Sure, they'll all tell you that the condition of 167 million Dalits in India is pathetic because of the

Caste system, but no one tells you what it is about the Caste System that made the Dalits what they are! They'll insist that only casteism is responsible for the plight of the Dalits, but no one will tell you that caste is not the only enemy of the Dalits. They'll mourn that the Dalits are a weak people, but they won't admit that they mostly pay motivated lip-service to the Dalits, while others use their plight for their own ends.

They'll harp about how bad the plight of Hindu Dalits is, but they won't admit the plight of Dalits in their own religious community. They'll scream about atrocities being committed against Dalits, but they won't tell you how the other low castes are used as foot soldiers in the violence and how the politician-official-casteist forces nexus presides over it all! They'll tell you that Dalits want to convert out of Hinduism, but they won't tell you that Christianity is not their intended destination as is being claimed by some. Believe it or not, but that's the reality! And there is a lot, lot more to the dalits than this and than you have ever been told! And yes, there is truth in what they say. Dalits are indeed in a terrible situation and the Caste System is indeed far, far worser than racism in its worst form. But that's only a piece of the story. The complete story is begging to be told.... ....the Dalit story about their origin, culture and religion, their thrice wronged women, their economic deprivation, their children, their search for a spiritual place, the exploitation of their plight, their conversion, the extremes of violence against them, their abject poverty and much more. ....the story about the origin, development, perpetuation, enforcement, code, justification, sanction, true present status and a lot, lot more about the Caste System.

... Learn The Whole And Unexposed Truth !
Whoever you are - layman, student, activist, donor, NGO, church, relief or government agency you are here because you want to know about the Dalits. You want to know what the noise is all about. You want to know the fact from the fiction. You want to know the truth . And as is very often the case with information, 'what you don't know entirely, you do not know at all'! You - and everyone else - has the RIGHT to know the complete and true condition of the Dalits, the expanse of the Caste System and everything else connected with the two before you get involved in it one way or the other. INTRODUCING Truth About Dalits, Caste System And Untouchability

What's Unique About Truth About Dalits? See Contents And Previews

The Truth About Dalits eBook is your single source to get a complete picture of the plight of the Dalits, Caste System and Untouchability. It is a product of extensive research and pursuit of facts, drawing from 'Manusmiriti' - the bible of caste conduct, 'Rig Veda' - the fountainhead of the caste system, and a plethora of scholarly and statistical sources, combined with the author's real-life exposure to the daily realities of caste. It extensively takes you right from the start of the Caste System around 1500 BC to the present pathetic state that the Dalits find themselves in because of caste discrimination. You get to know the Dalit problem, Caste System and Untouchabilty as it worked in ancient India and as it works out today, minus all the hype, confusing and contradictory information put out by all and sundry. A complete departure from the usual Dalit writing, Truth About Dalits delves deep into the Dalit question and the Caste System from multiple prespectives, covering 83 different topics, illustrated with 29 exceptional photographs. Truth About Dalits provides irrefutable evidence and traces the roots of shocking Dalit problems, be it atrocities and discrimination, educational backwardness, unemployment, conversion, pitiful condition of dalit women, religious identity et al., and then objectively analyzes the current situation.

Through its pages, Truth About Dalits also reveals the very rarely talked about shocking elements about the Caste System and the plight of the Dalits.

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