THE NAME SHOWN IN PALAEO-HEBREW Many of us are searching to and fro, and knowledge is increasing. Men’s traditions are shaken when a seeker of Truth discovers the Name: Isaiah (YeshaYahu) 42:8: “I am ‫ ,יהוה‬that is My Name, and My esteem I do not give to another, nor My praise to idols.” Jer / YirmeYahu 20:9: “Whenever I said, ‘Let me not mention Him, nor speak in His Name again,’ it was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones. And I became weary of holding it back, and was helpless.” When I first read those words about 25 years ago, they jumped-off the page at me. I felt the same thing in my bones, and His Name is jumping forth out of the “bones” of His entire body, the assembly of Natsarim today. It’s very much like a fire in our hearts, because it’s His Spirit, literally His “SHEKINAH”, the tangible “nesting place” of His Name, which He has put into us. Yahusha’s Spirit is given to us to guide us into all Truth, so we detect the lies mixed with truth when we hear them. Most false teachers try to put us off the scent by claiming “the pronunciation of the Name was lost”, or they simply teach us it is “too holy to pronounce”. No teaching in Scripture supports either of these claims, since we have many witnesses to the contrary, such as these: Isa 52:5, 6: “ ‘And now, what have I here,’ declares ‫‘ ,יהוה‬that My people are taken away for naught? Those who rule over them make them wail,’ declares ‫‘ ,יהוה‬and My Name is despised all day continually. Therefore My people shall know My Name, in that day, for I am the One who is speaking. See, it is I.’” (He’s speaking in His body, the Natsarim - See also Ez 39:7) Jer 23:26, 27: “Till when shall it be in the heart of the prophets? – the prophets of falsehood and prophets of the deceit of their own heart, who try to make My people forget My Name by their dreams which everyone relates to his neighbour, as their fathers forgot My Name for Baʽal.” (BAAL is translated directly into English as “LORD”) The enemy seeks to “blot out” the Name, and distort it enough so everyone will have doubts about it. Here’s a recent communication from a sister that has been

in pursuit of how the Jesuits were involved in the conspiracy to conceal (blot out) the true Name:
QUESTION: Lew, In one of your articles you explain the Hebrew acronym from Yemach Schmo U'Zikro taken from the Talmud and how it went from Yeshu to Iesus but then you said that Jesus is the work of the Jesuits. So my question is how did it get from the Talmud to the Jesuits?

Dear sister, Thank you for asking this. It’s another smoke screen / stronghold blocking many from getting to the Truth. The Hebrew roots of the faith and the true identity of the Mashiach of Yisrael are down-played by the messengers teaching their flocks to stay away from the Torah. His Name and His Word are exalted above all (Ps 138:2). The Talmud uses a spelling “Jeschu”, really “Yeschu”, which is explained through closely-guarded channels such as the various Orthodox sects to represent the acronym, YESHU, standing for the Hebrew phrase, Yemach Shmo U’Zikro, “may his name be blotted-out”. The oldest Greek spelling for the Name of Yahusha would be IESOUS, standing in place of the original Name spelled Yod-Hay-Uau-Shin-Ayin, which is the same spelling in Hebrew for the man called “Joshua” (another distortion, but slightly better than IESOUS). The first 3 letters of the true Name are Yod-Hay-Uau. Clement of Alexandria (a circus father) happens to be the least errant of the lot in my opinion, and he transliterated Abba’s Name in Greek using the letters IAOUE, indicating the “YAH” in the IA, and the OU as a means of rendering the “U” sound, resulting in “YAHU” + E (ah). At the time of the Reformation (1600’s), the Catholics, as well as the “Protestant” Catholics, spelled the Name of Yahusha IESU, since the letter “J” had not yet caught on. The Jesuits’ primary function was to fight against the rise of those who were learning the truth about things, and “indulgences” for sins was the ignition point. This was a militant “Order” known as “Regimini militantis ecclesiae”, meaning “to the Government of the Church Militant". The first edition of the KJV spelled Yahusha’s Name, IESU. The original name of the Jesuit Order was, and still remains, SOCIETAS IESU, interpreted as “Society of Jesus”, abbr. “S.J.”. Note the similarity with the secretive acronym, YESHU. The “SH” is simply rendered as an “S”, and the letter “I” really represents the Hebrew letter Yod; but the Greek promotion of the texts is vital to the Jesuits, so the letters “I” and “S” were used by them. The circus fathers despised the Natsarim, and knew they had the message of MattithYahu as it was originally written, in Hebrew. The Name is vital to exposing the theft of Yahusha’s identity, so the dragon promotes the Greek. The acronym YESHU based on the Talmudic form, and the Jesuit form IESU are the same, since the unbelieving Yahudim seek to bring shame on their rejected Mashiach. The meaning of the acronym, YESHU, is revealed only among

themselves. The anti-missionaries and the Jesuits serve the same master, the dragon. That’s why the spellings IESU and YESHU are so similar; both point to the same source. I don’t criticize or judge anyone for being at a level of understanding the revelation of the Name, so if they promote “YESHUA” it only indicates they are aware that “JESUS” is an error. That’s a first-step away from error. There are more errors to overcome, and we must be loving rather than divisive about everything. By my teaching “YAHUSHA”, some have been very unkind toward me, although I’ve found it used 216 times in the TaNaK using five Hebrew letters cited above. One time it is spelled “Y’SHUA” (Neh. 8) with four Hebrew letters (Yod-Shin-Uau-Ayin), and in two places it is spelled “YAHUSHUA”, using six Hebrew letters. There is a DVD study on this topic at: THE NAME - THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE

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