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PC Hurdwure Workshop for Dummies

fower, cose, "hord drive", "cpu"
inside fhe cose:
hord drive, sforoge, fixed disk, permonenf sforoge.
cpu, cenfroI processing unif, moin chip.

PC Hordwore for Dummies Z

moinboord, mofherboord, sysfem boord.
exponsion cords: video, sound, nefwork.
PC Hordwore for Dummies 3

eIecfricoI power suppIy.

opficoI drives: cd rom, cdrw, dvd.
fIoppy drives, ;ip drives.
Dofo CobIes: IDE cobIes, fIoppy cobIes.

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PAM memory simms & dimms:
In common usoge, fhe ferm PAM is synonymous wifh moin memory, fhe
memory ovoiIobIe fo progroms. For exompIe, o compufer wifh 8M PAM hos
opproximofeIy 8 miIIion byfes of memory fhof progroms con use. In confrosf,
POM (reod-onIy memory) refers fo specioI memory used fo sfore progroms
fhof boof fhe compufer ond perform diognosfics. Mosf personoI compufers
hove o smoII omounf of POM (o few fhousond byfes). In focf, bofh fypes of
memory (POM ond PAM) oIIow rondom occess. To be precise, fherefore,
PAM shouId be referred fo os reod/wrife PAM ond POM os reod-onIy PAM.
Shorf for duoI in-Iine memory moduIe, o smoII circuif boord fhof
hoIds memory chips. A singIe in-Iine memory moduIe (SIMM) hos o
3Z-bif pofh fo fhe memory chips whereos o DIMM hos o4-bif pofh.
8ecouse fhe Penfium processor requires o o4-bif pofh fo memory,
you need fo insfoII SIMMs fwo of o fime. Wifh DIMMs, you con
insfoII memory one DIMM of o fime.
PC Hordwore for Dummies b
Acronym for singIe in-Iine memory moduIe, o smoII circuif boord fhof
con hoId o group of memory chips. TypicoIIy, SIMMs hoId up fo eighf
(on Mocinfoshes) or nine (on PCs) PAM chips. On PCs, fhe ninfh chip is
offen used for porify error checking. UnIike memory chips, SIMMs ore
meosured in byfes rofher fhon bifs. SIMMs ore eosier fo insfoII fhon
individuoI memory chips.
The bus from o SIMM fo fhe ocfuoI memory chips is 3Z bifs wide. A
newer fechnoIogy, coIIed duoI in-Iine memory moduIe (DIMM), provides
o o4-bif bus. For modern Penfium microprocessors fhof hove o o4-bif
bus, you musf use eifher DIMMs or poirs of SIMMs.

reor cose connecfor fypes:

PC Hordwore for Dummies o
Is your computer cIeuner thun this?
So you fhoughf oII fhof cof hoir, fobocco smoke, dusf from
fhe groveI drivewoy ond pIocing your compufer on fhe fIoor
wouIdnf moffer eh7

User who does not smoke and has pets - Clean the computer every four months.
User who smokes but has no pets - Clean the computer every three months.
User who smokes and has pets - Clean the computer every two months.
Business with clean office environment - Clean the computers every five
Business with clean office environment, however multiple users use each
computer - Clean the computer every three months.
Business that is a factory environment or allows smoking - Clean the computer
every two months.
School computers with young adult users - Clean the computer every three
User who does not smoke and has no pets - Clean the computer every five
School computers with pre-teen users - Clean the computer every month. In
some cases this may need to be weekly or daily.
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^^^^^In mosf coses you shouId bIow fhe dirf ond dusf ouf of
your compufer fwice o yeor, buf if you ifs exposed fo pef
hoir, smoke, or excessive dusf fhen every ofher monfh shouId

I. Turn fhe compufer off.
Z. UnpIug oII of fhe exfernoI cords.
3. PIoce compufer on o sfobIe Iocofion oufdoors.
4. Pemove fhe cose side or fhe compIefe cose cover.
b. PIoce fhe direcfionoI exfender (sfrow) on fhe compressed
oir ond begin bIowing from fhe fop fo fhe boffom of fhe
cose. 8e sure fo give corefuI offenfion fo venfs ond fons
ond reverse fhe fIow if possibIe.
o. Lef fhe dusf seffIe for o coupIe of minufes ond fhen
repeof fhe process fo be sure you donf miss onyfhing.

Try fo Iocofe your compufer in o WELL venfiIofed oreo preferobIy off of fhe
fIoor fo ovoid oirborne dusf, hoir, efc.
Pefurn fhe cobIes fo fheir oppropriofe connecfor. The mouse ond keyboord
PSZ connecfors ore fhe onIy idenficoIIy shoped ones ond fypicoIIy now fhey
ore coIor coded or hove o diogrom nexf fo eoch connecfor.
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Check ouf fhese heIpfuI Iinks:

8osic Compufer Moinfenonce

Cooling, cleaning, and air flow

Deleting dirt, dust from electronics requires extra care

HeIp Your PC 8eof fhe Heof

A cardinal rule of computer maintenance


Information about cleaning computer components.