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All recipients of this mail you need to give a hand to a Cleansing Exercise and the Whole Nation will be proud of you. This Supreme Court would be moved on 03 September 2012- You simply have to announce the date and the text of the motion with no comments: A. A sitting judge leaks a draft judgment through her lover in or about June 2012 following an appeal heard by herself and her brother judgejudgment has still not been handed down- the judge is still in office; B. The Chief Justice Chinese- sits during vacation 4/01/2012 following Chinese connection and attends to a judicial review application and illegally grants the application without hearing objections of the parties regarding the interim prayer; the Chinese chief justice illegally orders live recording of court proceedings on 7/4/2012 in the absence of statutory provisions; uncalled interferences with other judges and magistrates and appoints his blue eyed boys-and other misconducts still in office; C. His deputy decreed most errant judge- interferes with judges- attorney general- changes the rules of the judicial games protects the prime minister and baffles the protection of the law and due process- still in office D. Two Chinese judges protect a Chinese drug trafficker- still in office E. Two other Chinese judges + a Moslem judge forge public documents in the course of their judicial functions still in office

F. One Judge and a Magistrate introduce evidence not ushered to convict an ex-minister and the judge fails to hand out interlocutory rulings, conceals material defence documents heavily censured by the Supreme Court on appeal; he is promoted etc G. The present unreturned attorney general touts for a former campaign manager of the present prime minister- one former unreturned attorney general deliberately lies to the Court of Criminal Appeal- a silk guy makes intellectually dishonest submissions another practicing barrister censured by the Supreme Court in an attempt to bribe judges still on the roll. Etc The saga goes on but clearly expressed in the affidavit I am a citizen of the Republic of Mauritius. I qualified as Barrister in the UK in 1975 and was in continuous legal practice until my name was outrageously struck off the Roll of Law Practitioners in Mauritius on 28 January 2008 following the restoration of a unjust conviction and uncalled sentence of conspiracy by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council after the conviction and sentence was quashed by the Supreme Court. 1. The false and malicious charge was preferred against me on 31 October 2001 and I was unjustly convicted for allegedly fabricating a false alibi for my ex-client and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment although a fine is provided. 2. I successfully appealed against the conviction and sentence and the Supreme Court quashed both on an erroneous point of law and did not consider the grounds of appeal relating to sentence as the conviction itself was quashed. 3. The DPP appealed to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on a point of law 4. Before judgment was handed out there was fresh evidence that the alibi was in fact invoked by my ex-client prior to retaining my services and before I interviewed him 5. The Judicial Committee made erroneous inferences from such evidence AND DID NOT REMIT THE MATTER TO THE APPELLATE COURT BOTH IN RELATION TO THE FRESH EVIDENCE AND THE SENTENCE and wrongfully restored the conviction and sentence [DPP v D Hurnam PC Appeal No. 42 of 2005 Judgment handed down on 27 April 2007]. 6. My application to re-open was refused by the Supreme Court as it felt bound y the judgment of the Judicial Committee although it expressed the view that the alibi was raised prior to my interview with my ex-client. 7. The Judicial allowed an innocent person to be in jail and I served the sentence imposed. 8. The Supreme Court disciplined me based on the fact of the conviction itself although such conviction is in admissible evidence in Mauritius. 9. The BSB proceeded to discipline me in the UK and a default judgment was entered as I could not attend to the hearing because I was taken up in a matter before the Supreme Court in Mauritius

10. I appealed against the decision and the matter was heard by the visitors who simply acted as a rubber stamp following the proceedings in Mauritius. 11. I have now applied for Judicial Review and the matter is pending the Administrative Court [High Court-London]. 12. In the course of the proceedings, I learnt from the Solicitors of the BSB that there were fundamental procedural flaws in the appointment process of members of the Disciplinary Tribunal and two members of the Visitors Panel as a result of which I amended my application. 13. I am still waiting to hear the status of my amendment and my application and as there is a Human Rights matter I may have to seize the ECHR should my application be refused. 14. In the meantime, I have issued the emailed process and UK and others must be aware of the nature of justice and the conspiratorial implication of several judges. The Judicial cum political conspiracy hatched has been on going ever since 1995 when I challenged the Contract Chief Justice and during my tenure of office in Parliament between 2000 to 2005. I stood against the present Prime Minister when he was outgoing one in 2000 and he lost the election. I refused a post in the cabinet and have been consistent in my justified criticism in and outside Parliament about the Judiciary. Silence has never been an option in these circumstances and I am now paying a heavy price and although the Judicial Committee is manned by very Noble Learned Law Lords I have been unduly victimized by the local judges. The attached affidavit sets the whole background and I urge that the British Authorities do intervene to see that justice be done to me> I am available on my cell phone round the clock. With kind regards Dev Hurnam