Dr. Ing.

Florin Munteanu
Born on March 27, 1952, in Braşov; B.S. from the Polytechnic University, 1976; Doctorate in Sciences: Industrial Engineering; specialized in applied complexity science in engineering, econophysics, geodynamics and environment, as well as policies for integration into education of the informational and communicational technologies. Member of the Academy of the Scientists from Romania, Scientific Secretary of the Geonomic Sciences Department. Correspondent member of the Academy of Techical Sciences from Romania, Associate professor within the University of Applied Sciences of the Polytechnic University from Bucharest. Senior Researcher and Scientific secretary of the Unesco Chair in Geodynamics – Romanian Academy. Founding President of the Center for Complexity Studies – UNESCO center, the main promoter of the complexity science paradigm in Romania. Initiator of the research programs developed under the general program NEXUS (open projects) and coordinator of some fundamental and applied research programs within national and international programs such as: the complex study of the geodynamic area Vrancea – Romania si Reunion – The Indian Ocean, unconventional technologies (the design and production of equipment for magnetoforming, laser cut of the materials, magnetic control of the electric arc at joining with plasma, etc. ). Founder of the youth training program for a scientific career in complexity science, program that includes the joining of the emotional and rational intelligences. NEXUS-T network, developed nationally, includes universities, highschools and secondary schools for the assurance of the continuity of the educational process, aditionally with a special program of cognitive development and initiation, necessary for intuition development and for the abilities of integrating transdisciplinary the information from the surrounding environment (the Gaia model) . Author of numerous scientific articles published in specialized journals nationally and abroad, of a series of articles in reviews for popularizing science and newspapers such as Curentul, Jurnal de Bucuresti, and author of the book “Seeds for a Different World”, Nemira Publishing House. Areas of specialty: Consultancy and mentoring for training in the human resources for a knowledge based economy (mind building). Designing and production of the technical and conceptual framework for the transfer of knowledge and forming the specific abilities for working in interdisciplinary teams, capable to operate efficiently in a “stormy” economy. The coordination of the activities for continuous personal development through specific techniques for a continuous learning.

E-mail: florin@complexity.ro

“The true meaning of history in any universe is the becoming of the Consciousness ”
M. Draganescu, Consciousness society, 2007

We live in a world governed and driven by competition. The fear of not being a loser, the angst of not being left behind, the stress of the daily ‘rat race’ and of the increasing demands in almost any job, are all very familiar to everyone. In the last decades this fear has been significantly changing the priorities in our lives, and, slowly, by extension, slowly modifying the very scale of values in our society. One no longer has time to reflect on his or her own life, to savor the beauty of nature, to give a hand and find out the silent inner joy of being a help or support for someone else who is in difficulty. All these are no longer intrinsic parts of our lives, but have rather become a luxury that gradually is no longer afforded even by those who have succeeded in life, let alone by those at the periphery of the society. We can easily conclude that we live in a world confronted with a profound, general and global crisis, a crisis generated by financial, economical and social instabilities and which is further aggravated by additional predicaments, such as the energy, the ecological and the climatic crises. We should all agree that the current way of life, dictated by a consumerist approach and driven by competition, is no longer sustainable in the long term, both at individual and global scales. The unwillingness to change, the political myopia and social inertia cannot continue, or life on Earth – as we know it today – will be seriously jeopardized. A very first step in our search for answers and solutions is to re-visit the history of Earth’s various cultures, from the ancient ages to the present. This could provide us at least with some clues regarding the changes we are about to make, or should be making pretty soon. The wisdom of the ancients, who had both their mind and hearts open, and for whom intuition and not intellectual constructions predominated, could hopefully enable us to generate a holistic vision that may enable us to solve our actual conundrum and provide stability for the entire planet. The wisdom of bygone eras and forgotten civilizations could help us see our challenges in a new light, allow us to utilize our present scientific knowledge in a new way that could unravel a fundamental mystery: namely to understand how Life and Humanity appeared on this planet. From this point of view any information would be valuable and useful in our quest for answers and solutions. Any myths, any visions held by any present or past people, nation or civilization may prove to be a crucial missing puzzle piece, a key indicative vector towards unravelling the above mentioned mystery. Therefore, we shall first focus on myths and archeological evidence specific to an Eastern European area less known to the general public.

Situated between Orient and Occident, the region at the center of which now lies the modern state of Romania can be considered as the bridge between two worlds, between two complementary approaches and mentalities: the pragmatic and the holistic approaches, respectively. Metaphorically, we can compare this region with the corpus callosum of the human brain. Just like its anatomical analogue which connects the two cerebral hemispheres and enables communication between the right and left sides of the brain, this geographical region in Eastern Europe is the link between Gaia’s ‘hemispheres’, connecting the ‘left’ side (rational, analytical, pragmatic, formal; key aspects that manifest and represent Western culture & nature) with the ‘right’ side (synthetic, emotional, artistic, meditative, phenomenologic; key aspects that manifest and represent Oriental culture & nature). This strategic intermediate position between two geographical, mental and spiritual attitudes, have made this particular region extremely important and gave it a special meaning for the ancient wisdom and prehistoric ‘sciences’.

We shall explore together the prehistory and ancient history of this realm which has been acting as a vital link between East and West. For example, the writings of Tartaria – among the oldest written documents, dating back four to five thousand years, as documented by archeological evidence – and their extremely abstract and profound symbolism might demonstrate that there are special places on this Earth where universal information, the Logos, is manifested explicitly.

The sanctuaries of Sarmisegetuza
The presentation will explore the sanctuaries of Sarmisegetuza (the capital of ancient Dacia) which were considered sacred by the

Dacians, the inhabitants of the above mentioned territory which connected East & West. The Dacians believed in the immortality of the soul and had a monotheist religion whose central figure was Zalmolxis. I shall explore the legends woven around the personality of Zalmoxis, especially because of an interesting connection he apparently had with Pithagoras, which had been mentioned in the writings of Herodotus.

All this information outlines a fact that was actually present in all the cultures of the mankind, as Mircea Eliade has shown in his works as well, namely that the so called primitive people were highly aware of a Spiritual world, of a path of initiation leading towards a final and ultimate fulfillment as a Universal and Spiritual Human Being. However, the gradual ‘immersion’ in an increasingly material world has made mankind wander further and further away from these teachings and our goal, enabling the individual to find and to fulfill the real meaning of his existence. As a result, today mankind has to deal with the multitude of crises that were mentioned previously, and which are closely approaching a dangerous threshold point of no return. In order to be able to survive, mankind has to awaken and rise from this torpor and remove the chains of this charm of the Material and of “life’s pleasures”. Instead, we have to redefine our society, our economies and our mentality so as to rediscover the profound significances and hidden meaning of our Being, to realize and live the value of Awareness and consciousness made manifest, of the “joie de vivre” understood from a spiritual, or at least more elevated, point of view which rediscovers the joys of life as well as inner happiness and inner peace.

The Thinker – Hamangia (3500-4000 BC) The golden bracelet (1st century BC)

"The characteristic mistake in the study of consciousness is ignoring its essential subjectivity and trying to treat it as an objective phenomenon“
The contemporary, ‘modern’, vision we have today about the world and about ourselves is evidently flawed (since its application has led to so many grave crises). It obviously is unable to provide a sound and coherent conceptual foundation necessary for a truly objective approach, study and explanation of the subjective phenomena, such as those related to Life and the human being, or mankind in general. Terms like ‘intentionality’ (defined by the on-line Oxford Dictionary http://oxforddictionaries.com/ as “the quality of mental states -e.g. thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes- which consists in their being directed towards some object or state of affairs”), ‘qualia’ (defined by the same website as “a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person”), ‘awareness’, ‘consciousness’, ‘transformation’, ‘mind’ and ‘mental’, etc., are not part of the vocabulary used today by scientists. Today’s science and technology is focused either on the increasingly detailed study of physical reality shaped by forces, fields and quantum particles, or on the pragmatic immediate application of research and scientific knowledge for marketable products and ultimately for profit. Nevertheless, the unprecedented explosion of know-how since the 2nd World War, especially the development of computers and perfecting new and efficient methods for the investigation of physical reality, enable us today to more successfully attempt an analysis of Life in general and of the Human Being in particular. Unlike past attempts, this new analysis can be carried out from an informational perspective, and models like those generated by great thinkers like David Chalmers, Mihai Draganescu, Humberto Maturana, and Basarab Nicolescu would be elementary building blocks in erecting a new paradigm in which, or with the help of which, the subjective and ever elusive dimension(s) of the Human being and the Mind can be explained rationally.


In this

suggested framework, allow me to propose you to become an active part in our adventure in the search of such knowledge. I shall share with you elements from my own studies, in order to hopefully find among you new partners willing to share with me this fascinating adventure of exploration. An example in this direction is the presentation, which I will make on the topics of dowsing and radiesthesia (biodetection) analyzed from the perspective of Chaos Theory, chaotic resonance and communication by chaotic oscillators synchronization. It may sound too abstract and not in the least familiar even to those with a college education, but I believe that we must always put some effort to improve ourselves and elevate our minds to the level of Nature’s complexity, not the other way around, to view Nature through the prism of simplifying laws/views. And, after all, one can find introductive courses of nonlinear physics, fractal geometry and chaos theory even in Romania’s high school curricula.

Another very captivating and intriguing topics of discussion are ‘tesigraphy’ (‘controlled/directed crystallization’) and Pfeiffer chromatography. Both these techniques can be used as objective scientific methods for the analysis of environment quality, food quality, and water quality, as they go beyond a simple chemical or bacteriological investigation. In order to justify the theoretical notions used in my explanation, I shall also present – avoiding the excessive use of equations of graphs – a few ideas related to the concept of ‘Geometry of Nature’ introduced and formalized by Benoit Mandelbrot, which is presently known as fractal geometry.

Pythagoras is one of the most interesting and puzzling men in history.
Bertrand Russell

The final part of my presentation will highlight the need for us to re-think and reformulate our own lifestyle, including the way we manufacture objects, how we shape the objects that surround us in everyday life, etc. All these will be done by (re)visiting the concept of SHAPE from a perspective that will try to continue and extrapolate the classical Pithagoreic approach/model. We can say that a healthy lifestyle, in full harmony with Nature, cannot be reached in an increasingly artificial environment and in an atmosphere of increased alienation (paradoxically encouraged by the explosion of new technologies). One cannot be at peace with one self and with others, balanced and creative, and fulfill one’s full potential in a world in which the demands of the modern life and of the socio-economical rhythms of activity are not at all synchronized or correlated either with the general requirements of Life in general, or with those of the Human Being in particular. We have generated technology to make us better fed and much more comfortable, and to reach this goal we have created and maintain in operation huge infrastructures that consume energy and resources (e.g. the network necessary to extract oil, process it, transport and then finally distribute oil products). We have designed and fabricated countless objects for extreme efficiency and amazing technological complication (e.g. mobile phones), which now are present almost everywhere around us. Indeed, we may even say we could no longer live “normally” without them! We have designed and fabricated this multitude of objects without a holistic vision, but separately, in a fragmented manner, without being able to organically connect at a profound level these objects with one another and with the natural environment in a harmonious way. We have thus created an entire new esthetic, a totally novel art, but which are increasingly more and more distant from Pithagoras’ definitions and models of beauty and Harmony. The result is a new artificial world, extremely efficient but cold, unforgiving, and lacking harmony, a world that contradicts and opposes the laws of continuous proportions which normally are intrinsically embedded within living organisms. From this point of view, an essential topic of personal research is understanding, or exploring, how one can develop and improve oneself today by using the Pythagoreic concepts of Golden Number, natural rhythms, and how to define rationally and implement the concept of Harmony.

Finally, I will also present my group’s own discovery related to extending the well-known idea of Golden Number, or Golden Ratio, from 2D to 3D, i.e. defining a Golden Volume. After this discovery, the generalization for a n-dimensional space was but a small step. The inner joy created by this discovery in those special moments was unforgettable; but I will try to share it with you as much as I can. Together we could further explore how do discover more meanings and applications to such new ideas and novel concepts, and by doing this we shall apply ourselves pro-actively in the Conference’s framework and atmosphere. Most importantly, we shall directly participate and contribute new ideas that could help us create a new world, a world in which the Human Being is not just another resource to be exploited, but the Source of everything and the ultimate supreme value and meaning.

I will be waiting for you!

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