OOAD NOTES UML Visual modeling tool that enables system builder to create blueprints that capture standards

in an easy-to-understand way and provides mechanism to effectively share and communicate this with others.

CLASS DIAGRAMS OBJECT Instance of a class “common name” Multiple objects Group of things that has some attribute and some behavior Format, value, nullable, data type [schema]

USE CASE STATE An object at any given time, an object is in particular state Behavior (description from a user’s standpoint)

SEQUENCE Interaction of objects with one another

ACTIVITY Within a use case or system behavior Steps involve in a particular use case

COMMUNICATION Interaction diagram among objects

COMPONENT Components of a particular system with several parts

DEPLOYMENT Physical architecture of a computer-based system

2.New Diagrams (v. error]  Association o 2 or more objects are related to one another 1. hiding from the user’s side  Message Sending o When a particular user… o ! ? X [information. Unidirectional Obj  Obj2 2. PERSON  TV PERSON = PERSON . More than one direction Obj = Obj2 Ex. confirmation.0)  Composite Structure o Models a class internal structure  Interaction Overview o Same with activity diagram  Timing o Duration of the sequence from and object to another o Transition  Package o Includes the organization of all the elements in a diagram Different Object Oriented Concepts  Abstraction o Many possible attributes but not all are applicable  Polymorphism o Many forms o Same name but different class o Same operation  Inheritance o Superclass. subclass  Encapsulation o Information hiding o For security.

1 version Current – 2.0 version Object Momt.0 version Association  When classes are connected to other conceptually Customer serves transacts Bank Teller Jeep Computer Tricycle LRT . Group Late 1997 – 1.A class can be associated with one another class PERSON  Aggregation o Occurs when an object is made up of a combination of different types of objects  Composition o A strong aggregation o Dies out before the composite dies Brief History about UML - Three amigos: Grady Booch James Rumbaugh Ivar Jacobson UML Conversion 1997 – 1.

Object connects to another object. Multiplicity – denote the number of onject and class that can relate to one object of an associated class Qualifier: reservation number  Unique identifier (attribute) Reservation List 1 * Miami: Team .State-U Or College University or Private Class between 2 classes Player Team Contract Player Manager A link is an instance and association.

Planning and Initiation 2.Reflexive Association A class is in association with itself * Driver Car Occupant 0.4 passenger Inheritance and Generalization Dependencies One class uses another class System diplayForm() Form Aggregations Animal Amphibian Vertebrae Invertebrae Frog SDLC 1.. Analysis .

6. 2. 4. 4. vision. Enumerate all problems b. Development Testing Implementation Maintenance Deliverable – serves as input to the next phase MVGO Plan  Proj Perceive|problem|desire Real World Problem: Recurring Happens the achievements of the companies (mission. objectives) To determine the root cause: 1. Machine Money Manpower Methods Moment Slow time I – information 2. Pareto Principle (80:20 rate) a. goal. Solve the first 20% of problems . 3.3. Rank/prioritize (put a weight) c. 5. Ishikawa Diagram(fishbone) Many students Server down PUP “singit” system 5 M’s of Management 1. 5.

Joint Application Dev’t 3. P10 SWOT Analysis Solution Soln 1 Soln 2 Soln 3 S W O T Would possibly solve rest of the problem Information Gathering 1.P1 P2 P3 .Use of technology Formal method Involves all the management side Minutes of meeting . Teleconferencing . Brainstorming 2. . .