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Hotel Tall Pines A Case on Recruitment

This case is mainly about the initiation of recruitment process explaining the major hurdles faced by the management in recruiting the staffs and also the location and design of the hotel. Gordon McGregor is the manager of Hotel Tall Pines. The grand opening scheduled for May 1 made it very important to bring his full staff on board and get them trained and operational quickly. He had brought in most of his managerial and supervisory staff over the past six months. Gordon had also been involved in the planning of the hotel for about two years. Corporate management was interested in launching a new concept in hotels and had chosen the city of Riverton, located in the suburbs of Roosevelt city, a major city in the southwest which had been growing dramatically. Riverton had been especially aggressive in its plan to attract new industry with the creation of an economic development committee. Corporate management saw the opportunity to fill a position in the suburbs because of the lack of hotel and conference space. The Hotel Tall Pines building had also been controversial about the design. However, the support from the city council and the mayor dissolved the opposition quickly. Since they require qualified personnel for making the hotel ready to open on May 1, Gordon hired Natalie Sharp for the position of directors of personnel. To fulfill her task, she came up with the plan where she had convinced the concerned companies to arrange a Job Fair on February 15 at a local school. It was aimed towards attracting candidates and also to conduct a screening session by offering packages like: Blue cross Paid vacation Pension plan Onsite job training Educational benefits

The data provided by the local government showed high rate of unemployment in that area which supported her belief that large number of people would apply for the various positions. Beside this she also planned to attract the pool of candidates from larger metropolitan area through advertising campaign. Based on this planning they were very optimistic that they would be able to attract huge number of candidates for 315 positions.

Problem Analysis:
From the case of Hotel Tall Pines, it was found that there were mainly two reasons behind the failure of the Recruitment Plan. Those problems are illustrated as follows: Problem with Transportation: Since Hotel Tall Pines is located in Roosevelt city from the south on the Westside of Riverton with no direct transportation, many people faced problem while travelling. They raised a concern regarding whether the Hotel Tall Pines would provide them with the transportation facility. The travelling to a far place would have a higher cost in terms of time, money and energy. Also, they would be psychologically affected as they worked far away from home. Problem with wage scales: The introductory wage salary was minimal and it was same for both the skilled and unskilled workers. This discouraged the pool of candidates to apply for the job because the unskilled workers with some experience found it difficult to believe they would start at minimum wage. They claimed that other regional fast food chains were paying above the introductory wage salary of Tall Pines.

Besides these, Hotel Tall pines did not focus on the Advertising strategies to attract a qualified pool of candidates rather they focused their advertising campaign only towards the larger Metropolitan Area. They neglected the advertising campaign in the local region due to which the local people were not attracted towards the Job Fair. The location of the job fair was not convenient as per the requirement of the candidates outside Riverton.

After analyzing the problems of Hotel Tall Pines, we have found that its main problem is that people are not willing to work for Hotel Tall Pines. We have focused basically on the four issues. So, we have come across with the following recommendations. Advertising Campaign: The Hotel Tall Pines has been focusing only on the metropolitan area and has ignored the local area. So, they need to focus on the advertising campaign in these local areas as well. It should direct towards Roosevelt City and Riverton with focus on benefits of working at Tall Pines. By doing so, they can attract a pool of candidates to apply in the hotel. The advertising campaign may include advertising in the newspapers, hoarding boards, pamphlets, booklets, participating in different events and so on.

Upgrade the wage scale: Since the wage scale of Hotel Tall Pines is not very attractive for the applying candidates, so it should upgrade its wage scale. They should make additions to minimum wage for entry-level jobs in order to be competitive. There is necessity for incentive pay to retain good employees. Transportation system: It is very difficult for the employees to travel to the hotel. Therefore, there is necessity for assistance to workers coming from both inside and outside Riverton in particular because of their reliance on public transportation. Cooperation with public agencies: Hotel Tall Pines should cultivate relationships with a number of agencies to identify other pool of applicants.

Based on these recommendations, we believe that the existing problems in the hotel would be resolved and they would be able to attract and hire the right candidates for the required positions.