Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region III – Central Luzon Schools Division of Tarlac Province MONCADA NORTH

DISTRICT Sta. Monica Elementary School Moncada, Tarlac SY 2009 – 2010

Accomplishmen t Report

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. School Profile A. Goals and Objectives B. Schools Philosophy of Education C. Vision D. Mission

III.Community Profile


History of the School

V. Problems and Need Assessment A. Existing School Problems B. Causes of the Problems


Goals, Objectives/Targets A. Expanding Access to Basic Education B. Improving the Quality and Relevance of Basic Education for Academic Excellence C. Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Education Services D. Institutionalization of Early Childhood Care and Development

Sta. Monica Elementary School Personnel is forever committing itself to rise above the academic performance of the pupils in pursuit of Quality Education to enable every learner to become more independent and functional to face the fast changing world.E. Pictorials Introduction The school is one major institution. the school fulfills its functions through effective management. Sectoral Performance Outcome VIII. . Media and School Sports F. As the lowest level in DepEd Organization. This leader is expected to know how to manage the school effectively and how they can apply more and skills in order to attain the educational goals and objectives. Every school manages by the school head that is task to run the school smoothly. it exist not for its own sake but for the noble function of rendering service. effectively and efficiently. In line with the goals and objectives of the DepEd. This calendar yearend report is designed for the perusal of manifold DepEd personnel who were tasked to accumulate/evaluate accomplishment in every school. Strengthening Local Culture and Arts. Improving Social Advocacy VII. Recommendations IX.

pioneering the national objectives of elementary education. nurtured and promoted in the school. appreciative of the arts and sports and imbued with desirable values. attitudes and values essential to personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to developing and changing social milieu. School’s Philosophy of Education The Sta. 3. Monica Elementary School Teachers are task to attain to the following goals and objectives of the school. Makabayan. Provide the knowledge and develop the skills. ensuring the effective implementation of Basic Education Curriculum for the welfare of all school children. and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement. VISION: The Sta. Monica Elementary School envisions every learner to become more independent. 1. Goals and Objectives: The Sta. which develop the child’s orientation to the world of work and creativity and prepare to engage in honest and gainful work. Makakalikasan. 2.This was highlighted by its major accomplishments in each performance sectors supported by the pictorials and other documents to show veracity of the accomplishment presented. equipped with life skills. Maka – Diyos. Monica Elementary School believes that quality and excellence are ideals. Provide learning experiences which increase the child’s awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in and just demands of society. Promote work experience. functionally literature. Mission: .

Sta. the following teachers taught in the different grades: Grade I – Benedicta C. all residents of Sta. with Miss Hotsie as the teacher. Ferrer. In 1957. Mr. Corpuz. He said that before the year 1923. Anatacio Baldonado.The Sta. Grade V – Corazon Balignasay and Grade VI – Marceliano Tablatin. Then in 1923. the building has improved and a grade IV teacher was assigned. The present school head Mr. The school is now very proud having produced many successful alumni. Captain. Pangasinan. These teachers served here until 1956. Eusebio S. Monica Elementary School has the mission to become enabler by delivering basic education that is equitably accessible to all children. Grade III – Juan Tablatin. Grade II – Rafael Dulay. fromer brgy.Ignacia Raña. Afante. Yasay as Principal I. different school teachers were assigned. Grade V. Rafael Dulay. a primary school was established. Paraon. Grade IV – Adoracion Cainglet. with Marceliano Tablatin still the school head. also assigned as school head. also assigned as school head until 1947. school children had their schooling at Moncada Intemediate School (now Moncada North Central Elementary School). . Grade III – Josefina Gumaspas. As years went by. Monica with the exception of one. The following teachers were assigned: Grade I – Rafaela Alegre. Maria G. Mr. At present there are eight (8) teachers comprising the teaching staff. Bernabe M. In 1948. Absalon Y. Cabralda being the teacher and grades III and IV. In 1929. Mrs. Other school heads assigned were Mrs. Grade IV – Rafael Dulay. and lay the foundation for life belonging learning and service for the common good. It was a makeshift school structure with Grades I and II. Nacino. Monica had its complete elementary school. Felix Tablatin Sr. Abraham Bagamaspad. Mr. and Mr. Grade II – Rafael Alegre. from Bautista. STA. This was until 1928. Mrs. Grade VI – Beatriz Gascon. He was Mr. Leopoldo S. MONICA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (WRITE – UP) In an interview with Mr.

II and an office.1 Most Grade I pupils no experience in pre elementary education . Lack of educational facilities to equip the pupils to modern technologies Causes of the Problems 1. Presence of Drop – out Pupils 5. Presence of non – readers 2.Sta. Lack of textbooks equip for the BEC lessons 8. School buildings needs major repair and rehabilitation 7. Slow reading ability and poor reading comprehension Science and Math 3. 2007 which was inaugurated in July 2007 and now used as classrooms for Grades I. Low achievement in Science and Math Other Problems 4. Problems and Needs Assessment Existing School Problems English 1. Industrial Arts building and construction of a new four (4) room EMA school building completed on April 30. Vitas Type school building. Decreasing number of enrollment 6. Monica Elementary School has a Marcos Type school building.

3 Lack of parental support 2.3 Poor health 4.1 Lack of mastery of the required skills in Science and Math 3.4 Perennial absentees 2.2 Lack of follow – up and supervision at home 1.3 Limited school resources 7.2 School buildings needs repair due to its antiquity 6.000 only) 6.3 Lack of interest in schooling 1.1 Poverty 4. Old) 3.1 Poverty 5.1 Not sufficient SBRM funds (10.1 No books to be read by the pupils at home .2 Poor reading study habits 2.5 Lack of mastery in the 4F’s 4.4 Distance of the school to their residence 5.4 Implemented population control in the community 6.3 Vicinity of the school (near the town proper) 5.2 Affluent family intend to enroll in private school 5.2 Family Problems 4.4 Too young to enter Grade I (6 yrs.3 Difficult terminologies used in science lessons 3.4 Poor reading comprehension skill in problem solving 3.1 Lack of vocabulary words 2.1.2 Lack of science apparatuses to be manipulated during the hands – on activities 3.

Goals 1. 2. 6. GOALS. 2. attitudes and values towards the major tool subject. Science. and Math. To develop multiple intelligence of the pupils in the interactive. experiential and multimedia mode. Objectives 1. Develop harmonious relationship among the stakeholders of the school to get support financially and morally.7. integrative. To elevate and academic performance of the pupils particularly in English.3 Lead to lack of interest in listening the lesson without holding the book 8.2 Its difficult for the pupils to answer their assignment in the absence of books particularly science subjects 7. To increase level of functional literacy and numeracy among the pupils. 5. B. 4. OBJECTIVES AND TARGETS A. Promote and intensify pupil’s knowledge in using modern technologies in everyday life. Formulate specific plan addressing to the present problems in the school. Support and implement educational reforms by significantly increases the necessary resources to allow us to deliver quality and excellent education. 4. Promote work experiences which develop pupil’s multiple intelligence. Provide innovative knowledge and develop the pupil’s skills. . 3. 3. To equip the pupils in using the modern technologies in studying like computer.1 The graduating pupils have no experience in manipulating the multimedia mode which is necessary to the enhancement and advancement of pupil’s skills to enter secondary level.

Create a functional School Governing Council that will support the school with their projects and resources generation funds. 100% of the Grade I pupils shall have background in the pre – elementary education. Identify achievement indicators that will facilitate the evaluation of every task or activity through the attainment of the school goals. At least 2% increase in the participation. 85%. 8. . 100% of the pupils can read correctly and read legibly.7. completion and achievement rate of the school over the previous year. 90% of the pupils shall have improve and develop their skills. 85% of the pupils shall have improved their reading level and comprehension skills. 5. 9. 4. 3. Targets 1. 6. 75% of the educational reforms shall be implemented for a higher learning outcome. and 79% respectively. 83%. 75% of the Grade VI pupils shall have acquired computer skills. 2. 7. attitudes and values towards the three tool subjects. 100% of the activities/programs in the SIP shall have implemented with 75% effectiveness.

81% 86.62% 100% 12.94% 97.55% 95.43% 96.SECTORAL PERFORMANCE OUTCOME: A.18% 98.94% 70.43% 100% 12.84% 100% 13.98% 0% 2005 .2005 98.66% 0% 2007 .70% 96.17% 100% 14.2006 98.55% 0% .2009 98.67% 86.37% 100% 13.2010 98. Expanding access to basic education Performance Indicators School Year Participation Rate Survival Rate Transition Rate Retention Rate Completion Rate Graduation Rate Enrollment Rate Repetition Rate 2004 .44% 90.84% 100% 97.15% 96.65% 70.33% 0% 2009 .35% 0% 2006 .04% 85.68% 97.44% 98.59% 100% 12.92% 96.64% 85.28% 73.87% 0% 2008 .17% 97.2007 98.62% 96.68% 73.37% 94.2008 98.59% 98.

91% 0% 99. Palad Seminar Attended Pansangay na Pagsasanay sa Mabisang Pagtuturo ng Panimulang Pagbasa (Filipino) Inclusive Dates Hulyo 5.87% 0% 100% 1:29 0% 0% 100% 1:27 0% 0% 100% 1:28 B.56% 1:27 0.90% 0% 99. Braceros Elsie T.10% 1:28 0. 12. Cadeliña Yolanda F. Corpuz Aurea S.09% 1:25 0.44% 0% 99.Drop – Out Rate Failure Rate Promotion Rate Teacher Pupil Ratio 0. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of education services List of teachers attended in – service trainings/seminars Name of Teachers Minerva C. of Hours Conducted by: Yolanda Peña Paniqui 24 Hours South Central E/S . 2008 Level Division Venue No. at 19.

Math Leader.Ma. ICT Leader.E.Jorge B. Leader.E.Elmar Reyes V School Buildings Type of Building 1. Star Scout Co – Leader Health Leader. Boy Scout (Scout Master) Agriculture and Industrial Art Leader.Leader 3. GPS Leader 7. Jr. ICT Leader Jr. Filipina G. Corpuz Grade I–A II – A School Designation HKS Leader. KAWAN Co – Leader.BOD 3.Mistrina C. Villa VI H..Teacher’s Assignment (SY 2009 – 2010) Name of Teachers 1. Star Scout Leader MSEP Leader. School Character Education and Guidance School Treasurer. KAWAN Leader Filipino Leader.Aurea S.VITAS 2. GPS Co .EMA No. Science Leader. Elsie T.) 140 56 165 256 Year Constructed 1986 2002 1968 2007 Market Value P 48 000 P 34 000 P 14 280 P 300 000 Status Good Good Good Good Improvement Made Repaired Repaired Repaired New School Site . Cadeliña 2. School Treasurer.Minerva C.MARCOS 4.Yolanda F. m. Palad 5. Ferrer 8. Braceros II – B 4. Bautista III IV 6. BSP Scout Master English Leader. H. of Rooms 3 1 3 4 Area (sq.

15 5 30 28 Math 28 30 29 25 10 9 Science Filipino Pbsa Wika 1 2 15 26 HKS 30 30 66 26 EPP .) 2 369 Proof of Ownership None Market Value None Assess Tax Declaration None Remarks: Deed of sale of the school area is under negotiation. m. Arm Chairs 0 0 0 36 17 39 12 Desk 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 Tables 35 16 16 0 4 0 4 Teacher’s Table 2 1 1 1 3 1 2 Cabinet 4 2 2 1 4 2 6 Others 9 5 5 4 6 9 5 NUMBER OF TEXTBOOKS Grade I II – A II – B III No. Owner Status Donation Area (sq. of Pupils 30 30 36 31 30 English Rdng Lang.E. Ed.Owner Dep. Classroom/School Furniture Grade I II III IV V V H.

Institutionalization and Early Childhood Development 1. Grade I teachers have undergone 8 week ECE Program class Recommendations: Based on the problems encountered by the school personnel the following recommendations are suggested to the personnel concern (Dep. Ed Officials) for their perusal and acceptance: 1. Hire or select teachers that are highly committed with high abstraction. . Organized pre.IV V VI TOTAL 36 38 30 231 47 27 32 314 47 24 29 43 33 15 203 18 26 38 92 24 22 28 25 21 29 202 39 53 40 284 0 0 0 0 D.

equipment or tools to all schools. Necessary tools and equipments needed by the pupils during hand – 0n activities must be provided to all schools for free. There must be equitable distribution of books. 6. Time on task must be religiously observed. Republic of the Philippines Department of Education .2. 5. Impose rigid discipline of pupils in the school to produce value oriented individual. 4. Teachers must be nurtured with seminars or trainings with modern strategies and approaches in the implementation of the Basic Elementary Curriculum (BEC) 3.

Lea Corpuz 7. Desiree Vaine Felicitas 4. Critelle Jan D. Ferrer Grade II (Filipino) Grade II Grade II Grade V (English) Grade V Grade V Participation 6th Place Team 3. Lyka Jane Egoy 6. 4. 7. Monica Elementary School Moncada. R – Jay Tablatin 6. 2009 1. Cayme 2. 2009 Quiz Bee 1. Erika Cayme Grade III Grade IV Grade IV Grade V Grade V Grade VI Grade VI 5th Place Participation Participation Participation Participation Participation Participation 2. John Romulo Yutoc 5. Egoy 3rd Story Telling 6th Oral Interpretation 5th Team Reading SCIENCE FAIR Oct. Tarlac DISTRICT READ – A – THON Aug. Erika D. Danica Pasugnod 3. Lyka Jean T. Cristine Salviejo 4.Region III – Central Luzon Schools Division of Tarlac Province MONCADA NORTH DISTRICT Sta. Carl Ian de Leon . R – Jay Tablatin 5.

Sci – Dama (Power) 1. Christine Salviejo Sci Awit (Grade IV) 1. Carl Ian de Leon 2. Lavishreiy Voces 5. Joyce Pascua 5. Cabaya 4. Eva Cabaya Poster 1. Lea Corpuz 3. Rea Mae Fernandez 10. Alyssa Clarisse Pasugnod 4. Erieka Cayme 2. Aidy Dimacali 11. Natalia Medao 7. Pauline Joy Baldomero 9. Eva S. Roma Bautista 12. Jenny Babe Bacani 8. J – May Palad MUNICIPAL MEET . Lhera Marie Egoy 3. Carl Ian de Leon Slogan 1. Ivy Padilla Grade VI Participation Grade VI Participation Grade VI Participation Participation Participation 6. Khino John Salinas Sci Jingle (Grade III) 1.

22. Eva Cabaya 3. Lea Corpuz 2. R – Jay Tablatin Sports Writing (English) Copy Reading (Filipino) Copy Reading (English) Photo Journ (English) Photo Journ (Filipino) Sports Writing (Filipino) BSP – GSP DAY CAMP Oct. Jenny Jose 3rd Place Volleyball Boys 3. Ricardo Cabaya 7. Participation 9. Jefferson Samonte Runs – 3rd Finals 100m. Natalia Nicdao 5. Jeffrey Bacani 5. John Romulo Yutoc 6. Perry John Tani 8. Daryll Lagmay 4. 2009 1. Carl Ian de Leon 4. Alfredo Bravo 6. 2009 1. 2009 Girls Scouts . Hilyn Isla PRESS CONFERENCE – Ramos Central Oct. 23. Carl Ian de Leon 2. 24 – 26.Sept.

Jefferson Samonte 7. Daryll Palad 2. Jenny Babe Bacani 6. Lea N. Carl Ian de Leon 2. Ivy Padilla Boys Scouts 1. Aidy Dimacali 10. Albert Cayme . Corpuz 2. 4 – 8. Albert Cayme 3. Renz Ramos 5. Carl Ian de Leon 3. Roma Aprilynne Bautista 9.1. J – May Palad 8. Rea Mae Fernandez 7. Joyce Pascua 5. Jeffrey Bacani 6. 2009 1. Ace John del Monte 4. Pauline Joy Baldomero 4. Jerome Galcon BSP JAMBORETTE Camp Revilla Paniqui. Eva Cabaya 3. Tarlac Nov.

Alfredo Bravo 7. Jenny Babe Bacani 3. Jefferson Samonte GSP Camp Planas. Rea Mae Fernandez 4. Danica Pasugnod 8. 4 – 8. Joyce Pascua . Natalia Nicdao 7. Roma Aprilyne Bautista 5. John Romulo Yutoc 10. R – Jay Tablatin 12. Ivy Padilla 6.4. 2009 1. J – May Palad 9. Jerome Galeon 6. Tarlac Nov. Jhomer Tolentino 11. Perry John Tani 8. Jeffrey Bacani 5. Giovanni Salto 9. Krizia Billiones 2.

J – May Palad 7. Roma Aprilyn Bautista 6. Lea Corpuz 3. Daryl Palad 12. Albert Cayme 3. Cyrus Garev Braceros 13. John Romulo Yutoc 11. Pauline Joy Baldomero 9. Jeffrey Bacani 6. Rea Mae Fernandez 8. Danica Pasugnod 10. Alfredo Cabungan 5. 2009 1. Carl Ian de Leon 2. Rogel Naing 8. Lyka Jean Egoy 13. R – Jay Tablatin Grade IV Grade V Participation Participation DISTRICT CAMPING (MNCES) Dec.UNITED WAY DECLAMATION CONTEST Nov. Mhelba Sega 11. Alieza del Monte 15. Aeron Padilla 14. 21. Alfredo Bravo 7. Novalyn Dacanay BSP 1. 3 – 5. Camille Aquino . Perry John Tani 15. Jefferson Samonte 5. Ace John del Monte 4. Danica Pasugnod 2. Krizzia Billiones 14. Eva Cabaya 4. Jhonnar Tolentino 10. Giovanni Sotto 9. Jamaica Felicitas 12. 2009 GSP 1. Jenny Babe Bacani 2.

Lyka Jane Egoy 14. 11. Danica Pasugnod 10. Lhera Marie Egoy 8. 2010 1. Christelle Jan Ferrer 9. Erika D. Christopher Pagaduan 6. Erieka Cayme 7. 2009 1. Lernard Corpuz 5. Cristine Salviejo 11. Mary Elyzza Reyes 3. Christine Cayme 2. Jenny Babe Bacani Grade I Grade I Grade II Grade II Grade II Grade III Grade III Grade III Grade IV Grade IV Grade IV Grade V Grade V Grade V Grade VI Grade VI 5th Place 5th Place 2nd Place 2nd Place Individual 4th Place Individual 4th Place 4th Place 4th Place 7th Place 7th Place 7th Place 3rd Place Individual 3rd Place 4th Place Individual 2nd Place Individual 3rd Place .Ricardo Cabaya EDUCATIONAL WEEK Dec. Cayme 2.16. Carl Ian de Leon 16. R – Jay Tablatin 15. Lea Corpuz Grade III Grade IV Oral Interpretation Declamation 5th Place 2010 METROBANK MTAP MATH CHALLENGE Jan. Cyrus Garev 12. John Terry Felicitas 4. John Romulo Yutoc 13. 14.

14. J – May Palad 18. Albert Cayme 16. Lea Corpuz Grade VI 3rd Place STREET DANCERS Feb. Natalia Nicdao 11. Perry John Tani 4. Bautista 13. Roma T. Aidy Dimacali 17. Ace John del Monte 6. Alieza del Monte . Jenny Babe Bacani 9. Rea Mae Fernandez 7. Carl Ian de Leon 10. Joyce Pascua 8. John Romulo Yutoc 5. Sharmaine Cadelina 3. Jefferson Samonte 15. 2010 1. Khino John Salinas 19.17. Lea Corpuz 12. Ivy Padilla 14. R – Jay Tablatin 20. Lyka Jane Egoy 2.

Corpuz Leopoldo S. Corpuz Position/Group Represented Teaching Staff PTCA President Community Member Designation Chairman Member Member Ex – Officio Leopoldo S. SBRM Committee Name Elmar M. Yasay Projects: Renovation of the Science Room . Reyes Remedios Bacani Benigno D. PTCA Officers President Vice President Secretary Remedios Bacani Liza Pagaduan Arsenio Cayme Asuncion Padilla Treasurer Gemma Bacani Projects MngrsLalaine Cereno Emelda Palad Auditors Corazon Pasugnod Cesar Pagaragan Advisers Benigno D.E. YasaySchool Head Projects: Construction of four – room EMA Building 2.Improving Social Advocacy Organizing Varied School Organizations: 1.

Corpuz Yolanda F. Villa . “Sta. Bautista Elsie T. Corpuz School Principal PTCA President Student Gov’t President Chairman of Education Private Sector Representative Teaching Staff Representative Prominent Community Member 5. Yasay Remedios Bacani Carl Ian de Leon Angela Cabaya Samson Baldomero Elsie T. Bautista School Principal Pres. Yasay Jorge B. Corpuz Teachers’ Representative 4. School Grievance Cimmittee Leopoldo S. S. Corpuz Benigno D. School Governing Council Leopoldo S. Monica Teacher” Association Elsie T.Repainting of school fence and buildings 3. Braceros Minerva C. Yasay Jorge B. School Balik Eskwela Committee Chairman Co – Chairman Members Leopoldo. Filipina G. Cadelina Aurea Palad Elmar Reyes Ma.

Mngr. National Organization of Professional Teachers (School) President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sub Treasurer Auditor PRO Bus. Cadelina Yolanda F. Matias District Supervisor .6. Adviser Leopoldo S. Braceros Elsie T. Yasay Jorge B. Corpuz Juliet Corpuz Elmar Reyes Ma. Filipina Villa Noli P. Bautista Minerva C.

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