universities around the world. The database of Indian students studying in major universities will be of great help for those who aspire to study in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and elsewher e. We guide the students in identifying schools that have lower tuition fees, an d have higher prospects for a financial assistantship. We also help the eligible students in student loans, part time jobs and travel arrangements. Campus Awards Bharatstudent.com provides a unique opportunity to its members for nominating th eir schools, colleges and work places for a national level award. Typically, the program constitutes a national level panel which will evaluate all nominations,

votings, ratings for the facilities and quality. Campus Representatives We at Bharatstudent.com believe that involvement of on-campus-students is the mo st important factor for the success of Bharatstudent.com and we plan to hire abo ut ample number of students in India and abroad as Interns to report campus happ enings and promote bharatstudent.com. With this network of campus representative s, Bharatstudent.com will be the biggest media network for Indians globally. Above all Bharatstudent.com is a web property of Axill Europe Ltd, a 400 million dollar company focused on Internet, the media transcending the digital boundari es of the Globe.