I don’t know from where I’ll start to write .there is many things to share. But one thing is most important which I wanna share with everyone. For which now whole world is suffering. One question is coming in my mind every time.

WHY THERE IS SO VIOLANCE FOR RELIGION MATTER. WHY ONE PERSON KILLS ANOTHER …WHY???? My voice is not for INDIA, it is for whole world. Because this is a big issue right now. Now everyone’s mentality is HOW TO SPREAD OUR RELIGION IN EVERYWHERE & SHOWS THAT WE & OUR RELIGION ARE GREAT. But I believe HUMANITY is greater than any religion. If there is no humanity then that religion is meaningless, which teach us wrong things, which teach us to kill other innocent people? Our religion teach us right path, but we the people utilize it bad ways believe no religion is bad, yeah we are bad. We may differ from person to person not from heart & mind. but for this religion we forget everything , we forget most important thing that is we all are include under HUMANBEING.first we include under HUMAN then we are HINDU,MUSLIM,CHRISTEN etc. Now scientists are already invented how earth was created “GOD’S PARTICLE” from that we can know how earth was created. We all came from one generation. But before that have you seen any god was there who divide us according to religion. Yeah we are the creator; we divide the whole world according to different geographical region & religion. But we all should respect others. HOW WE DEVIDE THE GOD:God is one. But they are different from place to place. According to their work. Let’s see the different religion. HINDU:We take LORD RAM, LORD KRISHNA, LORD SAI RAM etc as GOD we know about their great work from our forefathers & supernatural power. So we pray to him. & what our forefathers taught us we just follow them. CHRISTEN:We take LORD JESUS as GOD because of his great work & great thought. What he taught to the whole world. So respect them & take him as GOD. MUSLIM:We read namaj.

Like that other religions are there. We take LORD BHUDDHA, LORD GURU NANAK, etc as GOD. Because of their work & great thought what they taught us. But there all are also under the HUMANBEING. They never taught us how to kill others. So why we??? So why there is so violence regarding this religion matter, why we kill others. We all forget we are under the same earth , same sky , we take same water & air .let’s take whole world as one & we all are brothers & sisters .then how brother kill another brother Recently many things are happening here in ASSAM Muslims killed many HINDUS & in BURMA Muslims are killed. So why so much violence. IS a religion teaching their children to kill others, then that is worthless .because HUMANITY is first priority than any religion. No one teach us to kill others. Our whole world would be beautiful if we love each other & respect each other. We all should respect different mentality & their works. If these types of things will happen every day, then it’s sure our earth will destroy very soon. I WANNA SAY TO MY EVERY BROTHER & SISTERS LOVE EACH OTHER & RESPECT OTHERS THEN U FEEL WHOLE WORLD SEEMS TO BE ONE.

We all are human. We all have equal responsibility for our society. We all love our children. But we never think about them who are poor, who don’t get food for live also. Whom we torture very much U all may have seen when a little child beg us money we just ignore or scold him/her. But in another side we give extra money to our higher officers & clerk to do our work early. We the people who allows corruption. We allow the poverty also. When a child became thief or prostitute, first we are responsible for it, because we create environment for them but after that why we hate them & their work, we forget that they forced to do this beck abuse of the food. Too cold night, One day in my train journey my eyes fall on a child, who was trembling in cold. First I can’t mark but when I constantly saw him I mark that he was crying .so I came near to him & saw that he was suffering from fever. So I gave him one saal, medicine & some food. Still I feel shame on myself .because I couldn’t do more for him, he was too small. Now also tear falling from my eyes whenever I think about him. I astonished how other people couldn’t saw that or they didn’t want to help. Every year many children died like this because no one is there for them. Think people think. They are our future citizen if they are in this condition then how we expect our country will progress.

One thing we all can do we can educate them & make their life brighter. THIS IS MY VOICE TO WHOLE WORLD.I KNOW I AM ALWAYS RIGHT BUT I M NOT ALWAYS WRONG.SUGGEST ME IF I HAVE SOME MISTAKES .

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