This is something different kind of story, I always try my best to make my writing perfect, hope you all like it. Where love, emotions, suspense everything you can find.    Well, all of us love to listen stories from our grandmother & grandfather. Remember when we were child we all love to listen Ghost stories most, because children are more curious. but elders also love to read GHOST stories too.    Btw do you believe in sprite or ghost??? Yeah most of us don’t believe on this matter they all think this is totally fake & impossible. But I believe it is true & can be happen, and then many questions may arise in your mind why??? Right! Lets me explain you. When a person dies after that his/her soul/spirit goes to the heaven or hell according to their work as we all know, but I have not seen: D. But after their death some still present in earth .why they present??? As I know when a person die before old or he/she does suicide or sometimes we die without our want/knowledge <as nobody want to die, but I mean before old>. At that time that person’s spirit convert into GHOST, they stay in this earth after their death because to fulfill their dream or wish which he/she can’t fulfill. I believe SPIRITS are present , they have some magical power. They can do many things, they are invisible but they exist. Some are good & some are bad. We call bad spirit as GHOST. I have v.little knowledge about them .but I really against many blind believes which are associated with this. Till now also we all are suffering from some blind believe.yeah I believe spirits are present they also do the harm & they are omnipresent. We all know about “DOLL ISELAND”. Like that they can present any place.   

So here now I am going to write a story of a “TREASURE” .which took many lives, but one saved from there. How??? is there any reason present /any love story hide behind this/what …Lets know it ,just read this one. This is a different kind of story with new idea. This is purely imaginary; no characters are related with anyone, no such historical name or any historical person related with it, there was no history like this (how much I hv read in my school time) no copy from others, this is purely written by me & my original written.    An old woman named “MARY” who was 80-90 years old. She & her family were living in DELHI . She had 5 grandchildren & was a happy family. But MARY always sat in quit , she didn’t talk with anyone. Her only work was eating & sleeping. So her grandchildren didn’t talk with her, but one of her granddaughter ‘MUSKAN’ who loved her so much & she always wanted to know about her past except her neither anyone wanted to know about her past nor she told to anyone. May be some worst truth was present behind her everyday tear. But MUSKAN wanted to know about her past before MARY’S death & MARY also loved her so much due to her good behavior & care. So most of the time MUSKAN spend with her. One day she saw a photo of her grandmother after that she became so astonished many questions were rooming in her mind. She decided to ask her about this photo.  One day in summer vacation MUSKAN’S brothers, sister & her parent planned to go somewhere. But she decided to stay with her grandmother because she couldn’t leave her alone. One morning 10th December 2010 ‘MARY’ was so worried only tear drop fall from her eyes & wrote something on a copy. No doubt she couldn’t see anything properly but she wanted to say something

but she needed someone who would understand her heart & soul. So much pain inside her. When MUSKAN came to MARY’S room she couldn’t believe her eyes .she tried to know the reason behind her tear. At last MARY told her hidden story which she couldn’t tell to anyone.    It about 50 years back story. When she was a scientist in JAPAN, they research on the historical things. At that time they could know that “in INDIA there is a very precious metal which is hidden inside the soil of a palace”. Which is very precious metal in over the world, which could change the weather & that was as much as powerful like nuclear bomb, except this there were many advantages of this?  But it was inside ground room of the palace of RAJA – JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN. In a very young age he ruled over a big empire .he was a very powerful emperor at that time.. Except this he had huge knowledge on economics, art & philosophy also .under his emperor many developed towns were there, which were very mysterious society & whole world knew about his rules & ruled, religions, cultured & their life. it covered most of the place in northern INDIA spread over 0.5 mn sq ft km ,the INDIA’s largest empire at that time . He was a very good emperor & under him many KINGS are there but all loved him because of his kindness, helpful nature. His all cities were well planned at that time. At that time people had huge knowledge on martial achievement & best known as body work on stone or metal. That was the root of INDIAN knowledge & wisdom begins.

One day he was invited by one of the HINDU RAJA –KABIR at his daughter’s marriage. JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN helped him to save his empire, there for he was very much pleased on him. There he saw LILABATI, she was most beautiful princess at that time & clever also. For the first time he was fall in love with someone at his first sight.. She was the youngest daughter of KABIR. JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN was so impressed by her behavior also. No doubt at that time he could not tell to anyone but the fire of love gave pain to his heart every day. One day he came to know that LILABATI’S marriage was fixed with a Rajput who was also famous at that time, whom LILABATI loved very much. That news made him angry & he couldn’t control himself after listening this .Which killed him inside because for the first time he loved someone so much & till now what he wanted he got but this is the first time he was failed, he failed in loved? Which he couldn’t tolerate, at last time one of the KING from AFGANISTAN attacked to his empire .it was a very difficult time for him “one side his love” “another side his big & beautiful empire”. At last he choose his empire because his people was very valuable for him as he was very good emperor. Finally he won in the battle field but in the other side he lose his love. LILABATI was looking very beautiful in bride dress up. Still JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN didn’t lose hope to get her so from battle field he went back to KABIR’S palace. When JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN reached that place LILABATI’S marriage was going to complete which he couldn’t tolerate & he killed the LILABATI’S future husband & abducted her from KABIR’S palace. No doubt he got her but he felt guilty for that because how much he tried he couldn’t get her love. He always tried his best to make her happy still he couldn’t.

One day he decided to gift her something precious which she couldn’t forget & which could make her happy. There for he made a house inside the soil which was so beautiful & most important thing was that was made up of different very precious metal & which was lighted in the dark. Where anyone can see everything without light also, at that time he had made a KRISHNA & RADHA’s idol for her which was made up 20 different types of very precious metal & NAJA NAJA’S stone (which is on the head of the old naja).that was the very precious because of the metal & the way they attach them & anyone could displace the position of the metal attached. “ it was very much powerful which could change the weather suddenly according to displace the position of the metal inside it & it can take the whole power from sun & which can be used as to get the electric power how much you can”. no doubt it had many advantages which he wanna give his beloved wife but another side LILABATI was pregnant , this new was not known to JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN. He wanted to gift her on her birthday. He was the only son of his parents & LILABATI was his only wife. She was not happy with him as he was Muslim & another side she wanted to take revenge from him. At that time EAST INDIA COMPANY tried to captured whole INDIA, his first policy was DEVIDE & RULE. When EAST INDIA COMPANY knew about this they made friendship with LILABATI. One day they decided to kill JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN then it would be easy to capture the most of the beautiful & important part of INDIA. But LILABATI was not involved in this she wanted to take revenge but not to kill him. Because she knew that he loved her so much. One day EAST INDIA COMPANY made a plan, another side JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN came to know about the pregnancy report of

LILABATI he became mentally weak when he knew about this & he couldn’t forgive himself also. As he killed her loved one. At last he begged sorry before LILABATI & he told that “he is as happy as a new prince is coming” his one word changed LILABATI & her revenge changed into love. She felt sorry as she couldn’t understand him & his love. JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN was busy to celebrate for the new coming prince , but it was the best time for EAST INDIA COMPANY they cheated with him at last they killed him & told him that his wife send them to kill. Which he couldn’t tolerate & die with a very painful heart. They killed him in the room which he wanted to gift his wife.
Time which always just slips away and some memories will be left with yesterday Left with the days & tears A smile comes in my face When I think of you & Our cheerful days which making me delight for sometime However I can’t forget the past days The memories we made “I wish you remember me & our past days” Please remember the past days I wish a time will come When we will be together & Remember the Promises we made The time was yours and mine “I wish you remember me and our past days” Goodbye is the painful word for me to say But I have to say Because my time is over here However I’ll wait for you till your death

That room was inside the soil. Which was hide from others but its beauty show up outside at the night time. Another side LILABATI was so happy & she didn’t know about him, when she could know the death of JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN, she realized her greatest mistake &

she lost her beautiful palace & empire also. But she never breaks because she knew that for JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN his empire & people are very valuable so she fought for her empire & finally she was killed by EAST INDIA COMPANY. But they couldn’t get that precious metal made RADHA & KRISHNA’S idol. Because inside that JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN’s Spirit was there & after his death no one could enter his palace & neither could take anything from there.  After his death many rumors spread everywhere that may be JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN’s spirit was there or he still alive or some magical power was there for that palace was looking like the before 100BC. From that day no one go through that place also. Now that become a big forest &the city is far from here.  But MARY & other scientists didn’t believe this they believed that this may be blind believe of some people or it may be a best way to save this hidden treasure from any outsiders. So in her group 25 scientists were there. They observed this palace for one week by hidden camera. They felt nothing big difference , one thing they became strange how a big palace still look like new means no any damage or no change even if no big trees inside it ,it looked like just a new palace which was built before one or two days. In night time whole palace looked so lighted which lighted the whole palace even if the sides place nearer to it. They felt that it was the power of that metal; therefore the curiosity arise in their mind to know about the metal. So the team reached at DELHI & also got the permission from INDIA for research on that. But that palace was far from DELHI & a huge big forest was surrounds it. After reaching that

place they started their work immediately first they tried to open the front door of the palace but failed & the wall was so high so it was a very difficult task for them to go inside. Everyone was trying one day passed, at the midnight while other scientists were sleeping MARY was thinking about that palace & some thoughts came across in her mind like “maybe she came this place before but she couldn’t understand when??? she felt just like she is well known about that place but she couldn’t memorizing” which took her sleep .the next day also they tried their best but they couldn’t open it, so they search for any hidden door but they couldn’t get any clue .finally they reached in the conclusion that they have to take the help of a helicopter to reach inside the palace. In mid night while everyone was sleeping MARY memorizing everything about that palace but she couldn’t, which made her worry. At last she thought till now everyone had tried to open the door but she didn’t this time she would try. But it was fully surprising, when she touched the door of the front gate the door opened automatically, which made her surprise but it opened the door for other scientists for research, every one praise on her for her work. But they didn’t know that they were going to the death. When everyone entered the door closed automatically. But inside that no tower, no net was there. Which made them worry, they couldn’t understand how to connect with others, how they would give information. Finally they decided as they are scientists they have to do work for whole world so either DO OR DIE. The work was distributed by every scientist then they started their work. They had decided before the night they all would meet in the hall of that palace (the hall:-where the king took any decision, call all the meetings & dancers are dancing etc) the day was going to complete but nobody

could get that hidden treasure. Before the night every one reached at that hall except one .everyone was worried for him & searched him but couldn’t get. Every day one one scientists missing from their group. In this way in 23rd day only 2 scientists were alive –MARY & HIS HUSBAND JACK<who was the head among them> & they could not understand where was the other scientists. So how they could go from that palace, many questions were rooming in their mind. so they decided they would stay together .at 24th day they could get the HIDDEN TRESAURE where MARY felt she had came this place before & she became senseless ,when she opened her eyes she found her husband died ,which she couldn’t tolerate & cried so much  . At that time she felt some one was there behind her when she looked back she saw a person after that she memories this face he was JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN ,he told her he still here for his love & he believed one day she surely came ,she could understand that she was the LILABATI in her previous birth. But she told him to leave her as she was pregnant & she loved her child so much & she asked about other scientists why he killed them??? JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN answered “all are interested in my gift” means that metal which he had made only for his love how could he give it to others so he killed them & he hate cheat but the EAST INDIA COMPANY cheated him so how could he believe these scientists would helped him to make him free??? From that day he was there, till now also his spirit couldn’t go outside as he loved her so much & he also believed one day she surely came because he loved her truly & she surely helped him to make him free from this palace. So he stayed here from 100BC & waited for her when his love would come & he would show her his gift which he had made only for her & at last god listened him. But

now also he couldn’t get her as she was pregnant so he couldn’t kill her. Because he was a big heart person & till now also he loved her how much he loved her before so he couldn’t see the tears in her eyes. So Before he left her he told her to make him free & told her to keep some promises  1) She would stay in INDIA 2) She would take care of this treasure The night passed when she opened her eyes she found herself outside. No doubt she saved but she loose her 24 members & her loved husband.  From that day according to his promise she took care of that palace & which she couldn’t tell to any one because after the death of 24th scientists the government declared that place as NO ENTRY .from that day no one could go to that place except her.Now also if anyone go that place he/she doesn’t come come no doubt JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN was not there but the other dead scientists & many dead spirit were there. But they couldn’t do any harm to her.  After coming from there she became mother of 2 twin children .after that she managed her whole family in a very peaceful manner. No doubt JAHIN MUL HAK KHAN was died but his spirit was there in her house for her safety & he waited for her death.
The person made you realize where you see thousand dreams for the person you love

The one and only who could make you feel special you can fly a million miles to get your love you can stand against the stormed for that person You can see his love right through your eyes like a star revolving around the sun Tell me everything and anything you want and I’ll be here waiting whenever you come I got nothing left to lose because From my past till now I have you this love story I've started from you This life is higher than the tides the ocean brings love is like season which gives you special feelings in time to time Things may seem little different However this feeling this heart is still the same from now to till our death

After telling this story suddenly she fall down from chair. MUSKAN tried a lot but she neither told anything nor she took any food she became coma stage.MUSKAN gave this information to her parents but when they reached she already died. 10-dec-2010 she died at that day for the first time that palace was dark in night. 

Here after listening this story from her grandmother, there is a curiosity came in the mind of MUSKAN, so she decided to go that palace as she was studying that chapter but she didn’t know her grandmother was that history. So she decided to go that place for research with her some friends…. 

What will happen what would you think ???……………..will she die /a live & success…as her grandfather was also there….???? What you think….??? Please replay…   This is my different kind of story; I always like to write different kinds. I too love to write, either that may be poem or story. Writing not only gives me pleasure but also give me peace sometimes. My all poems & stories are my original. Neither I have listened from anywhere nor have I copied. What comes in my mind I just write it down? But I love my works what I have done it purely from my talent .so please don’t tell that I am copycat which hurts me. which I am not.I have tried my best to make it beautiful ,I am not so good writer but I believe I’ll become if my god will be with me & my labor & ur supports .   


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