English 110: Blugold Seminar, Fall 2012, cont.

Please Note: • e schedule is subject to change in response to our progress throughout the course. Individual dates later in the term are not as ushed out so that we can have exibility when it comes to our individual and collective needs as the term progresses. • e schedule for blog posts, responses, and Twitter activity is not yet listed. • Assignments and reading are due in class on date noted. Readings will be available on Lore. • Directions for completing assignments will be on the course website. Segment One: Reading the Conversations Week 1: Tuesday, Sept. 4 Introductions Overview Syllabus Initial Self-Assessment Read Winzenburg, “In the Facebook Era, Students Tell You Everything” in class Introduce Rhetorical Précis and Summaries assignment Wednesday, Sept. 5 Initial Writing Sample due Read “Introduction” in Blugold Guide (xvi-xix) Read Brownlee, “ is Creepy App,” Hill, “ e Reaction,” and Connelly, “A Picture’s Worth” Rhetorical Précis of Brownlee, Hill, or Connelly Visit Center for Writing Excellence at 11:30 Friday, Sept. 7 Read Bartholomae, “Inventing the University” Rhetorical Précis and Summary of Bartholomae Week 2: Monday, Sept. 10 Last day to add course without instructor approval Read Wilhoit, “Critical Reading” in Blugold Guide (pp. 539554) Read Smith, “Generation Why?” Rhetorical Précis of Smith Tuesday, Sept. 11 Read Section 16c on summarizing and paraphrasing in Blugold Guide (pp. 131-135) Read Blatterer, “Social Networking” and Jarvis, 1-23 Rhetorical Précis and Summary of Blatterer or Jarvis (“Introduction” or “ e Prophet”) Wednesday, Sept. 12 Read Jarvis, pp. 25-41 Rhetorical Précis of Jarvis Friday, Sept. 14 Read Jarvis, pp. 43-77 Rhetorical Précis and Summary of “ History” Week 3: Monday, Sept. 17 Last day to drop course with no record Read Jarvis, pp. 79-126 Rhetorical Précis and Summary of “ e Public Press,” “What is Privacy?”, or “How Public Are We?” Tuesday, Sept. 18 Conferences Wednesday, Sept. 19 Read Jarvis, pp. 127-161 Friday, Sept. 21 Rhetorical Précis and Summaries (Revisions) due Self Assessment Essay due Introduce Rhetorical Analysis Segment Two: Understanding Perspective Week 4: Monday, Sept. 24 Read Herrick, “An Overview of Rhetoric” in Blugold Guide (pp. 485-514) What is Rhetoric? Tuesday, Sept. 25 Watch We Live in Public in class Wednesday, Sept. 26 Discuss We Live in Public Friday, Sept. 28 Read Jarvis, pp. 163-218 Read Parry, “Privacy is a Public Value”

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English 110: Blugold Seminar, Fall 2012, cont. Schedule, cont.
Week 5: Monday, Oct. 1 Read Selzer and Faigley, “Analyzing Written Arguments” Read Calacanis, “We Live in Public” Tuesday, Oct. 2 Read Barnet and Bedau, “Visual Rhetoric” in Blugold Guide (pp. 515-538) Visual Rhetoric in Comics about Social Networking Sites Wednesday, Oct. 3 Read Albrechtslund, “Online Social Networking” Friday, Oct. 5 Key Term Paper 1 due Week 6: Monday, Oct. 8 Read Facebook’s Data Use Policy Read Fernback and Papacharissi, “Online Privacy as Legal Safeguard” Tuesday, Oct. 9 Key Term Paper 2 due Read Boyd and Marwick, “Social Steganography” Wednesday, Oct. 10 Read Lange, “Publicly Private and Privately Public” Friday, Oct. 12 Key Term Paper 3 due Week 7: Monday, Oct. 15 Read Nissenbaum, “Protecting Privacy in the Information Age” Tuesday, Oct. 16 Conferences Wednesday, Oct. 17 Bring draft of Rhetorical Analysis to class Friday, Oct. 19 Final Draft of Rhetorical Analysis due Self Assessment Essay due Introduce Segment ree assignments Segment Week 8: Monday, Oct. 22 Brainstorm research topoi and questions Tuesday, Oct. 23 TBA Wednesday, Oct. 24 Read Chapter 13 in Blugold Guide (pp. 101-107) Friday, Oct. 26 Tentative visit to library Read Chapter 14 in Blugold Guide (pp. 108-119) I-Search Essay due Week 9: Monday, Oct. 29 Read everyone’s I-Search Essay and bring “Valentines” to class Tuesday, Oct. 30 Read Chapter 15 in Blugold Guide (pp. 120-128) Wednesday, Oct. 31 TBA Friday, Nov. 2 Draft of Annotated Bibliography due Week 10: Monday, Nov. 5 TBA Tuesday, Nov. 6 Conferences Wednesday, Nov. 7 TBA Friday, Nov. 9 Draft of Exploring the Conversation Essay with Annotated Bibliography due ree: Cultivating Complexity


English 110: Blugold Seminar, Fall 2012, cont. Schedule, cont.
Week 11: Monday, Nov. 12 Last day to withdraw from individual fall semester classes TBA Tuesday, Nov. 13 Conferences Wednesday, Nov. 14 TBA Friday, Nov. 16 Exploring the Conversation Essay with Annotated Bibliography due Self Assessment Essay due Introduce Final Project Segment Four: Joining the Conversation Week 12: Monday, Nov. 19 TBA Tuesday, Nov. 20 TBA Wednesday, Nov. 21 TBA anksgiving Break Week 13: Monday, Nov. 26 TBA Tuesday, Nov. 27 TBA Wednesday, Nov. 28 TBA Friday, Nov. 30 Draft of Final Project due Week 14: Monday, Dec. 3 TBA Tuesday, Dec. 4 Conferences Wednesday, Dec. 5 TBA Friday, Dec. 7 Final Project due Week 15: Monday, Dec. 10 Draft of Final Performance Essay due Tuesday, Dec. 11 TBA Wednesday, Dec. 12 TBA Friday, Dec. 14 Final Writing Sample due Final Performance Essay due Submit nal Electronic Portfolio


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