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Higher Diploma in Accounting Paper 8: Advanced Management Accounting

Time allowed: 195 Minutes ALL FIVE questions are compulsory and MUST be attempted. Answers to written test questions must begin on a new page. Ensure that each question is clearly numbered. Use both sides of the paper in your answer booklet. Formulae Sheet is provided with this examination paper. Submit all workings. Answer each question in black pen only.

Total Marks = 100 Distinction Marks = 80% Merit Marks = 65% Pass Marks = 50% DO NOT TURN OVER UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO BEGIN WORK This question paper must NOT be removed from the examination hall. You MUST submit this question paper with your answer script. OFFICE USE ONLY Total Marks: Grade
Documentation Reference: D:\BiMS\BiMS HDA\HDA Question Papers\H8_AMA_102011A.doc

H8: Advanced Management Accounting

Question 1: GEEWHIZZ

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(Total 20 marks)

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Question 2: New product

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(Total 20 marks)

Question 3: Cushair Designs

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(Total 20 marks) Question 4: Product RYX

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(Total 20 marks)

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Question 5: Boats and cladding

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(Total 20 marks)


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Formulae Sheet

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