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Biological filters are an important part of the biosphere:


Ostroumov S.A. Biological filters are an important part of the biosphere // Science in Russia. 2009. No. 2, p. 30-36

published in: Science in Russia, 2009
Reference: Ostroumov S.A. Biological filters are an important part of the biosphere // Science in Russia. 2009. No. 2. P. 30-36. [The journal Science in Russia is published by The Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences, both in English and in Russian; Nauka Publishers, Moscow; ISSN 08697078., ©Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium; Editor-in-Chief: Academician Rem Petrov; among the members of the Editorial Board: current President of the Russian Academy of Sciences; ex-President of the Academy; ex-President of Moscow State University; Vice-Presidents of the Academy.]

BIOLOGICAL FILTERS ARE AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE BIOSPHERE S.A.Ostroumov Abstract: Studies of ecology of living organisms lead to a more profound understanding of the intricate processes of the Earth’s biosphere functioning. The mankind is still far from establishing harmonious relations with it. However, permanently progressing destruction of natural complexes by the technogenic civilization necessitates some new revolutionary approaches to their preservation. That is why it is so important to study the relationships and interactions between living organisms. One of the most important roles in this “orchestra” is played by numerous invertebrates which filter the water and improve water quality. To what degree chemical pollutants modify their capacity to do this vital ecosystems service?
KEY WORDS: filter-feeders, suspension feeders, bivalves, Mercenaria mercenaria, synthetic, surfactants, substances, that, inhibit, the, filtration activity, mussels, Mytilus edulis, Peter Donkin, grant, proposal, European Environmental Research Organization, algae, Isochrysis galbana, mussels Mytilus edulis , anionic, surfactant, sodium dodecyl sulphate, SDS, tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide, cationic surfactant TDTMA, turbidostat; culture, rotifers, Brachionus calyciflorus , feeding on algae, Nannochloropsis limnetica, ecotoxicological, hydrobiological, and management considerations, water quality, biosphere, global change, V.I.Vernadsky, pelagic, benthic systems, ecosystem's, biomachinery, water quality, self-purification potential, in, aquatic, systems, suspended matter, faeces, pseudofaeces, nutrient cycling, water column, benthic habitats, Suspension-feeders, natural, aquatic, remediation, systems, negative, anthropogenic, impacts, new, effects, pollutants, filtration, rates, Solyaris, Tarkovsky, Stanislav Lem, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Black Sea, Crimea, Sevastopol, Santa Fe, ASLO, SIL, Berlin, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Coulter counter, zebra mussels, Dreissena, heavy metals, carbon, biogeochemistry, phytoremediation, combating pollution, synecology, theoretical ecology, theoretical biology, sustainable, development, stability, regulation, limnology, biological oceanography, environmental safety, mariculture, oysters, how much water do the mollusks filter?, ecological chemoregulators, ecological chemomediators, toxins, pheromones, antifeedants, decreasing, trophic, activity, of, animals, phytoecdisones, carbon transfer, atmospheric CO2 , dissolved CO2 , photosynthesis,

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