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What are your comments on the Youth Training & Development trend now in Vietnam?

How Dale Carnegie Vietnam will be positioning itself within the key players? Firstly, Trends in youth labour force and youth employment are currently upward. At the same time, According to a recent report of the International Labour Organisation, the numbers of youth unemployment people have been also in crisis that government and industrial related sectors have to look after. This information indicate that Vietnam is the country where human resource is young-aging, energetic, innovative but there has been a gigantic number of them is untrained or not-well-trained. Most young people in Vietnam especially those are currently employed or self-employed start to think of something is really out-of-the-box and goes further from the degrees which had been taken from their universities or college such Youth Training & Development. It can be commented as not only fashionable but a really positive trend which gets human resource being more internationally professional to be able to work study and live in different backgrounds, cultures and business interests. However, some of citizens concern this movement as an expensive and unnecessary action as people in Vietnam have been thinking something out of formal educational institutions is not important and needed. Therefore, Dale Carnegie should first positions itself as a professional training center such INSIAD, LCCI, ACCI which offers on-the-job experience such as: communication, leadership, organization behavior which is based upon well-accredited research and philosophies that unfortunately almost both local and international universities have been unable to offer. Secondly, Dale Carnegie is not an ideal training center but also initiates and remains a worldwide professional network as networks are core value that almost all organizations look

Smart train and so on. Uptrend. Brainbox. London business school. Wharton treasure networking is wonderful keys to open all business horizons.forwards. to be competitive to other players in this sectors such as :CBAM. Last but not least. MIT. Dale Carnegie should make it‟s certificates as a must-have liaison which allow candidates being on top choices of employers . as Harvard. Indeed.

ACCI are top-ranked which is not really about academy such as: CBAM. those provide academic-based courses are much more preferred for candidates who searching for long-term courses (from 1 to 3 years and even more) and those institutions listed above have been well-known. I acknowledge there are 2 types of current and potential competitors  Direct competitors: Those offer non-degree courses such as: leadership. What are your initial and brief analyses of the possible competitors. negotiation and so on. Smart train. PTI and so on Those offer the mixes of hand-on. Brainbox.2. Top providers can be listed are: Dale Carnegie. Haiwaii Pacific MBA Vietnam and so on. PACE. organizational behavior. reputation. Gloucestershire-UK MBA (Nguyen Tat Thanh college). etc. California Southern University Vietnam. John Robert Powers. through certain industrial and market research. Dale Carnegie. About for-business training centers. Smart train. Regarding to reputation and services. management. LCCI. RMIT (RMIT university Vietnam). Uptrend. products and services. Master. in terms of names. FCI and so on.?(Please be as detailed as possible) Functionally (about product).  Indirect competitors: Those offer academic-based courses such : Post Diploma. experiential training with academic accredited certificates such as: ABE. Pre-Master and so on which give clients other ideas of career inspiration that Maastricht MBA (in the collaboration with technology university) Birmingham masters of Accounting and Finance (Banking university). PACE and John Robert Power are .

considered as a higher category due to the expensiveness of course. . worldwide institute‟s reputation and services which include trainers. center infrastructure and industrial accreditations.

Secondly. How are you going to develop your customers/accounts? There are certain sale methodologies as a consultant such me needs to acknowledge: Firstly. Last but not least. strategic events should be applied in both for-profit and non-profit sectors to approach more potential clients and increase market awareness upon Dale Carnegie. Yahoo. I enhance my ways of approaching clients by almost famous onlinechannels such as: Facebook. they will recommend Dale Carnegie pool of learners. Third. At the same time. I try to make the concept of Dale Carnegie related to those interested and ready to undergo MBAs in all over the world which promote that knowledge and experience from Dale Carnegie lead learners to be more competitive within applying or competing for MBA‟s scholarships. Skype and Twitter. Certain clubs have to be established to support Dale Carnegie‟s activities. I shall apply a fanpage in Facebook to get both potential and not-yet-potential customers acknowledged about Dale Carnegie and its reputation in both domestic and worldwide markets. . Especially. I will approach well-known businesses for a perfect collaboration with Dale Carnegie and especially get these‟s companies staffs understood about the importance of having Dale Carnegie„s training and the values they are going to have after the courses. Relationship management will bring us more and more clients. If we are qualified by a person or an organization.3. face-to-face skills have to be trained when I have chance to address Dale Carnegie„s consumers to be more psychological and approachable.

with my previous experience and your on-the-job training which help me to be faster in adapting new working challenges. Nonetheless. behavioral and psychological experience will assist me overcoming this very surface disadvantage. More detail. I am with the height of 155cm seems significantly hard in implementing the required job scopes. I believe my communication. “customer relationships” is my first difficulty of addressing this job. I will have to approach with different styles of clients those are with certain years of professional working experience. However. the ways of approaching will be much different physically and psychologically. I acknowledge physical condition is considerably important. Therefore. I went 3 years in education sector. my customers had been almost in highschool and student ages. What would be the difficulties/ disadvantages you would face if you are assigned this position? First of all. Additionally. when working with Dale Carnegie. Secondly.4. as a consultant. Nevertheless. Therefore. I m fine in building a very impressive image in clients since first approach and you will discover that when meeting me up. .

What are the outstanding contributions from you. Noticeably. . Dale Carnegie will know about that in much more detailed manners when meeting me up. I contribute my all to fulfill all required job scopes as promised. that as Dale Carnegie Vietnam. I do not really want to accidently over promise rather than try my all and with my best. as a Personal Development Specialist. we will be highly appreciated? As a Personal Development Specialist.5. the most outstanding contribution I can deliver in Dale Carnegie is my knowledge in organization and management as well as industrial relationships.

And lastly. . how do you expect the cooperation between us in a long-time run? A win-win relationship which makes both side happy as I am Seeking a challenging long- term employment with a well-established organization such Dale Carnegie where I m an asset to contribute to the company‟s development.6.