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10 moslem personality

What we show in mind when talking about Muslim Engineer Personality? There may be a reply; Muslim Personality is reflected in the people who diligently perform the ritual aspects of Islam such as prayer. There are Muslims who say personality is seen from the generous attitude and helpful people or social aspects. There may be argued that the personality is seen from the Muslim, someone who looks kalem and good heart. Answer the above is just one aspect of it and many other aspects that should be inherent in the time a Muslim.Therefore, the standard time based on the Muslims of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah is something that should be formulated so that they can become a reference for the establishment of private Muslim. There are several characteristics that must be met someone so that he can called Muslims, namely: 1. Salimul 'Aqidah /' Aqidatus Salima (straight Aqidah) Salimul Aqidah is something that should be on every Muslim. Aqidah with a straight, a Muslim will have strong ties to the Allah SWT , and will not deviate from the road and conditions him. With honesty and constancy Aqidah, a Muslim akan submit to Allah all the deeds, as he says that means: "Verily my ashalat, my pray, life and death, all the gods for the God of hosts." (QS. al-An'aam [6] : 162).Because the right Aqidah is a basic teaching of nation, then in the early da'wahnya to the Companions in Mecca, the Prophet SAW Aqidah guidance, faith, and nation. 2. Shahihul Worship (religious right) Shahihul worship is one of the Prophet SAW that are important. In one haditsnya, he said: "Shalatlah see you as I pray." So it can be concluded that in conducting liturgy each must refer / follow (ittiba ') to the Sunna of the Messenger SAW means not allowed to add-or subtract-dikurang. 3. Matinul Khuluq (a strong character) Matinul khuluq the attitudes and behavior that must be owned by every Muslim, whether in relation to God and with His makhluk2. With a noble character, people will be happy in life, both in the world especially in the Hereafter. Because the noble character so important for mankind, then one of the Prophet SAW diutusnya task is to edify people, where his own direct cite us how greatness akhlaknya by GOD so enshrined in the SWT in the Holy Qur'an according to his word which means "And you really have a noble character." (al-QS. QALAM [68]: 4). 4. Mutsaqqoful Fikri (wide perspective) Mutsaqqoful fikri mandatory private owned by Muslims. Because the nature of one of the Prophet SAW is fatonah (intelligent). Qur'an also reveals many verses that stimulate people to think, for example, the word of God which means: "They ask thee concerning wine and gambling. Say: "on both, there is great sin and some benefits for mankind, but sin is greater than the benefits." And they ask thee what they spend. Say: "Who needs more of." Thus Allah maketh plain His revelations unto you that ye may think. "(QS Al-Baqarah [2]: 219) In Islam, there is no single act that we must do, but must begin with the thinking activity. Therefore a Muslim must have the Islamic perspective and the broad scientific. To achieve wide perspective required for the human search for / demanding science, such as what he disabdakan SAW: "Demanding legal knowledge required for every Muslim." (Muttafaqun 'alaihi). And the science is good science is through majelis2 spt fixative GOD SWT in His word: "O people believe when you said:" Berlapang room in the Majlis, "lapangkanlah then He will give you broad. And when it is said: "Stand you", then stand, Allah will raise those who believe among you and those who are given some degree of knowledge. And Allah is Informed of what ye do. (QS. al-Mujadilaah [58]: 11). Therefore, the SWT GOD to us about someone intelektualitas levels, as He says which means:Say: "samakah people who know the people who do not know, indeed those who can receive berakallah lessons. "(QS. az-Zumar [39]: 9).

5. Qowiyyul Jismi (do strong physical) A Muslim must have the stamina, so the body can perform optimally in the teachings of Islam with a strong physical. Prayer, fasting, zakat and Hajj is a practice in Islam which should be carried out with the physical condition of healthy and strong. Moreover, struggled in the way of God and forms of struggle lainnya.Oleh therefore, physical health care must be a Muslim and prevention of disease is far more than primary treatment. Nevertheless, we remain ill as something reasonable if it sometimes occurs. But not until a Muslim ill-weakly. He even emphasizes the importance of SAW physical strength spt sabda a Muslim, he means that "a strong believer that I love more than the weak believer." (HR. Muslim). 6. Mujahadatul Linafsihi (struggle against carnal lust) This is important for a Muslim because every man has a tendency on the good and the bad. Carry on the trend of the good and avoid the bad is very demanding of seriousness. Seriousness, when there would be someone in the struggle against carnal lust. Carnality of self in every human effort must be subject to the teachings of Islam. Rasulullah SAW said which means: "Do not believe someone from you so that it makes sex nafsunya follow what I take (the teachings of Islam)." (HR. Hakim). 7. Harishun Ala Waqtihi (using time-discipline) Harishun ala waqtihi is an important factor for people. This is because the attention of so many of God and His Messenger. Allah SWT many swear on the Koran in the name of the time such as wal fajri, wad dhuha, wal beautiful, wallaili and seterusnya.Waktu is quickly passed and will never return again.Therefore, every Muslim is a discipline are required to manage time well, so time passed with the use of effective, nothing futile. But among the disinggung by the Prophet SAW is using the momentum of five things before five things come, namely the time of life before death, well before the illness, before the young, old, unoccupied and occupied before the rich before the poor. 8. Munazhzhamun fi Syuunihi (in a regular business) Munazhzhaman fi syuunihi including a Muslim personality is emphasized by the Qur'an and Sunna. Where is all a matter must be done professionally. Whatever that is, always be professional. Serious, vibrant, sacrifice, and development-based knowledge is a matter that must receive serious attention in penunaian tasks. 9. Qodirun Alal Kasbi (have the ability to own a business / self) Qodirun alal kasbi is one of the others that there must be a Muslim in the self. This is something that is very necessary. Maintain the truth and fight the new menegakkannya could have done when someone, especially in terms of self-reliance economy. Some give up the principle that someone has dianutnya because they did not have autonomy in terms of the economy. Because time is not necessarily poor Muslims, a Muslim may indeed be rich even richer so that he can fulfill the Hajj and Umroh, charity, infaq, shadaqah and prepare a better future. Thus the search for living very much in the Koran and the hadith, and it has a virtue that very tinggi.Dalam create self-regard, this is a Muslim have the very skills required are good. His expertise will be obtained for rizki because of Allah SWT. Provision which God has provided and must be taken to take necessary skill or skills. 10. Nafi'un Lighoirihi (useful for other people) Benefit is the benefit here is that good, so wherever he is, people feel the presence around. Do not up to the existence of a Muslim does not menggenapkan and ketiadaannya not mengganjilkan.Ini mean that every Muslim should prepare himself and always trying to be helpful as closely and take a role in the community. Rasulullah SAW said which means: "The best man is the most useful for other people."(HR. Qudhy from Jabir). To reach the Muslim Personal kreteria on the need mujahadah and mulazamah or seriousness and sustainability. Allah swt will make it easier to promise him that his serious keridloan to reach him. "And those who strive for (keridhaan search for) us, indeed we will show them to the streets of Us. and Allah is indeed with those who do good. "QS. Al Ankabut: 69. Allahu A'lam