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..A story feature. A story feature... By Eesha Srinivas Eesha Giggles' journey will continue next month.... .

Planets. second to none No pollution. no plastic. no waste All still in nature's good taste A Holiday in Space is a good time to pause And see God's creation as it was! .By Careena I once took a holiday in space In God's own magic place Galaxies full of shining stars Seemed like racing silver cars My space shuttle sped in the dark skies Through the planets that looked like pies Asteroids. and their moons Dancing companions all these toons But never to get in each others way They are forever friends to stay Circling the mighty fiery Sun A magical sight. Comets.

.By Eesha Srinivas My sister was full of guilt Just looking at the sand castle I built.... Eating out of golden plates that shine! And when the princess begins to dance. But really! I think it was just fine! My castle had a room where the king and queen dine.... 'Coz she felt it was not as good as mine. It sends all onlookers into a trance! Eesha .

. By Aditi Elassery Eesha ..A story feature.

...Part III By Eesha Srinivas Eesha To be continued.

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She lives in Auroville-India.This simple. The food there is completely vegan. yet delicious recipe is from the kitchen of our friend Osher Shanthi. . Osher loves cooking with her mother and comes up with new and delicious recipes all the time. in a community called Sadhana Forest.


I am always centre-stage! . Of course on this page. I also catch fishes For other penguin's dishes. Breakfast or lunch Or maybe a brunch.. I do not like puffle round-up It's too much of a sound up! Most of my days end with club penguin plays.Club Penguin is so good better than my favourite food! The penguins' feet are shaped like the web Of a spider I saw called Little Deb! I play hydro hopper at the dock And go to the forest and sit on a rock..

When my name was called.. My parents gave me a hug As we stood happily on a deep red rug. .By Athena How was your Prize Day? Mine was great! I must say. I was so proud To hear my friends shout and cheer aloud. I won a prize in Art For drawing a bright horse cart. They took a picture of me Holding my prize and painting on my knee..

That was quiet as a mouse.By Arun R There once were three bears She ran out and met the who would never hurt a three bears hare.. Who were stamping on sand and returning to their They lived in a house lairs. to play. cream She saw the house and stepped on a louse. one day. She impolitely went in and tripped on a bin. The girl let out a scream And then. Where to? The bears just didn't care! . With a scream she fell And let out a yell! Still screaming. That curdled the bears' Along came a girl. she fled from there.

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For my first act. why are you running away from your own fake fire?! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! It's not Magic fire..It's real actual fire! Run!! RUN! WHAT?! SPLASH! Yay Passpartout! The fire is out!! Passpartout! Are you OK? Rain! Rain! Happy 2009 Everyone! ... Bravo! Fire! What?! Aaargh! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Tidbit. I will pull a raindrop out of my hat! By Eesha Srinivas And now.