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Perhaps it is advisable to state that the word “ cate* chism" in the title of this booklet must be understood in its true, broadest sense; that is, a brief series of in* structions by questions and answers. The catechism, as a means of interrogation and examination, is age-old, from the time of ancient Greece until our modern day. In its limited sense it has been commonly associated with certain religious movements, because they have popularized it as a means of instruction. It is entirely erroneous, however, to associate the meaning of cate' chism with any sect, creed, movement, or school. The object of our Catechism is to make available to every Rosicrucian certain concise, authoritative answers to questions that may be directed to him. W ith the expansion of Rosicrucianism through the efforts of its loyal, sincere members and students, thousands are be' coming acquainted with the name of the Order; through curiosity or genuine interest they ask numerous direct questions of Rosicrucians. If the answer given is to do justice to the Order, to the member, and to satisfy the interrogator, it must be simple and complete; it should be in accordance with the statements made in official Rosicrucian literature and publications. The questions set forth here are the ones most com' monly asked of Rosicrucians about the Order. Every Rosicrucian has had the answers given him either in the public introductory books of the Order, or in his lee* tures, and most likely he is thoroughly familiar with them. The advantage of this Catechism, however, is that it does not oblige the student to refer to his papers and books for the exact wording. Furthermore, when the student replies to a question, such as is contained in the booklet, he has for immediate verification this official brochure of the Order. The interrogator will then realize that the student’s reply is exact and not dependent on memory nor a possible erroneous personal interpretation of statements made in other literature. 3


(A M O R C )
Rosicrucian Park S A N JO S E , C A L IF O R N IA , U . S. A.

The “ Rosicrucian Catechism " is published in compact form so as to be easily carried about and available at all times; if it is not, its purpose is defeated. It is not intended to supplant the complete public introductory literature. W hen replying to any questions that are contained in this Catechism, the student should always secure the name and address of the questioner and inform him that he will have more complete literature sent. Then he should send the name and address of the questioner or inquirer in to us and we will see that one of our public introductory booklets is immediately forwarded. The Rosicrucian student should, of course, give the inquirer any of the little booklets or leaflets he may have secured from the Rosicrucian Extension D e' partment. In conclusion, the Rosicrucian Catechism is merely to supplement all other literature and to provide the Rosi' crucian student with direct replies to all ordinary ques' tions pertaining to the Rosicrucian Order. This Cate' chism is N O T IN T E N D E D T O BE G IV E N T O N O N ' M E M B E R S, but to be kept by the Rosicrucian student so that H E C A N A N S W E R N O N 'M E M B E R S ’ Q U E S T IO N S . It is not a secret publication, however, and you may show it to anyone. The Catechism is divided into six general divisions, and each division is numbered and named. In addition, each division is subdivided into several questions pertaining to that sub' ject with their brief answers, making it simple for the Rosicrucian student to reply to all general questions.



What Are Rosicrucians?
A fraternity in the truest sense. A brotherhood of men and women studying the higher principles of life, familiarising themselves with nature’s laws as expressed in the arts and sciences. They do not deal with specula' tive philosophy but search for such knowledge as will help them H E R E and N O W . The object of the frater' nity is to perpetuate the wisdom of the sages and to bring man closer to the Cosmic scheme of the universe so that he may live a more useful, happy, and abundant life. The Brotherhood is non'sectarian and teaches such truths of life as are necessary to free man from ignor' ance, superstition, and mental bondage. The investi' gation of these profound mysteries results in greater happiness, health, and individual progress to the mem' ber, depending on the way he applies the knowledge to his own life.

W hat Does the Name M ean?
The word “ Rosicrucian” is Anglicized from the ancient name of the Order, Rosae Crucis. Literally translated this means, of the Rosy Cross,” or “ the Rose and Cross.” The rose and cross constitute the ancient symbol of the Order. The cross is not to be confused with any religious cross, as it was used as a symbol for centuries before Christianity. Allegorically, the cross represents the body of man with arms outstretched. The rose in the center of the cross represents m an’s soul in the process of unfoldment during its confinement in the body.

What Does " A M O R C " Mean?
The ancient name of the Order in its Latin form is “ Antiquae Arcanae Ordinis Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis.” Translations and abbreviations of .this name 5

are used in various jurisdictions to meet the different tongues. In America and other English-speaking coun­ tries the name is shortened to “ Ancient, Mystic Order Rosae C r u c i s F o r the sake of greater brevity, the initials o f the words are used; thus, A. M . O. R. C. (see also question above).

Is It a Lodge?
The Rosicrucian Order is a fraternity organized simi' larly to all other non'sectarian, educational lodges. Its members, however, are students, and through their affiliation they receive training in special knowledge which aids them in their various vocations and assists them spiritually as well. It is duly chartered and env powered by the laws of the land to function as a lodge. Thus, every Rosicrucian is an affiliate of the Rosicrucian Order.

judice or preference. The spiritual essence of Bud' dhism, Confucianism, Mohammedanism, is equally appre* dated by the Rosicrucian who is tolerant and broad in his view point. The Rosicrucians recognize the spiritual mastership and all'sublimity of the avatar, Jesus the Christ. M any outstanding personages of the Christian clergy and of other faiths are members of the R osi' crucian Order, A M O R C , and find in its teachings naught that conflicts with their faiths.

Can Men and Women Be Members?
The Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , has always been a tolerant body. It permits of no race or sex prejudice. One of its fundamental tenets which has never been altered is the equality of the sexes. Throughout phe ages when, at different periods, sex inequality was pre' dominant, like a shimmering ray of light in the dark' ness was the induction of women into the Rosicrucian membership on an equal status with men. Since the object and purpose of Rosicrucianism is to develop a civilization that will permit of greater knowledge and ncedom to the individual, neither sex could logically e denied membership or participation in the studies.

Is 1 a Religion ? +
The Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , is absolutely non' sectarian in its teachings and practices. The Rosicrucian Order is not attempting to promulgate a new religion or to supplant those now in existence. W ith members in every civilized land in the world who are followers of every creed, the Organization could hardly be sec' tarian without doing an injustice to the personal beliefs of some of those members. Regardless of one s concept tion of G od, or his interpretation of sacred literature, he can enthusiastically subscribe to the Rosicrucian teachings. The teachings of Rosicrucianism will bring man closer to his religion than ever before, so long as he has an open mind and a sincere desire for further light.



How Old Is Rosicrucianism?
The history of the Order must be divided into two distinct divisions: Th at which we may call “ tradi' tional” , and that which is truly historical. The first comes to us through the ancient symbology, rituals, and by word of mouth. The second is that which is sup' ported by actual writings and records to be found in the various branches of the Order throughout the world. The traditional history deals with the formation of the present, physical body of the Order during the reign of the Egyptian pharaoh, Thutmose III. He be'

Is It Christian?
If, by Christian you mean prescribing to some Christian sect or religious movement, then the answer is “ N o .” The Rosicrucian Order is not associated with any movement or organization other than its own. The Rosicrucian teachings, however, do incorporate the pro' found principles to be found in sacred Christian teach' ings. The infinite truths of all sacred literature necessary to man’s personal advancement and spiritual progress are earnestly studied by the Rosicrucians, without pre' 6

came ruler upon the deposition of his father, Thutmose II, in 1500 B. C. Traditional history further relates a decided change in the doctrines of the Order during the reign of Amenhotep IV , in 1355 B. C., who was Grand M aster of the ancient body. Thus, traditionally, the Order dates back to 1500 B. C. The complete traditional and chronological history of the Order is to be found in the book entitled. “ Rosicrucian Questions and Answers with Complete History of the Order, by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Ph. D ., which is available in the main public libraries of any of the larger cities and towns throughout the world.

may also be secured directly from the Rosicrucian Sup' ply Bureau in San Jose, California, for $2.00, postpaid. 1 contains, in addition to the history, a series of per' 1 tment questions on the Rosicrucian teachings and prac' ticca. One may, however, write direct to the Rosicru' i inn Order, A M O R C , San Jose, California, and receive a complete, fascinating, descriptive booklet, free and without obligation, concerning the Rosicrucians for m erely the sincere request.

Where Are the Rosicrucians Mentioned?
Eminent writers, philosophers, educators, and his' have for centuries referred to the organised body of men and women known as the Rosicrucians. In fact, many persons prominent in the advancement of the arts and sciences have been officers or members in the Order in their respective countries. A complete bibliography of references to the Rosicrucians would be an enormous volume in and by itself. It will suffice lu-re, however, to give these few references: The writ' intfs of Prof. Bolland; Richelieu’s “ Memoirs o f P. G tin tier” ; “ The Rosary,” by Arnold De Villanova; the numerous published works of Michael M aier and of Robert Fludd; Thomas de Quincey’s “ Historico'Critical Inquiry Into the Origin of the Rosicrucians” ; C. W . Heckethorn’s “ The Secret Societies of all A ges and Countries.”

When Did It Come to America?
The Order first came to America in 1694. In the fall of 1693 the first Rosicrucians started out in an especially chartered vessel called, “ The Sarah M aria, under the leadership of Grand M aster Kelpius who was connected with the Jacobe Bohme lodge of the Rosi' crucians in Europe. They reached the city now known as Philadelphia, and to which they gave that name in the first months of 1694, and built many buildings in what is now known as Fairmont Park. The brief facts here are taken from the ^>ok by Mr. J. F. Sachse, who was an heir and descendant of the first Rosicrucians to establish an official branch of the work in the United States of America. He was also historian of the Penn' sylvania Grand Lodge of Freemasonry. The book was published in 1895, under the heading of “ The Ephrata M anuscript,” or “ The Legend of the W issahikon. This information is to be authoritatively found in the Li' brary of Congress, W ashington, D. C. (also see ques' tion above).

What Is the Extent of the Order?
The Rosicrucian Order is represented in all civilized lands, either by the individual students or by a grand lodge of some jurisdiction of the Order. The world is divided into jurisdictions; over each jurisdiction there is established a grand lodge recognized by its true name, nymbol, and signs, and by all other affiliated grand lodges. Each grand lodge may grant charters to sub' ordinate bodies within the limits of its own jurisdic' tion. The Order in the North American jurisdiction has members in nearly every town or city in Canada, United States, Mexico, and their possessions. There arc also subordinate lodges or chapters in the larger

Is There a Complete History?
The complete history of the Rosicrucian Order is available in all main public libraries of the larger cities and towns throughout North America. The title of the book is, “ Rosicrucian Questions and Answers with Com' plete History of the O rder,” by Dr. H . Spencer Lewis, F. R. C. The history reads like a fascinating tale of fiction, but it is woven with detailed facts. This book

cities of these countries. The membership o f the Order in N orth Am erica numbers many thousands.

Where Is the Headquarters?
The headquarters for the Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , in the North American jurisdiction, is located in San Jose, California, U .S .A . A t San Jose, the Grand Lodge of the Order presides over the administrative, doctrinal, and ritualistic work of the O rder for all countries and possessions embraced in its jurisdiction. All matters pertaining to Rosicrucian membership, studies, teachings, literature, or activities should be di' rected to the Grand Lodge of A M O R C , the Rosicrucian Order, at San Jose, California, U .S .A . This is the established headquarters of the Order for N orth Am er­ ica, and is so recognized by all the foreign jurisdictions of the Order.


he. He can learn to master his destiny, to create his en' vironment. A Rosicrucian does not await the treasures that may be showered upon him by any fickle “ Fate,” but with his own mental powers and through the use of his God'given inner, spiritual attributes creates in his own life the things of which others dream. Through the teachings of the Rosicrucians he comes to know that wealth and personal power are but steps to an end. T hat end is happiness and peace of mind, not at a distant place or time, but in the immediate here $md now. He is shown how to bring into his own life those material, necessary things that afford him such comfort as will result in his devoting further time to his spir' itual unfoldment and to the solution of the mysteries of the world around him. This knowledge is revealed to the Rosicrucians in lectures, manuscripts, charts, special magazines, personal advice, guidance, and in' struction. The student is shown how to maintain health, prevent disease, and conquer the obstacles of his daily life. (A lso see second question below.)


Can I G et the Same Information Out of Books?
The profound knowledge contained in the archives of the Rosicrucian Order has never been published in books. Though the Rosicrucian Order, through its de' partments of publication, publishes many books of an interesting and instructive nature, these books D O N O T C O N T A IN the private Rosicrucian teachings as extended to the Rosicrucian student. There are no books procurable anywhere with the complete Rosicru' cian teachings and principles or spiritual law.s contained in them. The Rosicrucians have always held that before the teachings can be extended to a seeker, he must first indicate his worthiness and sincerity by test and trial. T h at is, he must become duly initiated as a mem' ber. The mere purchase price of a book would not be sufficient indication of one’s right to such wisdom* Furthermore, if the teachings were in book form, publicly circulated, they could not be constantly im' proved and kept in advance of the knowledge of the times as are the private manuscripts received by the Rosicrucian member and student. 11

W hat Benefits Are There?
Sooner or later, every man or woman realizes that though they may be part of some vast Cosmic scheme, they have somehow the right to direct their personal lives, that they are possessed of life and an intelligence and if they fail to exercise this inner intelligence they become mere human puppets. The one who fails to realize this inner consciousness resigns himself to cir' cumstances as he finds them; he calls the blunders of his ignorance “ fate” . He accepts life as oxen chained to a yoke, driven by a master he does not comprehend, pulling a load imposed by his own servitude, and traveling a road where salvation is death. Rosicrucianism permits man to know of his dominant mental faculties; it helps to quicken his consciousness. Through the help' ful, personal, private teachings of the Rosicrucians, man may better his position in life, no matter what it may 10

Besides the Studies, W hat Privileges Are There?
There are numerous articles the student receives in addition to his lessons, and there are certain unique services he receives which are not available in any other school or fraternity. He receives a large, monthly magazine containing copies of rare mystical paintings, with inspiring articles as well as practical discourses on subjects that he can use daily; he receives technical but simply'understood charts on various subjects relating to his studies and his life; he receives a series of personal exercises and experiments to conduct, which demon' strate the various principles of the teachings; he is put in unique Cosmic contact with the congress of minds of thousands of other men and women who are studying as he is; he is under the guidance and direction of capable teachers. The organization has, for his use, various departments of service, such as the W elfare Department, Advisory Department, Department o f Re* search, and others. The organization does not offer social benefits or insurance benefits, as that does not conform to its objects; nor does it charge large initia' tion fees or dues to provide for such purposes.

tion to any form of fanaticism, nor does it mean extreme changes in one’s mode of living. It means the actual studying of a systematic presentation of nature’s laws and principles. Rosicrucians must be students, not mere affiiliates by the purchase of a book or attendance at occasional desultory lectures.

Is It All Spiritual or All Practical?
Rosicrucianism recognizes man as the dual function* ing of two forces; namely, spiritual and material. The first expresses itself in soul, mind, and consciousness; the second, in body and matter. T o be balanced and normal, man must not concentrate all of his efforts on either of these two phases of his being; therefore, Rosi' crucianism is not alone interested in the spiritual well' being of man in some future realm, but is also con* cerned about his health, his material happiness, and his achievements h&re and now, in this world. Rosicru' cianism instructs its members and students in the mastership of life and the fulfillment of their fondest dreams. By the proper use of the infinite laws on this plane of reality, man may be assured of his spiritual attainment on a higher plane. Thus, Rosicrucianism is not a speculative philosophy or the idle discussion of theories, but is the learning and comprehension of established Cosmic laws and their application to the problems of life. Rosicrucianism is for the man and woman of today as well as tomorrow.

How Are Its Advantages Superior to Those of Other Metaphysical Movements?
There are certain features about the Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , that have always made it distinctive among movements of higher thought. The following are but a few of these virtues: It is undoubtedly the oldest movement for the betterment o f man, culturally and spiritually, from a non-sectarian view point. Its teachings and principles are not the personal viewpoints or dictates o f any self-appointed leader or dicta­ tor, but are prepared by a competent staff of teachers after test and examination by thousands of members. The organization, as an institution, is well established with facilities available to every member alike, regard' less of creed, sect, race, or sex. The member is at liberty to retain his personal religious convictions, and freely may sever his connections w ith'the Brotherhood at will. The practice of Rosicrucianism means no devo' 12

How Do I Become a Member?
By first addressing a letter to the Rosicrucian Exten* sion Department, San Jose, California, U .S .A ., and ask' ing for a free copy of the book, “ The W isdom of the Sages.” This book will explain in detail about the Rosicrucian Order and how you may become a member and student. Accom panying the book there will be an invitation to affiliate with this world'wide body of modern-day thinkers. A fter reading the book, if you still wish any further information, again write to the above address. A n y member of the Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C, will gladly explain how you may* affiliate with the Order. 13


IV .


W hat Are Its Teachings?
If you will read the free book, “ The W isdom of the Sages,” or other interesting, free, Rosicrucian literature, this will be explained in detail to you. The following are but a few of the many, many subjects included in the inspiring, practical lessons and studies of the Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C : The control of forces in the human body and around it through the proper use of mind; explanation of dual forms of consciousness; the functioning of the brain, mind, and soul in man; the law of vibrations; thought formation; harmonics; the direction of thought in connection with fundamental laws of nature for health; the use of natural principles to alleviate physical suffering; a review of the ancient mystical and spiritual teachings of all ages; explanation of false beliefs about black magic, hypnotism, and other misleading principles; the duality of life; relationship of mental and spiritual power; the false illusions of matter; methods to master situations in life— business, personal, and otherwise.

not to be publicly circulated. The member is at perfect liberty to make known the fact that he is a Rosicrucian and that he is studying the worthy principles of the O rder. But the actual manuscripts received he is obliged to keep private. However, the Rosicrucian is obliged to use the knowledge learned in aiding everyone he can. The grips, passwords, certain tokens and symbols are secret. The Order, however, as an institution and organization, is well known and is not secret as far as its general activities are concerned.

How and When Do You Receive the Studies?
The lessons are issued in private, typewritten form, simply worded, in large type. Accom panying the lessons are the necessary charts and diagrams, and certain exercises for the student to perform so as to demonstrate the laws revealed. Thousands of men and women in all walks of life have found these lessons simple, alluring, practical, and beneficial. The studies are graded according to subject to make it easy for the student. They are sent by first-class mail weekly in a large, sealed envelope, postage paid, to the student in a systematic manner. The student sets aside a weekly period for his “ lodge night at home.” There are also helpful examinations to determine the student’s stand­ ing and progress in the studies.

Does It Require Strange Methods of Living?
The Rosicrucian Order is not fanatical in any sense. It enjoins no strange methods of living or thinking upon its members, nor does it cater to the uneducated or gullible. The Rosicrucian is known for his broad view of life, his earnest investigation of nature’s laws, and his happy and successful way of living. The Rosicrucian, from his first M andam us to the last lecture he receives, may live in a normal way, no different in appearance from any other sane, intelligent, progressive person in his community.

Are the Teachings Contrary to the Church?
A s Rosicrucianism is not a religion or the exposition of a new creed or dogma, its teachings are not offensive to any religious sect. In the ranks of membership of the Order throughout the world, every religious belief is represented; prominent clergy and members of the out­ standing religious denominations have been Rosicrucian students for years without a lessened avowal of faith in their religious affiliation (see Division 1— “ Is it a religion?” ).

Who Prepares the Lessons?
The lessons are prepared by a staff of master teachers. From month to month they are constantly improved to keep them up to the minute with the findings, dis­ 15

Are the Teachings Secret?
The Rosicrucian teachings are private. They are intended alone for the member and student; they are

coveries, and elaborate experiments on the part of the highest officers and members in this country and throughout the world. The lectures at no time con' stitute the personal belief, faith, or theories of any one person, self-appointed teacher, or director. Thus the student receives a symposium of tried and tested facts and laws.

How Does One Know the True Rosicrucian Order?
There is but one Rosicrucian organization in America which is part of the international body with representa­ tion in the European Rosicrucian Congresses. Th at one body is the A .M .O .R .C . It has a United States patent on the name of the Order, “ A .M .O .R .C .” It can al­ ways be recognized by these initials and by the true symbol of the Order— a cross with a S IN G L E red rose in the center. V arious so-called Rosicrucian bodies in America use different names, and to avoid misrepre­ sentation use a symbol consisting of a cross with several roses or other simulations of the true, ancient, symbol. Therefore, bear in mind that the Order never uses the names Rosicrucian fellowship, Rosicrucian society, Rosicrucian fraternity, or Rosicrucian center. It has but one name, The Ancient, Mystic Order Rosae Crucis (O rder of the Rosy C ross). The initials are, we reiterate, A .M .O .R .C ., which are used for brevity; always watch for them.

V V v.


Are the Rosicrucians "Personality" Followers?
The Rosicrucian Order does not look forward to the coming of world masters or personally-appointed teachers or leaders. The Rosicrucian is a student of Cosmic principles and laws; his guide is his wisdom, his understanding of God, and his personal faith. There are no supreme personalities that Rosicrucians are asked to recognize or blindly pay homage to. The lessons are the preparation of many and not of one; therefore a Rosicrucian is the student of principles— not the follower of an individual’s opinions or of a personality.

Does Rosicrucianism Forbid Eating M eat?
The Rosicrucian teachings do not forbid the doing of anything that is decent, proper, and healthful. It is not a reformative movement, nor an “ anti” movement of anything that is sane, sensible, and common to proper society. Its teachings explain that the eating of meat does not, as some fanatical sects claim, have any effect upon the spiritual welfare of the student; nor does the eating of anything else that does not disturb the har­ mony of the body and cause ill health. So long as one indulges conservatively in the eating of meat or any­ thing else, he may be assured that it has no effect on his spirituality. Jesus the Christ and other great avatars partook of flesh, as recorded in sacred writings.

W hat Is Its Relation to Freemasonry, Theosophy, Christian Science?
The Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , has always been an independent movement and is not the outgrowth of any other school, movement, religion, or fraternity. Furthermore, it is not related to or associated with the honor­ able Freemasonic body, the Theosophical movement, or the Christian Science church. The fact that many R osi­ crucian students are members of these other bodies does not in any way relate Rosicrucianism to those other movements, any more than would the^ occupation of a Rosicrucian member relate that occupation to Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucianism, however, is in harmony with every other organization that is legitimate in its activi­ ties and constructive in its objects. 16

Does Rosicrucianism Conduct Fortune-telling, Astrology, and Crystal-gazing?
The Rosicrucians conduct as part of their studies no form of prognostication or divination. Fortune-telling, crystal-gazing, and kindred practices have never been advocated by Rosicrucian officers and masters, nor have 17

they ever been suggested in any lesson, ritual, or literature of the Order. A Rosicrucian realizes that the present i^ N O W and the future is not predestined, but is in M A N ’S M A K IN G . M an is master of his life, not a slave to a system of fatalism.

Is It a Commercial Organization?
Since the organization is chartered by the laws of the country as a non-profit organization, it implies that it has no stock-holders, share-holders, and pays no divi­ dends. It further implies that the entire revenue re­ ceived in the form of dues and fees must be used to further the work of the Order, for the erection of buildings, paying for printing, postage, and clerical help, preparation of lessons, and numerous other exten­ sion expenses. Thus, no one person or body of persons can possibly derive any commercial advantage or per­ sonal gain from the revenue of the Order (see answer above).

Is There Any Relationship to Spiritualism?
Rosicrucianism is not associated with any other movement or school. Its students have naught to do with spiritualism as a movement or a doctrine. A Rosicrucian may be associated with any other system of study he may wish; but the Order denies membership to those practicing mediumship solely for commercialism. Sincere investigators of spiritualism are not banned, but as far as that is concerned, neither are investigators of archaeology, biology, eugenics, Christian Science, or any other subject which is not included in Rosicru' cianism.

W hy Are Dues Charged?
The dues have nothing to do with the instruction work. They A R E N O T P A Y M E N T S for lessons, but for membership with A L L OF T H E P R IV IL E G E S IT A F FO R D S. Some means must be devised for the pay­ ment of monthly rent, electric lights, and general operating expenses. In the instance of those who desire instructions in a personal way by correspondence, it is necessary that some means be had to defray postage, stationery, typewriting, printing of forms and literature, and in addition to this there is the investment in auto­ matic machinery for addressing envelopes and mailing, there is the filing of reports, and a large staff of assist­ ants necessary for the answering of correspondence. Nominal monthly dues constitute the logical manner of taking care of this. Since it is the student who receives the benefit of these numerous things, certainly it is reasonable that he should proportionately share the slight individual expense. Furthermore, one must realize that the Rosicrucian student is not obliged, as in some schools or fraternities, to make constant additional pur­ chases to carry on his studies, because the Rosicrucian membership includes everything needed, such as m aga­ zines, charts, and diagrams. One may see, therefore, that the dues are for the purpose of meeting the ex­ penses, not of the teachings, but of sending them in all 19

V I.


How Are the Rosicrucians Organized?
The Rosicrucians are organized as a lodge. The Order is chartered under the laws of the state and country as a non-profit corporation. A s a fraternity it operates in a manner that perpetuates the ancient Rosicrucian tra­ ditions and teachings. The world is divided into various jurisdictions, and in each jurisdiction is a grand lodge, empowered to establish subordinate bodies. The subor­ dinate lodges or chapters have their administrative and ritualistic officers. There is also what is kn oyn in the North American jurisdiction as the N ational Member­ ship, permitting thousands of students to take the full studies of the Order in their own home (see Division 1— “ W hat are Rosicrucians?” ). 18

their complete form from the central source to the student. T h us everyone, regardless of wealth or posi' tion, shares alike and is not shown preference.

W hy Is It Some Schools Claim a Voluntary-donation Basis?
There are numerous organizations throughout the country who make pretentious claims as to their operat' ing solely on a donation basis. However, an investiga* tion by an unbiased student soon determines the obvious difference between that system and the system of the Rosicrucian Order. One finds that for his voluntary donation, which may be from 25c to $5.00 a month, he receives nothing but affiliation with the organization, with perhaps an occasional single'page mimeographed monthly letter which, even at the donation of 25c a month, would be all out of proportion as far as value is concerned. Further investigation reveals that the or* ganizations claiming “ voluntary donations” oblige the students T O B U Y , S E P A R A T E L Y , N U M E R O U S B O O K S W H IC H C O N T A IN T H E L E S S O N S . Also, the student is obliged to subscribe extra for the m aga' zine of the organization. In other words, the books, magazines, and all necessary materials A R E N O T O N A V O L U N T A R Y D O N A T IO N B A S IS . Therefore, the claim of “ voluntary donations” is entirely mislead' ing and unfair. In the course of two years, a person making voluntary donations merely to be affiliated with an organization and then in addition obliged to pur' chase separately all his books, charts and magazines, finds that his studies have cost him considerably in excess of the money spent by the student of the Rosi' crucian Order, A M O R C , who pays nominal monthly dues and has everything included.

W hat Is the Extent of the Headquarters and Its Activities?
A t Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, California, the head' quarters of the Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , for North America, there exists a large administration building in which there are numerous departments and a large staff of assistants and secretaries. Some of these departments 20

are for recording, some for correspondence, and some for executive and administrative work. The O rder con* ducts one of the largest mailing departments on the Pacific Coast, as it receives and sends out one of the largest mails on the Coast. The organization maintains what is known as the Rosicrucian Press, which is the largest printing establishment between San Francisco and Los Angeles. There is an unusually attractive Egyptian and Oriental museum building containing many rare relics; there is a large auditorium known as the Francis Bacon Auditorium, seating hundreds of persons. This auditorium is finished in beautiful M oor' ish design and is used for public lectures and for the annual Rosicrucian Convention. The grounds are beau' tifully landscaped, and there is erected on them a stone replica of an Egyptian pylon and Temple. Perhaps the most appealing of the structures at headquarters is the magnificent Supreme Temple of the Order, in true Egyptian architecture. It is here that all special and mystical contacts are held. There are in addition large radio towers, radio equipment, art room, studio, library, and reception rooms. A s to its physical structures, it is undoubtedly the most elaborate headquarters of any organization of its kind, created solely for the benefit of its members. The organization carries on a dignified advertising campaign in the leading newspapers and periodicals throughout the world. It broadcasts over the better'dass radio stations throughout North America with a program of beautiful music, instruction, and mystical periods of meditation. It disseminates to the four corners of the world over four million pieces of attractively printed and interesting free literature, per' taining to the organization yearly. The Rosicrucian books and the monthly “ Rosicrucian D igest,” as well as other Rosicrucian publications, are presented free to every large public library throughout the world. The Headquarters is open daily to visitors, and receives many thousands of persons each year. In all large cities of the world it maintains subordinate bodies with read' ing rooms and Temples. 21


W hat Governs the Officers and Methods of Activity of the Rosicrucians?
The Order pays allegiance to and observes the ancient traditional principles of the Order. It is governed by its constitution and statutes which all officers and mem' bers are obliged to respect and uphold. All matters within official cognizance and concern of the Order are divided into three classes; namely, doctrinal, ritualistic, and administrative. Furthermore, the Order operates in accordance with the laws of the country under which it is legally chartered. Copies of the constitution are available to every member and may be seen by nonmembers on proper request.

W hy Is It Suggested That Rosicrucians Study at Home?
Individual progress must come only through indi' vidual endeavor and effort. M ankind, as a species, ma? be gregarious and choose to be in large gatherings, but the development of his character, the improvement of his mind, and the betterment of his life must come through personal preparation and study. There were thousands in the past and there are thousands in the present who are superficially interested in self-improvement. They go to public lectures and large gatherings continually to hear another think, plan, and express himself. But they, themselves, never put into private practice the things they hear, nor do they ever advance beyond the side-lines of life. Rosicrucianism develops students—-not in name but in practice. Like the mystic, philosopher, and student of old, the Rosicrucian member makes a corner of his home his sanctum, his study, his Temple; and there, in an environment of his own mak­ ing, he aspires to his fondest hopes. The student who studies at home is sincere and determined; he is not swayed by personalities and external, inconsequential impressions, nor is he confused by a myriad of opinions. He is given the opportunity to exercise and express his own inner self. 22